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16 October 2014
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Lurgan Tunnel

Does anyone know if the old tale of a tunnel that runs from Brownlow House is true?


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Does anyone know if the old tale of a tunnel that runs from Brownlow House under the Park Lake up to the Castle Lane or Queens Street in Lurgan are true? and where did the rumour start?


Grace - June '08
I did not hear this tale but i wish i could find out the history of his castle and get more information about how he lived his life.I am only ten and find this fascinating to discover.

Lauren - Mar '07
Can u go inside it, is it opened to the public?

Caramaline - Aug '06
I was once told that this tunnel went frm Brownlow house to the police station and the courthouse and a bunch of other places around the town in the church in the middle of the town. Is any of this true in any form, thats what I would like to know! lol.

John - Aug '06
I don't know about that, but I have heard of a tunnel that ran from Soyes Mill to Lurgan Castle although i'm not sure if that's true, but a guy once told me that he went up it a bit when he worked in the Mill back in the 60s, but then again he was a bit of a spoof.

Damo - Aug '06
From school history lessons we were told that Lord Brownlow dug this tunnel which lead from Brownlow House up to the church in the centre of the town which he had built. He has supposedly done this as he was having an affair and used it to escape in the dark of night.

Lilywhite - July '06
I was told.... from when I was a little girl (this is not fact) - that the tunnel started at the castle ended up under the Catholic Church down Edward Street.

Marianne - May '06
Hi Marty, Which Lord Brownlow are you talking about? Who was the wife and when did this happen? Did he develop relationships with particular Lurgan lassies (names?) Did the wife find out and what did she do?

Davo - Jan '06
Your geography of the Lake and Castle is far out.
The tunnel would not have to go under the lake as both CASTLE LANE AND QUEEN STREET lie to the south-east of the castle, whereas the lake is east of castle.

Marty - June '05
Its true !!!

You see, lord Brownlow had a very over protective wife, and after many years of a good marriage, things went sour !
So the lord went looking else where but his wife was onto him, so she would not let him leave the big castle after dark ! So Brownlow rallied up a few of his fellow male servants to have this Tunnel dug so he would be able to exit the castle after dark without his wife finding out ! Once out, he would go on the hunt for some Lurgan lassies, Book a room at the ashburn Hotel, then leave early in the morning to get back in time for breakfast at the castle with the wife !



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