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16 October 2014
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A Place I once went

An American writes about Northern Ireland and what it means to him.

The Land

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I once visited the upper regions of Northern Ireland when I was a young boy. My family and I were on vacation from the Americas. I don't really know all the names of all the places that we had seen but to this day I can never forget what I had seen.

The mountains of rich green grass, the places where my dad had said that fairies had once been. I don't know if all that was true or not but there was magic there. I met a young boy who was about the same age as me at the time, his name was Ian. He had told me that at night sometimes around the trees, you can see small lights and hear voices. I was amused and listened closely.

Years later, I now plan to go back to Ireland and follow the roads that my family had done many years before now with my own children.

There are people who were so kind and were happy to give directions to the next stop in our journey.

Now, you read this and might say to yourself, what is an American writing this for? I don't really know. I just think that you live in such a beautiful place on this planet and you are such kind people that I wanted to say so. I think that soon enough, I'll be back to see your great countryside again.

Thanks for the great memories.

Russell - USA


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