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16 October 2014
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Children's Hour

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Broadcasting House in Belfast

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Audio Clips

Some precious archive broadcast moments for you to listen to...

Paul Clark's debut in broadcasting!

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"The Cat's Polka" by the Cafolla Baby Band.

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"Chip's Carol" by Scott Kelso, aged 9.

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Excerpt from "Button Brown" by John D Stewart. First broadcast on the Northern Ireland Home Service on 16 March, 1952.

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"A Frog He Would a Wooing Go" by Roma Cafolla.

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"Grand March" by Cafolla Baby Band.

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Maurice Shillington introducing Cicely Mathews.

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Piano Theme by Havelock Nelson.

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Do You know.


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Your Responses

Jackie Ferrari - February '08

I never saw this program but I read all the books when I was little. I was daft about the character Spike Stranahan and wanted to be an engineer like him! I pestered my parents to take me to Oban which is where the story was set. The other characters are Lachlan McKinnon who is the uncle of the young lad you refer to. His name was Jeremy Grant. Then there was Janet Campbell, Madge Smith the housekeeper,Lars Bergman ,McKinnon's associate. And the foreman Jock Ferguson. Then Hermanoff and Oppenheim the 'baddies'. Hermanoff becomes a goodie in the next book Return to the Lost Planet . The rulers of Hesikos are Asa and Solveg. I would love to see tv series but I dont know if it would be available anywhere.

Jim Markland - Feb '08
I ave very fonfd memories of many Childrens Hour programmes broadcast from all regions. Please con yu tell me was it the Northern Ireland Home Service that put out a series of episodes based on a space journey. I can only remember one of the characters ; Spike Stranahan and there was a young lad in the script too The planet they were(ficticiously) travelling to was HESICOS. Does anyone know of this? The only altermnative seems to be the Scottish Home Service? The year? around 1950

Keith Bailey - Feb '07
Shall I ever get to hear the episode of "Badger's Moon" that I missed when Election Results were being broadcast? It would have been in 1946, perhaps....

Olivia Gribble (nee Cafolla)- Jan '07
Hi, I have just enjoyed listening to my sister Roma Cafolla and my fathers band and orchestra there should be archives of many broadcasts made by self olivia cafolla playing the violin/singing/and piano. My connection with the b b c continued with havelockboth on radio and t v into my middle teens. Then at 18 i joined NIO under the baton of david curry where I also met my husband David Gribble and now the connection with havelock continued.

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