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16 October 2014
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Sense of Roots (Northern Ireland)

Looking for your Northern Irish Roots?
Trying to track down a long lost friend?

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Sense of Roots (Northern Ireland)

Want help rooting our your ancestors?

Looking for your Northern Irish Roots?

Trying to track down a long lost friend?

If you have roots in Northern Ireland maybe we can help you dig them up. There are plenty of Northern Irish People who have moved away and are keen to trace their family tree. We're not promising that "Your Place & mine" will be able to come up with the information you're looking for, but if we can help we will.

So if you have any questions regarding your ancestry, or an enquiry about someone you've lost touch with, post below and someone out there might have the answer.


Rob - July '08
An ancestor of mine - James Alexander Tait was born in Londonderry, Ireland on 25 Jan 1829. His unnamed parents were Scottish naturalized American citizens making a tour of the British Isles. Is there any record or birth certificate showing his birth and the names of his parents on that day in Londonderry?

Lisa Womelsdorf - July '08
Hi Larry. My name is lisa, I am also a descendant of Archibald Boal who was born in County Down , Ireland January 30 , 1760 . I don't have much info but I do have some and i am looking for more, like you. If you would like to share info please contact me at womelsdorfatpeoplepcdotcom
Hope to hear from you soon.

Ronald Curran - July '08
I am seeking information about Peter Curran my great grandfather who left Northern Ireland in 1835/6. He married Bridget Gilland in 1834 'in Ireland'. The family legend has it that we are from Armagh However all I can verify is that they had a son born in Armagh city in 1835. One presumes therefore that the marriage was in Armagh in 1834. Another child born 'in Ireland' in 1836. The next child was born in Edinburghshire in 1838. Therafter all the children were born in Scotland. They had thirteen children, but two boys died and two girls died by 1855. The family were Catholic. I am anxious to find where in Northern Ireland they came from. I cannot confirm that the marriage of Peter and Bridget was in Armagh because official registration records were not begun until 1835. They missed it by one year? The names of the children were James b. 1835, Mary b. 1836, John b. 1838, Catherine b. 1839, Sarah b. 1841, Bridget b. 1843, Patrick b. 1845, Francis b. 1848, James b. 1850, Agnes b. 1852, Esther b. 1854, Henry b. 1855. One other child is unaccounted for. Can anyone out there please help?
Yours in anticipation
Ron Curran

Susan McTague-Beheler - July '08
I am looking for the McTague family. I was born in Philadelphia Pa My grandfather was William A. McTague, and my grandmother was Irene Trout. I was told my grandfather's first wife died in the great flu epdeimec in the early 1900 . If any Mctague's know anything about them going to the USA email me thanks

Michael E. Montgomery - July '08
My name is Michael Montgomery, the third Generation Irish man, whose Grandmother, Mary Winters was born in Dooish, Drumquin, County Tyrone in the early 1900s'. My great cousins live in or around Dromore or Omagh One cousins name is Hugh Winters, and his Son's name is Raymond. Hughs Mother, Margert past some time ago. I sure miss talking to her and hearing that grand brogue,and her stories of her night at bingo. If any one knows of my distant family, please have them drop me a letter or two[dha',a do'] If ya write and speak the Gaeilge,all the better Im trying to learn[foghlaim] My address is 456 4th, Ave.#7 Portola,California 96122 USA Suaimhneach comhlo'dar saol ceann agus uilig,ar fad.----A peaceful family life to all. . !
Michael E.Montgomery

Karen Coates, nee MacLaughlin- July 2008
I am looking for information about McLoughlins, McLaughlins or MacLaughlins from Coleraine and Limavady in Co. Londonderry Ireland. I know that James McLoughlin who was a distiller ( co manager of Limavady Whiskey Co. in 1883) is my great grandfather on my father's side of the family. He was married to Alicia Hazlett.I know that John McLoughlin who had a wine and spirits store in Coleraine and lived at Cart Hall Villa ( 1880) is related to me, possibly my great great grandfather. I know that the McLoughlins either owned or had connection with a distillery but went out of business somewhere around 1905. I know that the spelling of the name McLoughlin had been changed and my father's name was spelled MacLaughlin.

Heather Graham - July '08
If you know LINDA MARTORANA please, please, ask her to get in touch with me about her G.G.Grandfather EDWARD COCHRANE Thanks, Heather.

Frances Miller - July '08
My greataunt, Annie Sheridan, died at 49 Altcar Street, Belfast, on July 22, 1904. She was 17 years old and is listed as a hemstictcher.
Would anyone know if this address was a business at that time or her boarding house? The family have all died and we are trying to solve the mystery. Anne's family would be Sheridan from Cavan town.

Robert Freeman - June '08
I am looking for any information about Alexander Freeman b.approx 1818 and Robert Freeman b.approx1827, they 'moved' to Scotland approx 1840 from Ireland, Alexander worked in a local mill in Port Glasgow, possibly from a mill are,aRobert 'disappears' from the UK census of 1851.Many thanks for any help.

Stacey Bullen- June '08
I'm looking for any information regarding the background of Robert Simpson born about 1886 and died (I believe) on 13 Apr 1970 in Belfast. His usual address at the time was 25 Lee Street. I believe he was the father of my boyfriend's grandfather Robert Simpson Irvine who was born illegitimately to Robert and to a woman called Elizabeth Irvine. Robert Simpson Irvine was born 05 Apr 1921 in Newtownards and was brought up by an Alec and Lavinia Irvine. Any information would be great appreciated.

Ann - July '08
I am at a dead end trying to trace the family of Charles Doherty b in Enniskillen around 1843-8 and moved to Cumbria England....if anyone has ANY info could they please contact me on honkers98athotmaildotcom

Hazel Goodman (nee Simpson) - June '08
Responding to Raymond Simpson Nov '06.
I have info on Robert Simpson, father and son, both in the RIC. I have some reason to believe that they were my Great and GGreat Grandfathers, but need more info.
The younger Robert married Anna Townsend Warren in 1854 and that is the marriage I need info on. Any children; did Anna die? Also why he was dismissed the RIC in 1869.
If this is the same Robert, born 1830 in Longford, then he went on to England, re-married somewhere on the Scottish borders, and fathered 3 children by Maria Lawton. In the 1881 Census he is in Toxteth Park,Lincolnshire. Maria died around 1883-4 and the children Robert, Francis (my GGrandather) and Minnie were placed in an orphanage in South London.
Robert Snr remarried in 1897 to a Mary Phillimore and was alive in 1901.
Cannot track Robert b 1877 after 1901, although family story is that he moved to Portsmouth, joined the Navy and fathered 3 sons. My grandfather lost touch with father and brother (Minnie remained a spinster and lived to a good age). I never knew Grandfather as he died 1934, before I was born.
I have other Great Grandparents b Tyrone and Armagh, which I will come to another time.
Thanks to anyone who can help.
My email is whrutherford at aol dot com.

Barbara MacAskill - June '08
I am trying to trace members of my mothers family who were Jamisons from 269 shore road Belfast. My grandfather was Fredrick Jamison who married Elizabeth Purcell. They had 8 children by the names of Harold, Kenneth, Ian (deceased), Clifford (deceased), Stanley (deceased), Hilda, Phillis, my mother Winifred (deceased).

Dawn Williams - June '08
Looking for the family of Stanley Williams, Father John Williams, Grandfather John Williams came from Hanham at least that is what is on the bmd wife of father Jane Hindley. Albert Williams and Agnes Lebay are witnesses at John and Jane's wedding. If anyone could shed some light on this would be of great help because we are missing half of family and no- one wants to lay claim to us. We must have come from somewhere? Stanley was born in Salford, Lancashire, England. Thank you so much.

Margaret Adams - May '08
I am trying to find any info on John Magee 27.12.1883 Belfast, I think he was living in America with an aunt for part of childhood. He was in the American Merchant Navy as a stoker. Then lived in Worcester, England 1920's until his death 1955, after he changed his name to John Adams.

Linsey Young - May '08
I am looking for information on the Currans. My great great geat grandfather was called Hugh Curran and a coal miner at some stage in his life. He came from Ireland and was married to a Agnes Murphy. He had a son called William b1834, who married a Agnes Ronaghan. They had the following children that I know of: James, William, Peter, Hugh, Susan. I noticed someone on here had a Hugh Curran in his family around the same dates and I wondered whether he was married to an Agnes Murphy? Any information would be useful.

John McQuigg - May '08
I am trying to find information on John McQuigg, Bessie (Elizabeth) Trainor and their family. According to the1901 Census they were living in Derry. I already have the detail including children's names and ages at the time. But I can't find marriage certificate, or birth certificates.
To get further back I need more information. The Census tells me they were both born in Donegal, but the limited research I've done can't help with any detail. So the question is probably to find an area where the names Trainor/ McQuigg are common. Any ideas? Both were recorded as being Catholic ,but perhaps one changed to make the marriage acceptable.

Ade Johnson - May '08
I am looking for correct death details of my ancestor - John Francis, born in ireland 1888. I am yet to know where he died as there were speculations that he died in Belfast, but there is no justification for this. I will be so glad if anyone can really help me on this as it's very important to me and I need to know as soon as possible. Thanks

Ann - Mar '08
RE: Lawrence Fulton - Nov '06

There doesn't seem to be a listing for the place name of the church in Antrim that your requesting, could it be Torbegill your looking for? I'm originally from Antrim but moved away though when I was a child. Message me there if you like and I will try and help you if I can.

Mra Doreen Hadland nee McGuffin - Mar '08
I am trying to trace my grandparents families, William Ernest McGuffin born August 1882 in the Newry area and my grandmother Sarah Ann Kelly born around 1880's in Down or Armagh, her father was a farmer. Gandad's father was a bootmaker. That is all the information I have. Granddad had brothers as far as I know, any help would be very much appreciated!

Laura Mandt - Mar '08
I am in search of information regarding my ancestor Edward Rippy born around 1729 in Dublin Ireland. He migrated to America sometime around 1750's. I have been unable to find anything before him, like who his father and mother were. I am told his family was in the linen factory business located in Belfast, Londonberry and lived in Dublin.
I am unable to find anything to verify this. Is there anyone out there that can help me? Any information would so much be appreciated.

John Siefert - Mar '08
Same last name as you - Rankin. Both my parents were pretty well up in age when I was born. Never knew any of my grandparents as they passed on before I was born. Have always wanted to find out about my roots. My Mothers maiden name was Virginia RANKIN. Her fathers name was Judson. As far as I know her grandfather and his brother founded (I think) a very small town in northern Wisconsin - USA named Winter Wisonsin. I also know she had an uncle named Jimmy. Her grandad and his brother first settled on the eastcoast of the USA sometime in the late 1800's then moved westward to Wisconsin. Other than that, its all I know but would love to find out more. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Colin Kennedy - Mar '08
I have copious amounts of information for Maureen Weir who left a message on this page back in 2004, on the family of Lyle and Elizbeth Morrow.

Michaela Broughon - Feb '08
Looking for any information on Mary Edgar, borne about 1841 in Ballymoney, County Antrim. She married John Gwynne and moved to Birkenhead, Cheshire where she had Rachel (1873), Joseph and John. She later married William Ainslie. If anyone has any information or may be related, please post comments or this page. Many thanks.

Anne Mackintosh - March '08
I am trying to find out more about my mother's adopted family she was Ellen (Nelly) Cormican born 1917. Her parents were Andrew and Mary Jane Cormican, my mum only found out towards the end of her life that she was adopted, and I would love to know more about this. We think that her birth name was Scarlett and may have come from the Fermanagh area. If anyone has any knowledge it would be very much appreciated.

Pat Ward, nee Harte - Feb '08
I am looking for my Father's family history. His name was John Harte born 15 February 1902 to James Harte and Elizabeth Harte nee Ogilvy at 112 Lecky Road, Derry. I am trying to trace My Gradfathers family. If anyone knows the family tree I would be really pleased to hear from them. Thank you

Kieran Walker - Feb '08
I wonder if anyone has any information on a PATRICK & ELLEN McCLOSKEY who lived in RAGLAN STREET, BELFAST during the 1920s and had eleven children?

Colin Kennedy - February '08
For Maureen Weir - I have done extensive research on your Dallas/Morrow family connections and am eager to make contact with you. My e-mail address is colinkennedy at mail dot com

Colin Kennedy - February '08
Message for Victor Irwin. Could you contact me in relation to the Dallas's of Dungiven?

Arthur Mcauley - February '08
I am trying to find where my grandad came from his nane was henry mcauley or MaCauley he was a hairdresser at 2 herbert street belfast in 1907.

Victor Irwin - February '08
Kailey Irwin April 07.

Have you made any progress and,did I read that your ancestors may have originated in the townland of Ballymacallion.? If so I may be able to help as I have details of an Irwin family who resided close by in the townland of Ballyness and I believe these two Irwin families may be related. The latter family emigrated to New Zealand in 1928. I am only related through my wife to the latter family. Life can get complicated
Victor Irwin

Nikola Busteed - February '08
Peter Weeding from Antrim, I believe I may have some information on the Samuel Boyd that you were looking for from Limavavdy. He resisded on Windy Road in Liamavady. He is an uncle to my granny. Contact me either on bebo Nikola busteed or email n.busteed at ntlworld dot com.

Todd Curran - Feb '08
I just came across this site and saw your posting in reference to Peter Curran.
My great great grandfather was also Peter Curran from Armagh, but he was born in 1834 and immigrated to the US in 1851. He was Catholic. Some stateside records indicate his father was Hugh Curran. There also was a record mentioning the town of Tandragee in Co. Armagh.

I am researching my Currans and am looking for the connection in Armagh and my gggf Peter's birth in 1834.
Perhaps just a coincidence...
Good luck in your searches.

Todd Curran
Baltimore, MD USA

James R. McIsaac - Feb '08
Looking for records pertaining tomy Great Great Grandfather, David Walker Born July 11, 1832 County Armagh, Northern Ireland Immigrated to Canada, 1894 to Ottawa (City/Cité) Central (Ward/Quartier), Ottawa (City/Cité), Ontario, Canada Description: 151 Strathcona Avenue Ottawa

Died: Feb 3 1903, Ottawa, Buried Beechwood Cemetery
How would I find this information?Thanks

Any Teague's out there?
I am living in Northern Ireland, I think most of my clan moved to America, My Dad claimed he had a first cousin that was lost on the Titanic.


Kevin Bailey - Jan '08
Looking into the McGlade family of Drumglass in 1838 to 1858. Edward McGlade born 1838 Drumglass.
Joined the British Army in 1858
served in India for 13 years, discharged in 1876, then moved to Salford, Lancashire, England.

Joe MacPherson - Jan '08
Looking for an RAF Halton graduate by the name of Smyth or Smythe from Northern Ireland. Born in 1914 and attended the apprentice program in 1929 graduating in 1932. First names and exact place of birth unknown.
He was a close friend of my father-in-law and both served on the HMS Courageous in the Fleet Air Arm. He is NOT believed to have gone down on the Courageous. Contact was lost not long before the Courageous was sunk by German U-boat(s). Any information would be very useful. My father-in-law is now 94 and living in Ontario. Canada

Flora Moran - Jan '08
Searching for my father's relatives in Dungannon...My dad's name is Edward Joseph Donnelly, twin of Joseph...they were sent to live and be brought up by Mr and Mrs Mayes of Greenock, Scotland and they took the name Mayes but on the birth cert says Donnelly...I know their mother was Lucy Jones who lives in didn't want anything to do with her really...We went to Ireland when I was 12 - am now 51....happened upon a cafe where the owners recognised my dad and ended up staying there...I think the wife may have been named Rose....The boys were taken to Greenock between the ages of 10 - 12 I think....Dad passed away this year and would like to try now and find his roots.....Thanks.....Flora

DIXIE L. FITE - Jan '08



Kelly Marshall - Dec '07

Re Clare Maddock - Nov '06 - Hi, i'm wondering if anybody can help me my grandfather James Ardern was in the second world war he was in the Royal Ulster rifles based in Ballymena. There he met my grandmother Rose McFall who was born in Hope Street Ballymena in 1932. I anybody has any info could you please contact me I would be very grateful.
I would like to contact Clare Maddock re a message she left Nov 06 re my grandmother Rose McFall. email: kelly.marshall at

Bob - Dec '07
Hi im looking for some information on Simon Shaw or John Faulkner who both lived in Northen Ireland.
John Faulkner was born in Northern Ireland. He left around 1995/1996 and moved to England.
Simon Shaw was not from Northen Ireland but lived there for a few years, he was born in England.
Simon Shaw is aged 37/38 years old now and John Faulkner is a similar age although maybe a little younger.
I would be very gratefull to hear from anyone with any information about these two men and what they got up while being in Northern Ireland.
Feel free to contact me if you are also looking for information on these men.

Sandra - Oct '07
John Williamson born Ireland, grew-up in England, died in Australia

John Williamson lived for 19 years in Victoria before he died, after emmigrating at the age of 23 in 1853/4 from England. His wife Louisa died in 1901. John & Louisa were married in Oct 1853 in England and migrated shortly afterwards to Australia. Both are buried in the St Kilda General Cemetery.

I had always assumed that they were of English origin so I was very surprised when I found that John, his parents and siblings were born in Belfast, Ireland. As I have been unable to find any record of them in the 1841 census I am assuming that left Ireland for England after 1841 and arrived before the 1851 census.

I was able to locate the family in the 1851, and although John came out to Australia before the 1861 census I was able to locate the remaining family members in England in the 1861 and 1871 census.
John’s father Thomas was born between 1797 and 1801 based on the various ages he gave in the 1851, 1861 and 1971 English Census. We think he died in 1872 in Whitehaven, Cumberland, England. There may have been more children who did not come out from Ireland with John and his parents Thomas and Jane when they came to England but I are not sure.
It would be great to hear from anyone with any ideas, further information or even better still someone who has a connection with the family.


Andy Elkerton - Oct 07
CLOTWORTHY. Hi. I'm trying to find anyone who might be related to Hugh Clotworthy, born in 1815 in Belfast. He emigrated to Liverpool sometime in the 1830's. If the name does ring any bells then please email me. Many thanks

John McAuley - May '07
Seeking info on Joseph francis McDermott Does anyone have any info on Joseph,last known address Margaret st Waterside Derry stayed there early 1920's I also believe he died in Ireland as a result of a factory related accident.I would love to hear from any McDermott's related to joseph or anyone who might have known him or his family.Many Thanks

Dorothy Jean Cone - May '07
My Dad was of Irish descent and his name was Thomas Stewart,married Sarah Fail and raised 3 children,John Thomas,Charles Lindberg and dorothy Jean Stewart. I have been searching for over 5 years on information on my Dad but so far I have found nothing. He was born 09-29-1886,died 10-11-1971. If anyone that sees this message that thinks that they maybe can shed some light on this mystery please email me at Any information would be deeply appreciated. Dorothy Jean Cone

John Doris - Apr '07
Could Kay Muirhead who left a message in 2005 contact me? I think she is probably a relative of mine, especially if she is one of the Lettermacaward branch of the family.

Kailey Irwin - Apr '07
Hello, my name is Kailey Morgan Irwin, and I am trying to trace my family roots back to Ireland. My GGG grandfather Robert Irwin married Margaret Hume (Margaret Heany when she wed Robert in 1838 as he was her second husband). We have no records of what happened to Robert. I know Margaret and her two son's Hugh and William Irwin immigrated to Canada (date unknown) and had a house near Amish lake just outside of Parry Sound, Ontario before it was a colony. I know that in 1883 Hugh Irwin and his family (wife and his son Arthur Hume Irwin) along with his mother Margaret moved to Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. Margaret was born 1816 somewhere in Ireland and died 1911 in Fort Saskatchewan. My known relatives now live mostly in Edmonton, Alberta. If you have any knowledge of Robert Irwin, and where in Ireland he was born or lived please contact me! Thank you, Kailey M Irwin

Robert Wheeldon - Apr '07
I am currently researching my family tree and wonder of you have any details regarding the late alexander family?

Joy Morris England - Apr '07
looking for information about James Morrow and Mary Ann,nee Boyd who had a daughter called Matilda born on 7th june 1986. Her birth register tells me that she was born at Ballymacillion, Dungiven, Limavady and that her father was a farmer. I think there may have been a sister to Matilda called Bessie who emigrated to Seattle, America. Matilda married my Dads' father Alexander Simpson in 1924 in Paisley, Scotland. On the register both James and Mary Ann were deceased. Matilda died in 1958. I also have a newspaper clipping of a marriage between a James Paul and Anna Morrow married at Crossgar Presbyterian Church on the 22nd but do not know which year. She was the elder daughter to James Morrow of Oatlands, Agaadowey. I'd like to find out if it this James was her father or a brother to Matilda. Any information at all would be very helpful. Many Thanks.

Ernie Devlin - Apr '07
my grandfather live in campbells lane portadown through out the 1920's. his name was james (jim) devlin. my father was born there in dec 1923 his name was cyril had abrother jim and 4 sisters iris doris sarah (sally) and greta. my grandmother margaret devlin (nee lamb) was born in and around portadown. sadly my father (cyril) died on 12th jan 2007 aged 83. is there anyone in that area who knows or knew any of my family.

Joan Stephens - Apr '07
Hi, This is a message for Anthony Laing who posted a message in Mar '07. Was Elizabeth Fulton also known as Lillian Fulton or did she have a sister called Lillian. I am related to Samuel Fulton (David John and Janetta Fulton nee Orr) and am also researching my family tree.

Pat Singleton (nee stewart)
Hi my name is pat singleton and i'm trying to find out somthing about my ancesters. i would be grateful if anyone can help me. my gandfathers name was thomas sexon k stewart and he married anne kearns,who i think came from belfast city.i have heard that shewas disowened by her family for marring him. she was a great music lover and had sing songs at her home all the time. She died in1944 aged 57. As far as i know they only had the four chidren, thomas, mary, david (my father)and peter who died in a road accident as a young man. my gandparents lived in greencastle when they married, it may have been called ballygolan in1906 when they married.. I don't know much about grandad stewart except that he died before my grandma. I don't even know if he was orginally from belfast ..anyone who might know anything about them please contactme here. thanks

Noel S. Brien - Apr '07
Margaret, I've just found a booklet of Ewarts' history, containing a photo of the spinning room. If you would like to have it please send me an email with your postal address. Best wishes.
Noel S. Brien, Victoria BC, Canada, nmbrien at telus dot net

sjsb - Apr '07
Hi.......First time posting.......Am researching my STEVENSON family history in South Armagh. There are two STEVENSON lines which intermarried. My father's line is from Ballylane and my great grandmothers line was from Newtownhamilton (Skerriff). Both families farmed. Am looking specifically for siblings of my ggrand-mother Margaret STEVENSON.(b1820) am aware of James, Samuel and a possible David(b.1808), but believe there are others. Any connections?

Bernie - Apr '07
Sherry,there is a TOM HARTLEY in west belfast who does tours of the city and milltown cemetries might be related he holds these tours during the west belfast festival

Larry Boal - Apr '07
Boal - I am interested in knowing if any of my paternal family still lives in the County Down area of Northern Ireland or surrounding areas. My ggggggg grandfather, Archibald Boal and his wife, Jane (Gordon) Boal sailed from County Down in 1789, for the United States. I think surely there must be relatives who remain in Ireland to this day and I would vey much like to have contact with them.

Bernie - Apr '07
Looking for relatives from drumglass mc cullagh mcelvogue put the wrong marriage date it should have been 1892 not 1992

Raphael MacWilliams - Apr '07
I am seeking information on the ancestors and possible current cousins of my G grandfather Richard McWilliams. Richard was born in Jan 1847, the son of Thomas McWilliams and Margaret Gray. He left Tyrone (Omagh area) for USA in 1864 and served in the Union Army during the US Civil War. In the US he married Sarah Rogers also from Tyrone. His father might have been a schoolmaster.

Bernie -Apr '07
Doing my family tree and just discovered my grt grandparents were from dungannon their marriage took place in 1992 at dungannan r.c church drumglass their names are mc cullagh/mcelvogue would love to know if any relatives still live there

Sherry Schnettler - Apr '07
I am trying to trace my roots in Northern Ireland, my g-grandfather was Captain John Henderson Taylor, he was born in Argyllshire, Scotland, I believe he married Agness Fulton and settled in Belfast. They had 3 Children, John, Kenneth & James Taylor.

I am also trying to locate information on my granmothers family, she was born Isabella Hartley in Belfast in 1932, her father's name was Gilbert Hartley. She had 2 brothers and a sister, James (died late 70's), Tom & Emma.
Any information on the above would be most appreciated.

Maryann Quigley - Apr '07
I am trying to locate any one connected with the Williamson familly from Tullynacross lambeg, around the 1880s. My father was Joseph Williamson, his mother Maryann Williamson (nee Edgar) his father John Williamson coachman...any information regarding the familly or decendants would be very much appreciated ...thankyou in anticipation.

Jane Marsh - Apr '07
I am interested in finding any information about my ancestor, Edward Burns born 1811. He married a Mary McClelland who came from Newtownards, so I am assuming Edward did also. They went across to Wigtownshire around 1830-40 where they settled and had four children, Mary, Margaret, Catherine and Edward. Edward is listed as being a spirit dealer in one of the Scottish Census'. Any help much appreciated.

Noel S. Brien - Apr' 07
RE: Margaret Rankin - March '07
Like you, Margaret, I have been surprised at the lack of reference to the linen mills, since that industry was such a big part of Ulster life. I also was a Ewart's employee, going through those Crumlin Road gates about the same time as yourself, and have wonderful memories of many fine people. Hired by Weaving Factory Manager Gordon Wilson as an Apprentice Manager, my job starting Aug./50 was to spend the next five years learning the processes in every department, while also spending one day a week attending classes in the Belfast Tech.'s Department of Textile Technology, then headed by the excellent Mr. Hugh Dorman. On one occasion I was given a tour of the Spinning Mill, managed by a Mr. Dickey, who was often to be seen in his white coat and soft hat. I was amazed to see the spinning room ladies working with their bare feet in water and wondered what that did to their health.
I left for Canada Dec./54 and share with you a love of reading and talking about old Belfast, to which subject a whole section of my little library is devoted. One of the books, The Making of Irish Linen by Peter Collins (Friar's Bush Press) has a photo of doffers working (p19) but the mill is not identified. Maybe the"wee doffer" is in it!
Your contribution, Margaret, was very enjoyable and I hope you will continue. (I've sent in a few myself since 2004). It would also be a pleasure to hear from you directly by email. Noel Brien, Victoria BC.

Alison - Mar '07
I'm trying to trace my greatgranfather bernard mc peake he was born 1841 his father was bernard his mother anne o kane .he was from the maghera area and had brothers john james patrick and sisters martha mary jane and catherine.

Deborah - Mar '07
Looking for information on William Dooley alive 1782-1861. Left Ireland around 1812-1815, but his family stayed in Ireland. He came to America. I want to find my roots to see if living ancestors are in Ireland. Wish to visit someday in near future. Thanks Deb

Godfrey Lomas - Mar '07
My Other's Grandfather and his brother and wife, Robert Young, Daniel and Eliza J Young all moved from the townland of Fernafghandrm, near Beragh County Tyrone to Manchester in the 1850s does anyone know anything of them or is anyone else chasing them up? Robert ater married an Irish woman in Manchester called Jennie, possibly Jane Simpson who claimedto have been planted in Ulster by Cromwell. I take it that she meant that her family had been planted rather than her.( She was still of childbearing age in the 1880s! rather than a wizened old dear of 200+She also claimed to have relatives in Drumcliffe cemetery near W.B.Yeats. If he is actually there at all although that is another story. Any help most welcome

Margaret Rankin - Mar '07
I'm very suprised that there is no mention of the mills that played a big part in the working life of many belfast workers including my self ,i worked in ewarts mill ,started as a young 14re old as a cager then went on do be a doffer .this was back in 1953,and though im now 70 yrs old i still recall my lovely working mates they were all great girls ,since that time i have had what many people would call more illustrious jobs .none have ever compered to my days as a wee doffer .i will always be proud of saying i was a doffer .so lets hear more about the good old mills i now reside in england have since 1957 and i love to read about and talk of old belfast

Anthony Laing - Mar '07
Hi, This is a message for Lawrence Fulton who posted a message in November 2006. I am Anthony Laing, the partner of Kirsty Bristow, daughter of Maureen Byrne and Bernard Bristow. I have recently started to look into Kirsty's ancestry. Maureen is the daughter of Elizabeth Fulton and Joseph Byrne. Elizabeth, born 1912, is the daughter of Elizabeth Rees and Robert Fulton. Robert was the son of David John Fulton and Janetta Orr, originally from Ireland. Would be interested in exchanging information.Kind regards, Anthony.

Frank Wendell - Mar '07
If anyone can give me the address of James Lindsay, I would appreciare it?

Jeannie Barrows - Mar '07
I am looking for McLoughlin family members in county Donegal. My great Grandfather Dennis McLoughlin immigrated to the United States somewhere around the turn of the century, I would say between 1895-1905.

I really don't have much more information than that. Any help you could provide would be helpful. I will be traveling to Ireland in June '08 with my younger son and would like to research family members prior to my visit so that I can get in touch with them and possibly meet.

Anyone who has information, please let me know. Thank you!

Marilyn Vance McGaughey - Mar '07
I would like to ask if there are any male Vance family members in Northern Ireland who would like to participate in the Vance Family DNA project. We would be so happy to have you and we think you would learn a lot about your family as well as helping us. Please view our site at or let me know if you are interested.


Philip Dodds - Feb '07
Im looking for information on a Francis Lennon born in Down Ireland in 1855. He later married a Mary McCabe in 1875 in Bishop Auckland Durham. Ideally I would like to know if he had any siblings-and if so their names and date of births and also his Parents details.

Veronica - Feb '07
Hi i am looking for any Lillico families from Scotland Peebles.Canada and Australia

James F. McKee - Feb '07
To anyone looking for roots in America....Western Pennsylvania, during the 18th and early 19th centuries, is the dominant region that people from Ulster emigrated to. Many counties, such as Butler, Allegheny, Westmoreland, and Beaver, have books containing pioneer names, places, and stories, and have been placed on the internet, giving complete access. For example, just search for "History of Butler County, PA." The books were compiled during the latter half of the 19th century and are very accurate, as most information was first hand. Hope that can help people the way they did me - they are invaluable.

Kathy Morris - Feb '07
I am looking for information on my Grandfather, Alfred McCullough. I believe he was born in Belfast between 1890 and 1892. His mother's name may have been Kathleen. His mother died when he was 8 and his father, I believe, when he was 12. He was sent to Canada, on a ship, by Barnardos Homes. I am looking for information on his or his parents. Thanks

Ronald Curran - Feb '07
I was astonished to find the name of Charlie McGonnigal on this site. His descendant (it has to be) Charlie McGonnigal was very active just after the last war in the Youth Hostel movement when I met him in 1947. He was a great character, a miner from Ashington, Northumberland and I have no doubt a descendant of the Charlie McGonnigal great grandfather who married Catherine Smith featured in your article by Maria in May 2006.
I also am seeking (in reverse) the relations of my great grandfather Peter Curran who I know married Bridget Gillan (I believe in Armagh) in 1934 and a male child James was definitely born in Armagh city in 1835 (verified). Another child Mary was born in 'Ireland' in 1836 and thereafter children were born in Edinburghshire or Ayrshire Scotland.
Anyone who believes that this may be their related family and knows the whereabouts of any current relations in the area of Armagh Northern Ireland, please let me know and I will provide them with an abrieviated family tree by email.

Kate Conlon - Feb '07
Seeking THOMAS MCGRATH .Searching for my brother adopted soon after birth. Son of Ann Jane McGrath of Kilrea who would have been about 18-20 years old when she gave birth to you. Not many details available; born between 1970-1973-would be in early 30's now. You were born in either Ballymoney or Ballymena hospital- fostered in the Coleraine area before being adopted... we would love to find you... you have two brothers and two sisters...

Paula Rickerby - Feb '07
Does anyone remember Eileen and John Larmour ,and any of their 7 daughters ?

Victor Irwin - Feb '07
What info have you on the Irwins of Dungiven and what would you like to know as I am an Irwin and know that locality.

Noel Irwin - Feb '07
Hello all I am trying to trace my father's sister, Jane /jean brown nee Irwin believed to moved to the Lurgan area. She would have had five brothers and two sisters, Robert,John, Alex, Daniel, Jim, Mary and Nan. Sorry thats as much as I know, except that they were all born around the start of the 1900's, in Coleraine and moved to Belfasts Agincourt Street and ran a painting and decorating Business Irwin Bros. I imagine I must have cousins alive and living in the Lurgan area, can anyone help?

Marilyn Vance McGaughey - Feb '07
I am Marilyn Vance McGaughey I am looking for any information on Mathew Vance , John Vance and Marjory or Margery,Vance who emigrated to the American Colonies inthe 1740's and had a sisrer named Nellie Vance who married a Smith. They may have been from Co Fermanagh. Any information will be deeply appreciated.

Simon Macauley - Feb '07
Macauley, Thomas and Jane left Belfast for Salford England 1869-70 had 2 children Emma and Maggie, later my great grandad Robert.
They were born in Belfast in 1845 and 1847.

I would appreicate any help tracing them further.

Gerald Rodger - Feb '07
Looking for a long lost friend from Dungannon called Wendy Stewart. Used to live in the White City as it was called, off the Oaks Road in Dungannon. She would be approaching 60 and any help in locating her would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Katinka Wassili - Feb '07
I'm looking for the family of Terry Wray. I can't remember his day of birth anymore, but i do know he was born in Belfast. Terry moved from Belfast to Amsterdam. I know he had a sister, she was a teacher (in Belfast). Terry died a few years ago. I hope someone knows this family, because it's really important for me to find out more about Terry. Please let me know!
Greetings Katinka Wassili from Amsterdam, The Netherlands


V.Irwin - Jan '07
Cynthis Hull (July 06)Re Irwin "LOT" DUNGIVEN.
What Irwins are you looking for as I may be able to assist ?

Eileen Scully - Jan '07
My husband would like to contact the Savages of Downpatrick. They owned a bakery and a furniture store. He often talks about the fine hospitality shown to him when he would visit from the "freestate". The time frame would be the 1980's.......If anyone knows of the Savages, we would love to hear from them. Thanks ever so much....Eileen & Michael Scully Pennsylvania USA, from Galway

Hannah Speirs - Jan '07
Hi, I have traced my father's family back to my Great-Great-Great-Grandfather -Oliver Michael- who was born|in Armagh in 1785. He moved to Ayr in 1804 joined the army, 91st regiment of foot, and married Isabella Jones from Aberdeen. I think he may have had a brother Hugh as it is a recurring family name and there was one mentioned from Armagh in the army records about the same time. In 1842 the name changed from Michael to Mitchell, don't know why. I also don't know which religion he would have been it seems to have changed backwards and forwards over the years from Protestant to Catholic. And we're a mixed bunch now. I was in Dublin a couple of years ago and couldn't get anywhere trying to research it. My sister and I would like to go to Armagh to try researching it there. I have a lot of information after he moved to Scotland and I know that a couple of his grandchildren were born in Ireland although they moved back to Scotland so it looks like there was still a connection there. I would love to be able to trace the Michael family before they moved to Scotland and would appreciate any assistance on how to go about it.
Regards, Hannah.

David Shaw - Jan '07
Hello I am tring to find the wedding certificate of Ellen Gillespie she married Isaac Harris about 1885/6 and it might have been in her own town of Enniskillen /Donegal any help please, thank you.
they are my Great-Grandfather & Mother
from David Shaw d.shaw2 at tiscal dot

Kathy Morris - Jan '07
I am looking for information on my Grandfather, Alfred McCullough. I believe he was born in Belfast between 1890 and 1892. His mother's name may have been Kathleen. His mother died when he was 8 and his father, I believe, when he was 12. He was sent to Canada, on a ship, by Barnardos Homes. I am looking for information on his or his parents. Thanks

Ronald Curran - Jan '07
I was astonished to find the name of Charlie McGonnigal on this site. His descendant (it has to be) Charlie McGonnigal was very active just after the last war in the Youth Hostel movement when I met him in 1947. He was a great character, a miner from Ashington, Northumberland and I have no doubt a descendant of the Charlie McGonnigal great grandfather who married Catherine Smith featured in your article by Maria in May 2006.
I also am seeking (in reverse) the relations of my great grandfather Peter Curran who I know married Bridget Gillan (I believe in Armagh) in 1934 and a male child James was definitely born in Armagh city in 1835 (verified). Another child Mary was born in 'Ireland' in 1836 and thereafter children were born in Edinburghshire or Ayrshire Scotland.
Anyone who believes that this may be their related family and knows the whereabouts of any current relations in the area of Armagh Northern Ireland, please let me know and I will provide them with an abrieviated family tree by email. My email address is And Oblige Ronald Curran Northumberland

James F. McKee - Jan '07
To anyone looking for roots in America....

Western Pennsylvania, during the 18th and early 19th centuries, is the dominant region that people from Ulster emigrated to. Many counties, such as Butler, Allegheny, Westmoreland, and Beaver, have books containing pioneer names, places, and stories, and have been placed on the internet, giving complete access. For example, just search for "History of Butler County, PA." The books were compiled during the latter half of the 19th century and are very accurate, as most information was first hand. Hope that can help people the way they did me - they are invaluable.

Paula Rickerby - Dec '07
Does anyone remember Eileen and John Larmour ,and any of their 7 daughters ?

Wendy Thompson - Dec '06
I am researching my grandfather's "close" family of Belfast.pecifically the descendents of James Watson Close and Susannah Hedley. They had 9 children Elizabeth, Margaret Hedley, Robert Henry, Elizabeth #2, James Watson, Susannah and John (twins), William and a still born child. To date have located descendents of all the children with the exception of "John". John apparently married 3 times and outlived all his wives, his first wife was Helen Wilson, and they resided at 6 Servia St...according to family history, John lived on Harland street at one point, and worked at the shipyard, as did all my Close's including my gramps....My Granda's family immigrated from 6 Susan Street, Belfast in 1928 to Canada....if you have any information concerning any of the Close's affiliated with this family I would dearly love to hear from you. Thanking you in advance.

Stewart Chisholm - Dec '06
Looking for my birth mother Cathleen Louisa neely born around 1948. I have 2 addressess for her tawnay lower kilmacreman county donegal and c/o hattrick cregan house Londonderry would be great if someone out there reads this.

David Shaw - Nov '06
Hello I am looking for the marriage og my G Grandad and his Wife Ellen Glaspie, she was born in Enniskillen Northern Ireland1868. I thought she might had been married there in Ireland because I can not find them here in Somerset England, where they live. I think she was married about 1884/6 can anyone please help me or point me in the right way to go. Thank you from David Shaw in Somerset.

Kathleen Vandenhoven - Nov '06
I am looking for information about mary Doherty born 1839-1841, in castledawson,her father was John Doherty a farmerand mother Bridget Mallory or McMillan. As she was my great grand mother I would love to find out more about his family.

Ann McVeigh - Jan '06
I am trying trace my grandfather patrickmcDonnellwho married sara Donnelly both lurgen moved to scotland in 1942 aslo I have been told that my granfathers three brothersmarried threesisters from the same family in lurgen but no names i beleive some of the records may have been burnt in a fire. I Guess I am taking pot luck but if i could a start somewhere i would be very grateful thanks!

David Shaw - Jan '06
Hello I am tring to put a message on this site, hope it is ok.
I am looking for the Marriage of Isaac Harris to Ellen Nora Glaspie from Enniskillen Northern Ireland. They got married about 1884/1887/ any help please - from David Shaw d.shaw2 @ tiscali .

Lisa Swovick - Nov '06
I am looking for information on my two great grandfather's family. His name was John Short, born December 20, 1829 in Tyrone. I believe the townland to be Kinrush, the parish to be Arboe. His parents were Bernard and Anna, they married in Ireland, then immigrated to Kingston, Ontario, Canada around 1849. John may have had a twin brother, James. It is possible that this family may have also lived in Ballytyrone, Loughgall, Armagh.

It is also possible that Anna's maiden name was McGuire.

Any one know of this family?

Gillian - Nov '06
I am trying to find out any information regarding my grandmother who was raised by her Aunt Sarah ? in the Bellaghy area. Her name was Annie Collins born 21 June 1919 approx. Her father was John Collins a farm labourer. She mentioned she was a twin but I don't know how accurate this. Apart from this information I don't know anything else but would be interested in any information.

Sheila Phillips - Nov '06
Hello to everybody! I have been trying for a long time now to find out some information on Altcar Street in Belfastt. My grandparents and great grandmother lived there around the 1920s. My grandfather John Murray, lived at no.18 and worked on the trams. My great grandmother Rose Murray and/or her sister (No.22 Altcar) had a transport cafe in Chichester Street. A cousin of my grandfather, Lizzie Devlin, lived at no.11 Altcar Street. Any of these names mean anything to anybody????
My father went to St.Malachys school I believe in the 20s. So did his brother and sister.
I really just want to know about the area - any people info would be a bonus!!

Sheila Phillips

Clare maddock - Nov '06
Hi, i'm wondering if anybody can help me my grandfather James Ardern was in the second world war he was in the Royal Ulster rifles based in Ballymena. There he met my grandmother Rose McFall who was born in Hope Street Ballymena in 1932. I anybody has any info could you please contact me I would be very grateful.

Julia Smith - Nov '06
My great grandfather, Thomas Stewart was born in Clagon approximately in the 1830's. His parents, Robert and Annie Bell Stewart had several other children: twins William and James, Matilda and Margaret. Several members of the family immigrated to the States approximately in the late 1840's.
On two visits to that area, we found Clagon which is now Highland Road but according to one of the residents, they still call it Clagon. We also walked around the Ballykelly Presbyterian Church and later talked to the minister at the manse. We are trying to find out anything we can about these Stewart relatives - were they married and children baptized at that church? There is also an old record of a place or meeting house called "Ahe Duekey" which I can not find anything on. Does anyone know of this or know any Stewarts who live in the Clagon/Ballykelly area?
We would like to return and worship at the Presbyter. church some time - the history and the "tug" for us to find our family roots is powerful.

Caroline McBride - Nov '06
I am trying to locate the McLaughlin family or Loughlan. All I know is that they were connected to breeding horses in the 1800's. They had land and so the story goes - had to give up the land due to bad husbandry. A family member went to Belfast in the early 1900's to collect compensation for the land and was never seen again.

Could anyone help or point me in the right direction.

John & Isabella McLaughlin (nee Cassidy) - Coleraine had a son Daniel 1885 he married in Scotland 1920 and settled. (No records of marriage or birth that I can find).

Alan Boal (Kenneth Poots) - Nov '06
I am looking for information about my birth mother Martha Jane Poots and my grandparents Adam & Margaret Poots.

They lived in Mill Street, Hilden and worked in the mill. If anyone has information please email me at hooky100 @

Dave Kinder - Nov '06
Hi Tricia
Have you seen my entry a bit further down from yours about Morrows from County Down (Oct 06)? Are these any relation to yours? Hope to hear from you soon.

Tricia Morrow - Nov '06
Hello trying to find info on my fathers family from Newtownards County Down.

Thomas Morrow (my grandfather)
Agnes Martha Coulter (my grandmother)
John Henry Morrow (my father) b.1911-d.12-12-1969
Other siblings poss by name of Thomas, Doreen plus more..
Anyone know why I cant find my dads birth certificate in any relevant offices.They say it doesn't exist. We have my mum and dads marriages cert (belfast 1943) and his old driving license 1967.

Bob Ritchie - Nov '06
I am trying to trace family history from1756 in one William Ritchie his brothers Hugh John and James who all had connections with Belfast shipbuilding. I am particularly interested in their Wives and offspring as I have come to a dead end.
Also Robert H. Ritchie ( former publisher of the Fermanagh Times Newspaper in Enniskillen) He was my Grandfather but died before I was born. Any information would be appreciated.

Lawrence Fulton - Nov '06
Hello everyone,
I am trying to trace the church my Great great grandfather David John Fulton who was married to Janetta Orr on 13/01/1876 in Torberkea in Antrim, Northern Ireland. Also where his parents lived. he was born 1852. One distant relative said he was born in Moss Side, Co Antrim.
Any help would be greatfully appreciated. Thank you,
Lawrence Fulton, England.

Sharon Clements - Nov '06
I wonder if anyone can help. I am trying to trace any relatives I may still have living in Ireland. My name is Sharon Clements my dads name is David his parents were Catherine (Nee McAlister ) and William Clements who married at The peoples Hall Belfast in 1935.
Catherine's parents were Annie (nee Scanlon) and Hugh Clements.
My Grandparents lived in Eglington Street Belfast and My great grandparents lived in Broadbent Street. Anyone who knows of any relatives I would be grateful to get a contact.

Raymond Simpson - Oct '06
I am trying to find out about my great great grandfather. Robert Simpson probably married to Florinda Lowndes. He was born in 1782 and died in 1849. Was in the Londonderry Malitia then in the 89th and 25th regiments. Later a County inspector RIC for Longford. I have details of his son etc. but not of his father etc. or where in Londonderry he was born. Any information would be welcomed.

Glenn Ewart - Oct '06
This is Pastor Glenn Ewart, from Bel Air, Maryland, in the USA. I hope this email finds you well in the Lord. I was wondering if you would be so kind as to help me determine if I might have any relatives still living in your area.

My linage goes all the way back to Northern Ireland. It seems that a man by the name of Raphael Ewart, who was born in 1736, (and married a lady named Jane), (and whose brothers were Thomas, Francis, Robert, and a sister named Hannah), came to America from county Fermanagh, near Enniskillen. That man would have been my great, great, great, grandfather.

Do you think you might be able to help me determine if there might be any Ewart’s still living in county Fermanagh, near Enniskillen, who might also be descendents of Raphael?

Thank you so very, very, much! God bless you!

Jackie gracey, Downpatrick - Oct '06

I am from Downpatrick and went to school with Paul Kinsella, who lived on the Raholp Road, Downpatrick.
Paul would now be the same age as myself - 54.
I know he lived with his mother.
I also know the McGreevy's from Saul. Tommy McGreevy had a butcher's shop in Downpatrick and was from Saul. His sons and daughters still live in the area.

Maxine McBride - Oct '06
To Rosemary McBride ( Dupius )
My father is Samuel Mcbride, he had siblings, George, Gerald, Bridie and Peggy all were evacuated from the Ardoine Belfast to the Rocky Road in Cookstown , they later returned to Belfast, and most then came to England. My nan was called Bridgette Mcbride ( Rielly ) my grandfather was George Mcbride. I know the names do not match your listed searches but thought with it being Cookstown it was coincidence. Anyone knowing of any relatives related to Mcbride/ Reilly / Turley would be good to hear from them and learn of some of my ancestors. ( On reilly side names that have been mentioned are Clara, John, Joe and Patrick .)

Helen - Oct '06
I am trying to locate the McKee family from county Armagh in the 1800's. John was born in either Richill or Seagoe in 1860. He had a brother named Samuel and a Sister named Eliza (we think). It appears most of the McKees were born in county down.

It is very hard to do irish research in australia - can anyone help.

John's father was william and mother was Sarah. John moved to the usa. in 1890's.

Jade McDougall - Oct '06
I am desperately seeking out anyone who knows any information about the Mitchells of Northern Ireland, I believe they were from Gortin, Co. Tyrone. Their names were Thomas and Elizabeth Mitchell, and I know they had at least one son, whose name was Robert Mitchell, b. 1832. He left for Canada around 1855. I really don't know anything else about them, and would really like to know what they did for a living, as well as if they relocated at all. If you have any information, could you get in touch! My email is listed.

John O'Neill - Oct '06
I am trying to contact Johnny McGuinness. Until the mid-1980s he ran a bookmakers on Clonard St. in Belfast. He is in his mid-50s. I would be really grateful to anyone who can help me make contact with Johnny as I have being trying to locate him for many years.

Maureen Earley - Oct '06
Hello Anna
Only just got your message, thanks for taking the time to reply.
There was a Mary Earley and also a Charlotte, Lizzie, John, Rose and Bernadette. They lived at 50 Bombay street and than moved to Springfield road, where Mary lived until she died in 1984. and I think some family members lived there for some time afterwards.
If any one has any information what became of the family i would be most grateful.
My email address is: m_cadwallader @ hotmail . com, if you care to contact me I can give you more information.

Dave Kinder - Oct '06
Hi. I wonder if anyone can also help me with ancestors form 2 other counties. My maternal great great grandfather, James Gollogly (also seen as Gallagher). He was born c1857 in Louth (from the 1881 census). He married Mary McCann (from my previous post in Sep '06) in 1881 and went on to have 13 children between 1882 and 1906. According to their marriage certificate his father's name was Owen and both of them where labourers. I have no other information about him apart from the fact that he lived in Bootle, Liverpool all of his life. Any information that anyone can supply would be most appreciated.

Also, James' youngest daughter Susan Mary married a Richard Burns in 1934 in Bootle. Her mother in laws father, George Morrow appears on the 1861 English Census but it is not until the 1881 census that I found out that he was (may have been) born in County Down in c1840 (possibly June 1840). From 1861 to 1901, his profession is recorded as a shipwright. His parents may have been Thomas Morrow and Ellen Downey from Dromore parish, but I am not sure.
I know all of this is a lot but can anyone help?

Kevin Wilson - Oct '06
I am trying to trace my grandmother Josephine Sadie O'Neill who moved to Donaghadee from Belfast in 1934 and worked as a servant; after which she disappeared!
If any of your viewers/ readers have any information, no matter how small I would greatly appreciate it.

Christopher Peake - Oct '06
There's a genealogy board on with some keen amateur genealogists (including some Belfast residents) who, despite searching for their own ancestors, always have time to spare to offer assistance to people whose ancestors were born in Belfast. A number of them also answer queries received from people (seeking information about Irish ancestors) on a site called If you feel you would like some assistance from either of these sites in addition to the assistance you are receiving at YP&M please do not hesitate to post on these sites.

Fiona Hull - Oct '06
I am researching my family history and my great/great grandfather, William Murray came from Peter's hill, Belfast and married a Mary Gallagher. Has anyone any information of the Catholic churches in this area approx 1865-1880??Any info on the Murry/Murray family also most welcome. Thanks, Fiona

Patricia Calder - Oct '06
I am researching the MCALLISTER family of Moneymore. I have John McAllister married to Margaret Jane McGILL at Desmartin RC church 1857. Known children were Annie, John, Catherine, Susan. Mary and Bridget. The family moved to Glasgow just after 1881. Other names connected to the family are McIlhone and McGuigan.

David B. McCullough - Nov '06
I would like to make contact with boyhood pals, Stanley Savage, Dessie Taylor, Tom Gourley, Harold Patterson, and Stanley Mcilhenney. We all resided in Ballynafeigh area of Belfast. I lost contact with them after emigrating in the early 1950's. Thank you.

Sandra Beacom - Oct '06
Noel Briens article

I am trying to contact a James (Jim) Patterson from Lurgan, born in 1935 and had a sister Maureen. He joined the RAF and married Mary O'Hara of 32, Glenside Park, Belfast in June 1952. Can you please help?

Dave Kinder - Sep '06
Hi, my name is Dave Kinder and I live in Liverpool. I have been researching my family history for over 18 months now and have come across family on my maternal grandmother’s side who came from Forkhill, County Armagh. I would really like to find out more about them and if there any cousins still living over there.

At the moment all I know is that Owen McCann (b c1827 - d1888) married Rose Ann Tole (b c1839 - d1909 (or Toal) sometime before 1860, as he is on the 1861 Birkenhead, Cheshire census and their eldest daughter Mary (my great, great grandmother) was born in 1861. Their 3rd eldest child, Elizabeth, was born on the 31st (from birth certificate) September 1866. They lived in Birkenhead with 3 other children until c1875 when they moved across the Mersey to Bootle, Lancashire, where they all lived until their deaths.

It appears that Elizabeth was born during a trip back home as all of their other children were born in Birkenhead. If it will be of any help, I do know that Owen was a Stonemason for all of his life, as was his eldest son Peter (b1862- d1921). I have also found out that, according to the 1881 English census, Elizabeth worked as a nanny to the Venezuelan Consul in Liverpool before she married Bernard McGuin(n)ess on 20th April 1887.

Sadly Elizabeth passed away 2 months after the birth of her daughter, Mary Ellen, from pneumonia and influenza, from which she had been suffering from for the preceding fortnight, on the 19th May 1891. She is buried in a public, unmarked grave.

I hope that you will be able to help me in any way, however small, shape or manner.

Rosemary (McBride) Dupuis - Sep '06
"McBride's of tyrone"
I am looking for my great great grandfather's family of McBride's/Harvey of Tyrone, possibly Beragh area although my dad mentioned the Cookstown area. The men's names were Patrick, Charles, Michael, Joseph, Terence and James. The women were Susan, Mary, Sophia, Margaret. They came to Canada in 1842 with 10 children and two nephews, one of them dyed at sea. I would love to find any McBride's from Tyrone who would recognize the names. Some of the immigrants married girls like Lynn's, Trainor amd McKernan. Anyone with any connection I would like to talk to. Thank you Rose Dupuis

Christopher Peake - Sep '06
There's a genealogy board on with some keen amateur genealogists (including some Belfast residents) who, despite searching for their own ancestors, always have time to spare to offer assistance to people whose ancestors were born in Belfast. A number of them also answer queries received from people (seeking information about Irish ancestors) on a site called If you feel you would like some assistance from either of these sites in addition to the assistance you are receiving at YP&M please do not hesitate to post on these sites.

Laurie Farrell - Sep '06
I am trying to find out about my grandfather who immigrated to the USA in the early 1900's. He was from County Clare. Richard J. Farrell. Arrived at Ellis Island and went to Chicago where he became a streetcar driver and later a Chicago policeman. He had two living cousins in Ireland in the late 60's. They lived on a farm. He married Della McMahon and had two children. Della had strong ties to Ireland and always boarded Irish immigrants who arrived in Chicago in the 40's, 50's and 60's. Where do I start?

M.McTague - Sep '06
I am looking for information on my Gt Gt Grandfather Edward McTague from Kinrush parish, Ardboe. He was born there in 1868. His mother was called Sarah McTague formerly McQuiston and his father was also called Edward who we believe was a weaver. Any information would be most appreciated.

Jessamy Wykes-Robinson - Aug '06
Hello I am looking for information onthe McKee family who farmed around Ballymena. My mum was the youngest child - (her father died when she was about 4) and I understand she had approx 6 siblings - one called Harry or Frank. Mum was born in Oct 1922 and was the youngest of the family. I know she attended the local primary school and then Ballymena Academy. I do not know her mum's name but now that she was bedridden for the last 10 years of her life but this may not have been in Northern Ireland but in New Zealand where at least 2 sisters emmigrated too.

Any help that would give me parents names so I could look for birth certificates would be really helpful.

Dave Mitchell - Aug '06
Message for Michael Wright - March '06

Hello Michael, I have done a little work on a family of Steel/Steele who went from Londonderry to the USA ca. 1830 - 1840, includes the Rev Samuel Steel of Hillsborough, Ohio. Mainly researching several families of Mitchell in and around Londonderry. Please contact me directly on <> Regards, Dave Mitchell

Wal Rutherford - Aug '06
This is a sincere effort to trace the ancestors of James Smyth Rutherford. Born in Belfast Ireland c1842, to James Rutherford (Carpenter)and Mary
(Smyth) Rutherford, James wed Elizabeth or (Catherine)Totton (Weaver)in St Anne's Church of Ireland 25th October 1862. A child, James, was conceived c1864, and the family emigrated to Australia on the Oceanica arriving Port Phillip, Australia 1865.
James was a Paver and built Bridges and Roads in both N.S.W and Victoria.
James was an early member of the Masonic Order in Australia joining Cosmopolitan Lodge 67 and Cosmopolitan Lodge 16 in 1878 until their merger.
Eight Children were born to Elizabeth Totton in his first marriage, and a further eight in his second marriage to Catherine Shaw in Sydney. N.S.W.
Australia. James died in Collingwood, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia in 1921 and was buried in the Melbourne General Cemetery. Elizabeth's Father was James Totton (Servant) A witness to the wedding was JOseph Lindsay. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Alessia Filetti - Aug '06
Trying to get in touch with Conor Armstrong. We met them in Copenhagen at the Amager youth hostel in the 2000, but lost touch with him when he go back to Ireland.
He lived in Coleraine, Co. Derry Northern Ireland, he 's 23 now, if anybody could give me his current address I would love to reconnect with him.

Khaki Berry - July '06
I am looking for information of John Anderson, who immigrated from Ireland sometime before 1851. He was a tailor and he married a girl named Martha P Gibson in Louisa Co. Virginia in 1851... he was over the age of 21 and so was she, but I can't find any information about him. He had two sons named Frederick, born in Spotsylvania, VA in 1855, and Eugene, born in 1857 or 1858. He may have lived in New Jersey when Eugene was born in or around 1858. He and his wife were both deceased by the US census of 1860, leaving the boys orphans and living with a Dr. Hancock of Spotsylvania and a Leroy B. Gatewood of Caroline, Co. Virginia...John Anderson has not used a middle inital or name.....its been difficult to trace him, even thought I have traveled to N.Ireland in search of information, any suggestion? I have no birth records, baptism, death, or family info.

Amy Langdon - July '06
My grandfather was born in Bellaghy in 1865. His Father was Kennedy Ellis and his mother was Sarah Adams Sarah came from CastleDawson Another name of a town is Magherafelt. Would love to know further back if possible. They were Church of Ireland.

Cynthia Hull - July '06
Am searching for Irish Hull families, anyone out there, please contact me. I would dearly love to hear from those in the Lisburn area. Also a cousin of mine is interested in the Morrow / Irwin lot, I however would like to hear about the Irwin lot. Our families lived in the Dungiven area of Northern Ireland .

Norman Legault - June '06
I am looking for information on Ann McKay born 1813 belfast approximately any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Norm, ps. I would love to know her parents name.

Mabel Hewitt (nee Heaney) - June '06
My Grandmother came from around Bellaghy. She was born 16/07/1899, christened Mary Teague. Her mothers maiden name was Collins. She went to work near Portglenone when she left school, met and married Patrick Heaney. I believe he came from the Coleraine area. She had two brothers, Paddy and John. Paddy emigrated to the antipodes, John lived and worked around Ballycastle. He is buried in the family burial ground at Aughnahoy, Portglenone, along with my Grandmother, Uncle Paddy, Grandfather, and my mother. If anyone can help with details of my grandmothers side of the family I would be most grateful.

Tracey - June '06
Hello Martin Wray,
I sincerely wish I could help you find your father to help you perhaps have a little closure at least, however i am a wray. Related to you in Canada to be exact - Langely, b.c.

'Wray and Nephew Rum', I am sure you have heard of it - also dates back to the 'Wrays' of Ireland.

One day I would love to come there and see for myself where my great grandparents came from.

Perhaps your father immigrated here since the war-alot of irish did. I feel for whatever reason a very strong connection to my Irish heritage and look forward to seeing it soon.
Good Luck Martin, Tracey(Wray) van patter may 16, 1962. I''ll search as well for your 'Tom' and see what i can find. Peace be with you, tracey

Rob Cushing - June '06
Hi, I was wondering also if.

My great-great-great grandfather Edward J. Cushnaghan and his wife Mary Cullen lived in Randalstown Co. Antrim in the early 1800's, I was wondering if they may be any relation to the Cushnahans in the area (we're not entirely sure about the spelling, Edward's son Edward Jr. came over to the USA in the 1850's and changed it to Cushing. Please email me at rob at if you have any leads, thanks!

Rob Cushing
Hyannis (Cape Cod), Massachusetts USA

Michael Rainey - June '06
Hi Ballymena,
I am a stranger to your lovely country, but I believe I have been there my great great great grandfather was from there originally, his name was John Rainey born 1883 his actual name was John Charter Rainey, he immigrated to sunny Scotland and lived in a small town called Dumbarton. I assume he was a charterer to trade hence why he moved to dumbarton maybe working at Denny's shipyard, which built many a sailing vessel. The cutty sark was one famous ship to mention a few. Well raineys are all over dumbarton now if there is anyone out there who is maybe able to help me trace my roots I would be grateful, I noticed that you had some comments from Isobel Rainey now (Niell) could be related I have also traced a Charles Rainey who had 92 acres at Randalstown, I think the property was called Gillstown this could be a village not sure the approximate era was the year 1870. Oh well good luck to you may the road come up to meet you. Oh my name is Michael Rainey from Melbourne Australia please feel free to contact me god bless.

Sarah Campbell - June '06
I am searching for the whereabouts of my grandparents that came from Ireland. I believe it was Londonderry, possibly around Kilrea. They were William McLoughlin, b c1869, Susan Brown, b c1867, sons: William, b,1893, Joseph, b,1894, Robert, b.1900 and Lizzie, b.1898. they emigrated to US in 1888 - William, snr; and 1889 -Susan. All the children were born in Philadelphia and are on the 1900 US Federal Census.

I think Susan may have died in US as the family returned to Ireland in the early 1900's and were raised by an aunt or gran on a farm. I don't know if there were any other siblings.

If anyone recognises these names I would love to hear from you. Many thanks

Eileen - May '06
Looking for Joseph Coughlin's family
He was our grandfather.
Mother Catherine Bracken Father Joseph Coughlin We don't have much information There is a Patrick Coughlin in the family POLT never married Mother Catherine Kelly Father William Coughlin anyone working on the Coughlin line GMCEileen@AOL.COM Thank you Eileen

William Chadwick - May '06
My great grandfather was born in Fermanagh in 1847 he came to Liverpool as ayoung man and was a cotton porter. I am new to computers but perhaps there is some link there for you.

Wendy Lindsay - May '06
I am trying to trace James Lindsay, son of James Lindsay and Mary Taylor, who was born in Gortagowan, Cookstown, Tyrone, about 1837. James married a Roseanne Manary in about 1855. They had five children between 1857 and 1867, Mary, Thomas, John, Sarah and Annie. John and his five children immigrated to Australia in 1874 arriving in Brisbane 9 Mar 1875 aboard 'Corlic' which sailed from Glasgow. Roseanne was not on the passenger list so I surmising that she had died. Any information you can find on James and Roseanne would be appreciated. Thanks

David Johnston - May '06
Any family roots for Johnston William born Fermanagh 1850, father Robert. Thanks

Maria - May '06
My Great Grandfather Charles McGonnigal came from Ireland (Donegal) as a child and settled in Northumberland England. He was born in 1837 and married Catherine Smith.

I am looking for any information on his parents, siblings. Thank you.

Wes Nesbitt, Canada - May '06
Trying to get in touch with Drew and Liz Clements of Larne. We met them in Toronto, Canada in the 1960's but lost touch with them when they moved back to Ireland. Would love to reconnect with them.

Maureen Savell - May '06
Would you have any information on a Patrick MacAlinden, a poet of Louth Ireland. He was supposed to have written the lament for O'Dornin, also a poet from Louth? He would be an ancestor of mine.

Christina Kingsmore - May '06
My Great Grandparents lived in Saul / Raholp they were called Elizabeth and Richard Kincella. My granny was Teenie Kincella. They were related to McGreevy's and Lennon's and Ross'. I was just wondering did anyone remember them I remember going to visit Dick and Elesse McGreevy a long time ago they lived in St Patrick's Circle, Saul. If anyone knows of them please let me know, thanks. I would just love to hear from someone who might have known them.

Shirley Cochrane - May '06
I am researching the name Cochrane, I believe that one Samuel (David) Cochrane Married a Martha Trotter in Banbridge about 1860 and had 5 or 6 children. The one I am looking for came to Australia and has a branch here - his name was David Vincent Cochrane born about 1866 / 1867 or any help with the Trotter side would be welcome.
Thanks Shirley.

Monica Smyth - May '06
I am looking for relatives of Kathleen Smyth (Nee Farrell ) who was born in Rostrevor in 1917.

Christina Kingsmore - May '06
My grandmother came from Killyleagh she was Christina Kincella and there was a large connection of the family like the McGreaveys and Lennons. Can anyone let me know if they know anything about them.

Sean McConnell - May '06
I am writing to this site because of the success my brother Martin had in finding a long lost friend after 40 years. I would love to know of the where abouts of CONNIE HEANEY who lived in Loopland Park in Belfast. If anyone could help I would be most grateful. Thanks.

Victor Irwin - April '06
To Maureen Weir.. I sent a previous message re Morrows which you may not have seen. If you do require further info I may be able to assist.

Roger McCalmont - April '06
I hope someone can help with my McCalmont family research. I am looking for the name of my great- great grandfather's wife. John McCalmont had 2 sons, Alexander, born about 1854 & Thomas, born 1859. The family history that I am aware of is of Islandmagee, Co. Antrim.
If anyone has any McCalmont information, whether my immediate family or not, that might lead to discovering granny's name I would be very grateful to receive it.
Also I would like to hear stories about my uncle, Sammy McCalmont, who, with Dougie Hood, operated the Larne-Islandmagee ferry from 1954-1982.
Thank you.

J Hogg - April '06
I am trying to contact Craig Scott & Gavin Boyd, sons of the late Tom & Emily, moved to Derby in the 80s, Tom's family came from York st. Grateful for any help. Thank you, J Hogg. (England).

Michael Wright - March '06
I am researching the families of my ggparents Thomas John Wright and his wife Mary Anne Steele, who were married in Glasgow in 1856 and who migrated to NZ aboard the ship Pomond in 1876, landing and subsequently living in Dunedin, Otago. Thomas and Mary Anne's children Mary Anne, Thomas John, Frederick Steel, Isabella Jane and Alfred William (my gfather) accompanied them to NZ.

Their marriage certificate states that both were born in Derry (now Londonderry) Ireland, Thomas about 1830 and Mary Anne about 1835. Their parents were said to be John Wright, baker, and Jane Mitchell, and Samuel and Flora Helen Mitchell. Some family history sites reveal a Thomas born in 1830 to John and Mary Wright at Ballinderry, where a John and Mary Wright were also born in the early 19th century. There was also a Thomas born to John and Mary in Kilrea about 1830.

Mary Anne Steele is thought to have been born in Magherafelt, Derry.

Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

Bob McConnell - March 06
My family come from the Londonderry/Donegal area and I am reserching them with little sucess... I will have to wait 'til I go over and check records. but in the meanwhile if anyone has any info it will gladly received.

Jean Reid - March '06
Hello there
Could anyone out there help me shed some light on my Williams Family?

Thomas Williams B.1788, Faughanvale, L/ seems in a small place called Tocher lough... Tocherlaugh

(The name was on his discharge papers from the national archives)

He met and married Susannah whilst he was a Gunner in the Royal Horse Artillery fighting at Waterloo; he took Susannah back to his place of birth, where they raised their family (12/13 children) until Thomas died B4 1857c Susannah then came to Port Glasgow where some of her children lived and stayed until her death in June 23rd 1869.Part of the story handed down was that Susannah was supposed to have been given a letter from the British Government thanking her for what she had done at Waterloo, we assume nursing the wounded. We also have a newspaper article on her from when she died and that of her son Seamons titled the “Waterloo Hero widow dies”.

I have 99% of the info on the BMD’s, which brings me up to 2006

It is 1700 Londonderry and Belgium where I seem to be hitting the proverbial brick wall, the latter’s sites are mainly in Dutch or French, with documents in Latin, And Proni isn’t on - line yet!!!!!.

Any help or a pointer in the right direction would be much appreciated, or just a thought from someone looking at it from a different angle may just start the ball rolling again. Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help… And I will help in return if I can…. (Port Glasgow /West Coast of Scotland area.)

Thank you


Anna - Feb '06
I was raised in the Springfield road area of Belfast - there was a family named Early that lived in Oranmore or a side street of Oranmore - one of the girl's was named Mary the other I forget- we went to St. Johns school on Colinward street - They were baptised in either St Pauls or St Peters Church. That area has a very popular Church called Clonard. Hope this helps you out,I have family still living in Belfast and if you post a little more information perhaps I could find out more for you.

David Beck - Feb '06
Looking for the family of Patrick Wright (1893-1944) and his wife Margaret Moore (died 1971) lived at New Street, Londonderry - Family - son Richard born 1922 married Florence Fulton, daughter Jane Brown Wright born 1925 married Hugh Riddick Hamilton, another son George and possibly Thomas - any help appreciated.

Maureen Williams - Jan '06
Looking for information on a PATTERSON family from Belfast/Lisburn.
BORN: JUNE 5, 1885


Marie Oldham - Jan '06
Curious to find out about my late grandfather's, irish roots.. ROBERT MCAULEY. His mothers name was elizabeth, and his fathers name was thomas.. also he had several brothers and sisters...florrie, queenie, betty, hannah.. annie..hughy ..shughy.. bill..etc.. and he was born at 32 OLD BANN ROAD BELFAST...he was born about 1923 or 1925, and passed away may Grimethorpe, Barnsley, UK.. thank you.

Lyn Douglas - Jan '06
I am trying to trace my family. My Grandfather was named John (McGuire) however, this is spelt on his short birth certificate as Maguire. He was born in Poyntzpass on the 11.11.1911. the family then moved to Lisburn, he had a brother named James and sisters Mary and Sophie. the family emigrated to Scotland in approximately 1918. Any information appreciated.

Stef Harvey - Jan '06
I am looking for either my step father's son or his brother. I believe his son is called Karl Ormerod and his son is called Christopher. His brother is a proffesor and the last he knew his son worked in a travel agents. My stepfather, John Ormeord has recentley died of cancer and I feel I should try and get in touch with them. John had a daughter with my mom called Chelsea and she is only 7 years old. I think she should know her brother and uncle. Please get intouch if you have any information that can help me. Thanks very much.

Karen - Dec '05
In response to Brian Nickens request, I am from Enniksillen and may be able to help him. If I see the pictures I may be able to give him some answers or I could find out other information.

Frank McGonigal- Dec '05
The third voyage of the Star Queen, sailed from London on the 2nd of December, 1873 and arrived in Brisbane on the 5th March, 1874 James Wray Free Passenger aged 33.
Married Anne Gorry in St Marys Church Maryborough 1875 Nov.26. Occupation Fruiterer, Witnesses Patrick Monaghan and Anne Adamson. James (Kearns) Wray was born in Newtonbutler 1844,died 1888. His parents were James Wray,occupation Builder) and Anne Kearns.
James is not related to me, but he married my grandmother's sister Anne Gorry, born 1847 in Moate, Co.Westmeath Ire. Maybe someone is looking for this James Wray?

Rose Peacock - Dec '05
I am trying to find ancesters who lived in Brooke Street Avenue Co. Derry whom I remember visiting many many years ago. Their name was O'Donnell. And could anyone tell me which part of Derry it would have been in? I still have a photo of them outside their house.
I would be most grateful if anyone could help in my research.

Victor Irwin - Dec '05
To Maureen Weir.. Have you had any information on Lyle Morrow and Elizabeth Dallas? If not I might be able to help as I came across these names when doing other research for a Morrow family at Dungiven. I know where they lived and where they were married etc. Please let me know. Victor Irwin

Linda McGrath- Harper - November '05

Searching for Identity - Dorans of Donegal

My gggrandparents came from Donegal. So far I have not been able to locate their records. On their census (1881 ) it shows that they stated "Northern Ireland" as the place they came from. My question is where would someone go for records if they existed? To Northern Ireland or the Repulic of Ireland? They were a Catholic family and for this reason I believe they Identified themselves with N.I. more prominantly. I have left my e-mail if someone is able to help me with this. Thankyou!

Kay Muirhead - November '05
McKay and Falconer trace families of Kilrea and Ballymoney :

My birth Mother was Elizabeth McKay of Kilrea, she married my Dad Jack Falconer. They had 3 chlidren, Ian, Kay [myself] and Karen. Sadly my Mother died giving birth to Karen. I would love to hear of anyone who remembers my Mother and any of her relations, I have very little knowledge of my Mothers family and would like to know more. If you can help PLEASE get in touch!!! I believe there was a cousin Mabel Johnson, but I only know her birthday was May 9th and she is now deceased.

Christina - June '05
Looking for information on the Smyth family. My great grandfather came to the United States in 1888. I am looking for relatives. My great grandfather's name is George H Smyth. Born 4 May 1867 (birth year could be off ) Dublin, Ireland married Mary Ellen Corcoran.

I am really wanting to reconnect with my irish roots.

Thank you, Christina .

Patricia Luck - May '05
I am Looking for my Father, one: Albert Ellis Jones (LAC 631865 – RAF, packer), he was stationed in Bulawayo & Salisbury, Rhodesia in +- 1944 – 1947. He was born in Dublin Ireland 21 Oct. 1928, his father lived on a farm in Gilsland. My father married my Mother, Tirsha Isobella Jones (nee Barwick) in +- 1945, I believe that my Mother lived somewhere in Ndola, Zambia after about 1954.

I have been told that My Father went back to Bristol after the war, but has moved around quite a bit. If any one knows my Father or Mother’s whereabouts please could they email me on

Kind regards , Paddy.

Dr Robin McConnell - March '05
I am researching McConnell and Nicholl around Ballymoney and the border with Londonderry. Robert McConnell and Margaret Nichol married c. 1830. Also tracing Scotts of Derry and Allisons and Stewarts of Londonderry.

Stephanie Harvey - March '05
I am looking for Christopher Ormerod, he is the brother of my step father John Ormerod. John is 62 and lived in london with Christopher and their parents. I know that he is a professor but we are not sure what in, please get in touch if you are him.

Joan - January '05

I am trying to find my Father's family in Belfast.
His name:

John Smyth (Smith)
Birth Address: 42 Brougham St.
Belfast Ireland

Mother: Elizabeth McCallum
Father: George Smyth (Smith)

My Father emigrated to Canada in 1929.

Anyone with information PLEASE contact me.
Thank You,


Donna Jamison - December '04
I am looking for any decendants of John And Mary Stafford from Enniskillen. The Staffords moved from England to Enniskillen, Ireland, I understand during the Plantation and then from there to America in 1776-79. Any informatin at all would be appreciated. Gravesites, Etc.

Martin Wray - December '04
Can anyone help I am trying to find my paternal family. My father Tom Wray, left N.Ireland to join the RAF shortly after WW2. He married my mother Patrica Ellona Care C1949. They had 4 children Robert, Peter, Cathleen + me- Martin the oldest. My father Tom Wray deserted us in 1961. Since then little is known. Common links with NI are Farming, Limavady and surname Wray.
Tom's mums maiden name may have been Faulkner or Kennedy or possibly both. Her first name was we think Elisabeth. Tom's fathers name was Robert John or similar. I believe he ran a taxi bussiness. Tom has several brothers & sisters. Names we can remember are Stuart, James, Gorgina, Elisabeth. Sorry it's so vauge but this all from the memory or tales told 40+years ago. I have no interest in finding my father but there must be dozens of cousins, possably aunts and uncles who we do know exist. There are certainly dozens over here in Cambrigeshire.

Thanking you in anticipation. Best wishes Martin Stuart Wray d.o.b 18/08/1951.

Brian Nickens - November '04
My name is Brian Nickens. I live in California, U.S.A. My Great Grandfather was born in Ireland in 1850. [I could really use some help of some of the locals in Ireland.] My GreatGrand Father's name was Edward Boyd. Born in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Ireland. Born and raised on a farm in Enniskillen. I have a picture of the farm that was taken from a airplane in 1967 for my Grandmother.
At that time my Grandmother was visiting family at that farm. Her cousins were living there at that time. If anybody can help me that would be great! [ My Grandmother would say " that would be grand " ] I want to make contact with family there in hopes of going there myself. I do have some pictures from her trip and some names of close friends that she had there at the time of her visit to the farm. Thanks so much, Brian Nickens

Keith Johnstone - May '04
I have been trying to trace my McConnell ancestors back from Ayrshire in the early 1800's to Ireland. My 3 X great grandfather Hugh McConnell, a cotton weaver, was born around 1802 in Ireland, married and settled in Crosshill, Ayrshire from 1822. Where he came from in Ireland I have little to go own except my own grandmother spoke of Belfast.
My own research has turned up a number of McConnells who came across to Crosshill from Newtonayrds. By the end for the 1800's the younger generation headed to the big towns of Glasgow, Kilmarnock in search of work.
After the Great War they seemed to have dispersed in all directions including Canada, the States and Australia. Very few seem to have remained in Ayrshire although the Scottish Premier minister Jack McConnell seems to have done well for himself. Any connections or further information would be appreciated, kindly contact this site.

Joan K Bourgeois
- April 04
Hello, I am trying to gather information about my Father:

John Smith
D.O.B. August 27th 1906
42 Brougham St.
Father: George Smith
Mother: Elizabeth (Lizzie) McCallum

Above is the only information I have. If anyone has information, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.
Thank you.

Maureen Weir sent the following e-mail:-
Relatives of Lyle Morrow and his wife Elizabeth Dallas Morrow:
My grandparents came to Canada with their children in 1931. One son also named Lyle was sent back because of health problems. I would like to know more about my great grandparents, or any other information available. My mom Margaret Jane nee Morrow suffered a stroke when she was 34 and was unable to relay any family history. Before leaving to come to Canada the family lived on the outskirts of Dungiven. The names I recall as friends or neighbours are, Tommy McClosky and a Margaret MIllar. They have likely passed on as well. If you can be of help we would much appreciate it.

If you think you can help Maureen please use the form at the bottom of the page and leave a message.

Bertha Norberg says:-
My name is Bertha Norberg, and I live in Carman, Manitoba, Canada.All my ancestors on my mother's side came from Londonderry-McConnells, Morrisons and Adams(lots of them) My widowed ggmother Mary Adams Morrison married widower Robert Ferguson from Limivady about 1866 and the two combined families emigrated to the Gatineau area of Quebec , 30 miles north of Ottawa about 1873. I have been researching family history for several years and have compiled a 100-page book. However, one is never finished with family histories.At the present time we are trying to sort out all the Mary Adams.My ggfather Robt. Morrison married a Mary Adams, and my ggf Wm. Mcconnell also married a Mary Adams. These families all lived around Greenan, Eglinton, Faughanvale, Artnagunah.

If you think you can help Bertha leave a message at the bottom of the page.

Patricia Gibson says:-
"I am the Grand-daughter of William Simpson. William married my grandmother Elizabeth McQuillan, 29th April 1918 in Dundalk, Co Louth. On their marriage certificate my GGrandfather is named as James Simpson of Belfast. The two witnesses are Robert McQuillan and Maggie Hoey. After they were married my grandparents lived in Belfast, althougth my Grandmother is known to have returned to Dundalk where my mother Winifred was born May 1930. Sadly my mother had only one memory of her father, William visited her in Dundalk in 1936 when she would have been six years old. If anyone can enlighten me in anyway as regards my grandfather, I would be delighted. I suspect that my Mother may have had other siblings, if not I would still be happy to know that I may have distant cousins out there. Many Thanks in Anticipation"

Annamarie Filocomo(Ausnes) - Dec '04
I am the daughter of Gladys Winnifred Gibson of the United States. I too am looking for any cousins etc. that I might have still living in Northern Ireland. My mother is 82 years old. My uncle Jimmy Gibson was a minister in the United States and has two sons David and Danny who are doctors in California. Hope this is a connection.

m6cadwallader says:-
"I would love to hear from anyone who knows anything of my father Peter J. Earley or any of his relatives in Belfast (Springfield Road area). I know there are lots out there but have lost contact over the years."

If you think you can help leave a message at the bottom of the page.

m6cadwallader is also "looking for any relatives or anyone who knew of my mother Kathleen Margaret Burke ....." Click on Burke's of Cookstown to find out more.

Researcher 198908 writes:-
"I am starting a search for my mother's family who she lost track of when her parents migrated to Australia in the early 1900's. Her maiden name was HARTREE ....."

To read the full text of this message click on Looking for Irish family - Hartree .

Ginny~ology is "searching for my ancestors, who came from County Armagh. The information is limited, but here is what we know, based on oral history. Thomas or John Loughead was married to a Rachel Hampton prior to leaving Ireland....."

To read the full text of this message click on 'Loughead-Hampton Ancestors' . Perhaps you can help Ginny~ology learn more about the Lougheads from County Armagh.

Bob McMullen , from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada is looking for information about a relative, Joseph McMullen, likely to have been born in Co. Tyrone around 1793. He married Martha Holden, also probably from Tyrone. About 1823 they had a son, William, and then sometime after his birth they left Ireland for Canada. It is likely that they first settled in Markham Township in southern Ontario.

- jwf - [ johnwfulton @ ] One man's fallen tree is another man's dugout canoe. who is looking for his ancestry from Lisburn/Belfast.

Here is what he's got: The Fultons of Lisburn were well known, in fact a book by that title was written around 1900 by a Londoner whose mother was a Lisburn Fulton. I have sourced a copy of that book and find it fascinating. It is listed in libraries in London and Belfast. It traces the family from their settlement in the Belfast/Lisburn area (from Ayrshire) around 1600 up to 1900. Unfortunately, after about 1800 it tends to focus on the branch that moved to England after some success in India and established residence at 4 Harley Court, London. This is where the mother of the author was born and raised. It also offers colourful tales of Napoleonic Heroes and Victorian adventurers in South Africa, Jamaica, New Zealand and even Canada but does not detail events in Lisburn much after 1820.

It is this period 1800-1900 that is missing from the central Lisburnart of the story and that is where my own grandfather was born in 1892, coming to Canada in 1910. Any help or direction from anyone would be greatly appreciated. If you can fill in this gap respond below at the Fulton Family conversation thread.

Eleanor Lillico is looking for relatives from the Donegal area who like so many emigrated from Londonderry

Here's the starting information she has: I'm looking for the family of Thomas Hood of Ruskey townland, in North Raphoe barony in Co Donegal. I've found a Thomas Hood in the tighe applotment books in 1828. I think he was a farmer and was born about 1791. He married a Fanny Temple (born 1801) and they had 6 children (1831 - ), two of which were born in Co Donegal. They emigrated to Canada through the port of Londonderry. They settled in Gloucester township in Ontario, Canada in about 1857.

Can anyone help her with her research?

Old Friends / Colleagues

Ernie McKeen - August '05
Re - Bernie Richardson reply, below - Hey! noticed your note on the web site.............seems a life time ago since we lived in Breda Road. I'm living in NE England at the minute..............but still can't speak the language. Take care mate - Ernie McKeen

David Crawford - February '05
I would like to get in touch with an old workmate Joe Beckett who worked with me in Short Brothers and Harland in the 1950's.Joe lived in Ainsworth Avenue Belfast. He left Shorts to work for British Airways and was living in the Bahamas. In 1961 Joe visited me in Adam St. and wanted me to go out to the Bahamas, that was the last I heard from him, as I later left for Australia where I still am. Maybe someone would know of his whereabouts.
David Crawford.

Bernie Richardson - January '05
Bout you, anyone from around Newtownbreda [Breda road] I used to live there a long time ago my name is Bernie Richardson.

Also looking for a Michael & Bernardette Mc Phillips who use to live in Rogers Park and moved to near the Errigle Inn. Ormeau Road, thanks Bernie.


NOEL BRIEN is looking for his long lost neighbours. *UPDATE * see Success Stories below...

Before "the blitz", his family lived at 27 Strandburn Drive, Belfast, next-door to Jack and Margaret Patterson who were very good neighbours, and their daughters Margaret and Irene were his family's playmates and schoolmates at Strandtown Elementary School.

Like many others, they were all evacuated and spent the rest of 1941 with relatives in Bleary (near Lurgan) where the Pattersons also found accommodation with a nearby farm couple, later returning to their home while his family moved instead to the Cliftonville area. Contact was maintained even after the Pattersons moved to Toronto in the early fifties (where Noel visited them soon after his arrival there in January 1955) but was later lost.

As far as he knows, they moved either back to Belfast, or to Vancouver or San Francisco (or possibly all three in sequence). Most likely the senior Pattersons, like his own parents, would be deceased now, but the girls if alive would be in their sixties and he would dearly love to re-establish contact with them. He wondering if there is any possibility of finding them.


Success Stories

Frank Blair saw Noel Brien's appeal and was able to shine some light on his old neighbours, the Pattersons.....

Brian Walker has already had some success tracking down long lost cousins.......

Visit the 'Sense of Roots - Success Stories' page to find out more.

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Elaine Clifford
Hi, I am trying to trace my Fathers roots.
His name was"Thomas Hall Graham", and he lived in Coyle Street, Belfast from 1932 to 1971.
His Mother was "Alice Jane Graham, (nee Donaghy), and his Father was "David Graham".
I would greatly appreciate any information received.
Please post comments om this page, or contact me via e-mail on

Joe MacPherson
Looking for an RAF Halton graduate by the name of Smyth or Smythe from Northern Ireland. Born in 1914 and attended the apprentice program in 1929 graduating in 1932. First names and exact place of birth unknown. He was a close friend of my father-in-law and both served on the HMS Courageous in the Fleet Air Arm. He is NOT believed to have gone down on the Courageous. Contact was lost not long before the Courageous was sunk by German U-boat(s). Any information would be very useful. My father-in-law is now 94 and living in Ontario. Canada

Michaela Broughon - Feb 08
Looking for any information on Mary Edgar, borne about 1841 in Ballymoney, County Antrim. She married John Gwynne and moved to Birkenhead, Cheshire where she had Rachel (1873), Joseph and John. She later married William Ainslie. If anyone has any information or may be related, please post comments or this page. Many thanks for any info.

Pat Ward, nee Harte - Feb '08
I am looking for my father's family history. His name was John Harte born 15 February 1902 to James Harte and Elizabeth Harte nee Ogilvy at 112 Lecky Road, Derry. I am trying to trace My Gradfathers family. If anyone knows the family tree I would be really pleased to hear from them.Thank you


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