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16 October 2014
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I am trying to find information about my great grandfather HUGH COCHRANE who was a watch and clock maker.

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Charles McNeight - June '08
To Emma Peace,
My Great Great Grandfather was Hugh Graham McNeight who married Ann Cochrane. I know his daughter Mary Graham aka Minnie married Robert William Couser but that is all I have relative to Couser. I can follow the McNeight line back two more generations to David, and his father John from Magheragall, but have no records of any of John's siblings nor his children other than David who stayed in the Magheragall area which is close to Lisburn near Belfast.

Heather Graham - May '08
Looking for PAUL & JOYCE NEILAND from Northern Ireland.

If someone out there knows them please ask them to get in touch.

Heather Graham - May '08

I have been trying for a long time to get intouch with you but YP&M site has been down for a long time.

Anyway you mention your GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHER Edward COCHRANE well he was brother to my G.G.GRANDFATHER, HUGH HALL COCHRANE who was also a watch and clock maker in the early 1800s in LURGAN, Northern Ireland.

I do hope this email gets to you
If you get this please contact me on disce50atclaradotcodotuk very soon.

Hope to hear from you.

Heather - Worthing,West Sussex, UK

Heather Graham - Febraury '08
To Linda Martorana,
I am interested to see that Edward Cochrane was your Great Great Grandfather, his brother Hugh Hall Cochrane was my Great Great Grandfather, so somehow we are related.Please get back to me on as I would like to learn of any other information you have about any of the Cochrane family.
Where do you live now ?

I look forward to hearing from you. Heather, Worthing,West Sussex,UK

Heather Graham - February '08
Hello Linda,I have only just found your reply about your Great Grandfather EDWARD COCHRANE.

HUGH HALL COCHRANE was my Great Great Grandfather, who was also a Watch and Clock maker .I think he and Edward were brothers, and worked together at some point. But Hugh had a shop in LURGAN, Northern Ireland. also one in PORTADOWN, Northern Ireland.

Hugh Hall'S son -Hugh Junoir my Great Grandfather -was also a watch and clock maker but had moved to NEW ROSS in Co Wexford. and he was commissioned to make the 'THOLSEL' (Town Hall) Clock which has recently been restored and is working perfectly.

You say you can trace the family back to the 1790, Please would you share this with me, as I can only get back to HUGH HALL COCHRAN who was born about 1800. have a record of The Death MISS MARGARET COCHRANE 19th Oct aged 68 sister of the late Mr Edward Cochrane, Watchmaker Belfast - so she must have been born about 1792.

I also have a friend in Northern Ireland who is writting a book about Irish Watch and clock makers and has sent me some information about the Cochrane family, which when you get back to me I'll share with you.I hope you receive this and will get back to me soon. I do apologise for not getting back to you much sooner, as I say I have only just found your reply.

Please get back to me on email:

Heather Graham,Worthing,West Sussex,UK

PS, Where are you from, or live. ?

Linda Martorana - Mar '07
Hello. My great great grandfather was Edward Cochrane the clockmaker in the early 1820s (in Belfast? or somewhere in Northern Ireland). His father was James Cochrane. Please correspond to see if we can make a connection and fill in some more info on the family tree. Mine goes back to 1790.

Emma Peace - July '06
Hello, my name is Emma, my great great great great grandfather was Hugh Cochrane. His daughter Ann married into the McNeight family, there daughter Mary McNeight married Robert Couser. One of there children also called Robert Couser was my nans father. The name Couser is still in the family and we have cousins in ireland and a great uncle. My nan married and became butler and left ireland in ww2 and came to England which is how come we are English. I have found relatives in Australia and America since starting doing my research as well as ones in England. Heather and me email.

Hope to hear from anyone with any info.

Heather Graham - March '06
Hello Donna,

Absolutley graet to hear from you. Yes Hugh Cochrane was my Great Great Grandfather, actually Lurgan is near Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Could you possible take a photograph of the clock and send it as an attachment to me, as I would dearly love to see what it looks like.

Where are you, are you in Ireland?

New Ross Co WEXFORD, Southern Ireland, is where HUGH HALL COCHRANE'S Son HUGH (junior) my great Grandfather lived and was a watch and Clock maker, also my Grandfather SAMUEL COCHRAN (the 'E' in COCHRAN(E) had been dropped by then) was a watch and clock maker and he served his apprenyeship at JOHN FEGAN jeweler in NEW ROSS, Co WEXFORD.

MY GREAT GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHER EDWARD COCHRANE was a watch and Clock maker and ran a shop in Portadown near Armagh Northern Ireland.with a ROBERT SHAW. Known as COCHRANE & SHAW

EDWARD was born about 1780. and Died about 1850.

HUGH HALL was born about 1805. so your clock is well over a 100 years, that is why I would love to see a photo of it especially as you sy it is still working.

How long have you had it, and where did you get it?

I'd love to hear from you soon.

Heather Graham
disce50@(remove this part)

I live in Worthing,West Sussex, UK

Heather Graham - Feb '06
I have lots of information about my G.G.GRANDFATHER HUGH COCHRAN(E)'S clock made in LURGAN in the mid 1800s. Someone in New York USA owns one of these clocks. Are there any others around,? If so I would love to hear from you via this message board.

Gareth - Aug 05
Tandragee is in County Armagh, Northern Ireland.

I am trying to find information about my great grandfather HUGH COCHRANE who was a watch and clock maker, particularly grandfather clocks, in Belfast about 1825. He was in partnership with a Mr Shaw.

Can anyone tell me about his family, who his wife was? her name, and what family he had??

I believe he left Belfast to move to NEW ROSS, Co Wexford.

He evidently died in TANDRAGEE??? Where is that ?? I can't find it on my map.

Please help me someone.

Thanks Heather.



Donna Palais - January '06
I actually own a tall clock made by Hugh Cochrane, labeled Lurgan. I believe that is in the same area as New Ross. It still works!

I have always wanted to know more about this clock, so would love to hear anything you know.

Raymond O'Reagan - Aug '05
I will follow up on your great grand father and will be in contact via YPAM website. Tandragee is in Co. Armagh so this may have been were he originally came from or he might have just been visiting. It is probably about 200 miles from New Ross to Tandragee so he must have had a good reason to be there .

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