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16 October 2014
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People from Northern Ireland

a N.I. "hall of fame" that we want you to add to...


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The following list has been contributed by a “silver surfer” going by the name of Seventy-Plus.

"Your reports cover so many aspects of Northern Ireland life, history, customs, heroes, sports. The list is endless and they are all informative, fascinating and enjoyable. One of these stories set me thinking of how many people from this small corner of the world have excelled and become famous in their field.

Here are some names I have thought of as a starting point. I am sure there are many other surfers out there who could add new names and categories to this list."


Music Writing Acting
James Galway C.S.Lewis Kenneth Branagh
Joseph Locke Seamus Heaney James Nesbitt
James Johnston Sam McAughtry Liam Neeson
Ruby Murray Martin Lynch Jimmy Ellis
Van Morrison David Martin Adrian Dunbar
Dana   Amanda Burton
Phil Coulter   Sam Neil
Hamilton Harty    
Billy Brown    
Bill Craig    
Jack Harrison    
Oliver Hardcourt    
Dave Glover    
The Coasters    
The Freshmen    
The High Seas    
The Regent    
Sport Nobel Peace Prize Comedy
Mary Peters John Hume James Young
George Best David Trimble Frank Carson
Alex Higgins Mairead Corrigan Jimmy Cricket
Dennis Taylor Betty Williams Roy Walker
Pat Jennings   Gene Fitzpatrick
Eddie Irvine    
Rinty Monaghan    
Joey Dunlop    
Robert Dunlop    
Barry McGuigan    
Darren Clarke    
Wayne Mcullogh
Media Art Politics
Gloria Hunniford Humbert Craig Lord Fitt 
Eamonn Holmes Maurice Wilks Mary McAleese 
Caron Keating Sir John Lavery  
  Jack B Yeats  
  Andrew Nicholl  


John P Most - Apr '07
I placed Francis Crozier in October of Last year. I know he has been dead some time, but would be nice to see his name at least listed.

John P Most - Oct '06
How about adding Banbridge's Famous son to your list. Captain Francis Rawdon Moira Crozier there is a book just published about him called "Captain Francis Crozier Last Man Standing" by Michael Smith and tell a fine story of his life. The Captain John Crozier arrived in Ireland wilh Major George Rawdon in 1630 they both traveled in the same boat on the crossing to Ireland. There are many fine houses built by the Croziers in County Down.

Bertie Martin - December '05
I have listened with enjoyment to YP&M programmes for some time, and was pleased to discover your website with lots of extra information, but when I clicked on to 'Hall of Fame' I found some names there, missing.

These are Denys Hawthorne, actor and Alexander Walker, film critic and author.

The author Alan Bennett in one of his books, praises Denys Hawthorne and describes him as 'an underrated actor'. Denys had a successful career in films and was singled out by the New York Times critic. He appeared in many tv plays and series including the 'Within These Walls' series with Googie Withers.

Alexander Walker was film critic of the 'Evening Standard' for over 40 years and he produced a series for BBC Television which related to films. His death brought forward very large obituaries in the national newspapers.

These are both Portadown men and Alex in particular retained a love of his home town, returning every year, hiring a bicycle and touring through the local countryside. I think they deserve a place in your 'Hall of Fame'

A native of Belfast - Nov 05
More Famous politicians in our time are Dr. Ian Paisley, who was recently recognised by the Queen, & Gerry Adams who has contributed toward the peace process. Both are known world wide! I feel both are worthy of a mention.

John McClean - November '05
John Robinson McClean, Civil Engineer
Born Belfast 1813. Educated at Belfast Academical Institution and University of Glasgow. Whilst still young, he offered himself as candidate for the Office of Engineer to the Belfast Harbour Commissioners, but was refused. Upon leaving the Board Room, he said to Mr Edmund Getty, (an old family friend) “that he would let the Commissioners yet see what a man they had lost” He unsuccessfully stood as a candidate for M.P. of Belfast in 1857, the second time he had been rejected by his native town.

With partner F. C. Stileman, he founded McClean & Stileman, Engineering consultants of Great George St, Westminster. Some of his positions were; Advisor on the Suez Canal for the British Govt. Extensive works for Emperor Napoleon in France. Chief Engineer of the Plymouth and Dover Harbours. Chairman of the Anglo-American Telegraph Company. Chief Engineer overseeing construction of “The South Staffordshire Railway”, which opened in 1849.

After an Act of Parliament was passed to allow it, he took a 25-year lease on the railway, thus becoming the first person to ever be the sole owner of a railway. With the financial backing of several businessmen he planned and built “The South Staffordshire Water Works Company” which piped fresh water to all the Black Country. Owner; (with partner Richard Chawner) of “The Cannock Chase Colliery Company. President of the Institution of Civil Engineers 1864-5. Lt. Colonel of the Engineers & Railway Volunteer Staff Corps. M.P. for East Staffordshire from 1868 until his death in 1873.


Gilbert Deldebes, Washington, DC - November '05
CHAIM HERZOG who served two terms as President of the State of Israel from 1983 until 1993 was born in Belfast in 1918, son of Rabbi Yitzhak Halevi Herzog. He died in 1997.

Pauline Embleton, John Brodison's Grandaughter in Connecticut, USA - November '05
John Brodison of Bellanaleck was famous for his Wit as noted in the book "Passing the Time in Balleymenone" by Henry Glassie, Anthropologist.

P.S. John Brodison could not read or write, he signed his name with an X on the 1901 Census.

George Law - Sep 05
Please include SAM NEIL who was born in OMAGH .
His parents emigrated to New Zealand when he was very young.
He starred in REILLY ACE OF SPIES and has appeared in many films. Thank you.

Eilleen Semple - August '05
Another one for your media list, 'Caron Keating', who I always admired. She was a great presenter, very professional & had the knack of making everyone feel that they knew her personally. A lovely
daughter, wife, mother & sister. Her passing was extremely sad. I have nominated other names previously, but none have ever been added to the list, please add Caron as she certainly is worthy of this. Thank you.


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