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17 October 2014
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The Belfast Blitz

Few people believed there was much chance of Belfast being bombed. They were very wrong.

Belfast Blitz

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This is not a story of people who went to war.

Rather it is the terrible experience of one city's citizens - men, women and children - when a world war came to them.

In one crucial respect the Second World War was unlike its 1914-18 predecessor: air power. In the spring of 1940 the Panzer units swept through the Low Countries and the Ardennes.

France fell in June. Now that Hitler had control of airfields in northern France, it became increasingly clear that major cities in the United Kingdom were within reach of German aircraft.

But few in Belfast believed there was much chance of their being bombed.

They were wrong...


- Jonathan Bardon    

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A sample of your responses...

"Although the war was in it's second year, Easter 1941 had passed peacefully for the Hughes family living in Dunluce Avenue in what was known as "the most unprotected city in the United Kingdom" because Belfast was well ouside the range of the Luftwaffe.
- Peter Hughes
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"Easter Tuesday 1941, school was closed for the Easter holiday and we children were free to play all day at the various street games which were so popular at that time. No one I knew went away for holidays at Easter and especially not now when war was raging throughout Europe."
- Ruth McCart
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"My regiment was stationed at the Pollock dock in Belfast. We were sited between the Harland & Wolff Shipyard and the "Ark Royal" aircraft carrier, which was in dock for repair. During the night of the Belfast Blitz the loud throbbing of a great number of aircraft overhead wakened us."
Frank Johnston (Royal Artillery)
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Blitz Article by Belfast High School, St Louis Grammar, Kilkeel and Inver College, Co. Monaghan.

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