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16 October 2014
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The Flying Shoebox - The Shorts Skyvan

I am the Internal Communications Adviser at Bombardier Aerospace, Belfast (Shorts to you and me).

Shorts Skyvan

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The Flying Shoebox - The Shorts Skyvan

While I did not see the program mentioned, I did fly Shorts Skyvan Sc-7s in service of Summit Airlines in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1978-79. For the first time since, I have recently located some photos, including one of one of the aircraft in Summit livery, N10DA, which I flew many times. Would appreciate information anyone might have on obtaining a video of the program mentioned. Am presently flying the B-777 for Continental Airlines.

Robert Stetser (May 2004)

Unfortunately, there is no official video of the programme on sale. What was the Shorts Skyvan Sc-7 like to fly? - Editor

Ciaran Gorman - Feb '07
I grew up in South Belfast and remember the "cornflakes box with wings" as we called it.
I flew in a few of them over the years as a passenger and boy were they noisey. Hehe.
Shorts were world class in those days. My how things change


I am the Internal Communications Adviser at Bombardier Aerospace, Belfast (Shorts to you and me). After the programme on the Skyvan, we asked people in the Company for their views. Listed below are some of comments made. Well done to the makers of the programme and to the BBC for airing it. Many inside the Company like to reminisce on the old times and the "old timers". It would be good to see more of these types of programmes, don't you agree?

Thoroughly enjoyable show. Congratulations to the BBC on a very well made and informative programme. Let us see more quality programmes about local firms and their success stories. Too often we see the downside of Belfast on television. This programme was a refreshing change - a bit of positivity. Long may it continue.

I thought it was a real compliment to the expertise of the Shorts workforce to see the Skyvans still being used on a daily basis and in all weathers around the globe. Just goes to show that years ago things were made to last and last and last.

It was also lovely to hear the guy at the end say he knew that the drawings were still in Belfast and that he was looking for them to create a Skyvan that could land on water. How high a compliment was that?

Many thanks to all at the BBC for a wonderful show. Keep it up.
Excellent programme, I would have like to have heard from the old timers who built the aircraft. I do remember them being built and remember the operators who worked on them. Sad that we no longer build a complete aircraft but still have pride in the company.

Agreed - an excellent show.

The guy at the end is welcome to try putting floats on a Skyvan, but after seeing the film of the water tank testing, I wouldn't want to try a water landing!

It was great to see the programme as it brought back memories of my very enjoyable times involved with the Skyvan. It was great to see the engineers,service crews and pilots again.
The Skyvan was and still is a great workhorse and a credit to Shorts. Thanks to the BBC for the nostalgia

So good a job of marketing and promoting this programme did you do, that I set my video to record this documentary and even told one or two suppliers that it would be on BBC1 last Thursday. Sad to say it was only screened in N. Ireland and the poor community over the water were not party to this production.

Can you please contact the BBC and ask them to screen the show in England - or can you send me a video recording! Maybe I can then hawk it round to the UK Suppliers to tell them what a wonderful company Shorts is!
Generally excellent programme. Would like to see a series on the other aircraft. Can Shorts help the guy who wants to put floats on the plane? This would be very interesting.


An excellent programme, which should have been screened nation-wide. How about a programme on the Belfast freighter, which until recently, was still working hard for the Heavylift airline. There is an excellent book on the Belfast which could be a starting point for ideas for a programme, and I know a lot of RAF & ex-RAF guys who still have fond memories of the aircraft.
Or alternatively, the Canberra PRMk9, developed by Shorts in the late 50's, early 60's - and still working hard in Bosnia, Afghanistan and the Middle East 40 years on, and with a suitable similar stable platform still to be found! Oh why was the Design Authority handed back to BAe?!!!
Customer Support

It's a pity Michael Ryan took the opportunity at the end of the show to slur the current workforce by saying Shorts could no longer make an entire aircraft.The skills are just about remaining after the cuts he and his predecessor have implemented but not for much longer I fear. (April 2004)

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