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Connecting Threads by Ane Marcus

Loose Thread Quilters  - Connecting Threads

7. Connecting Threads - Anne Marcus

I find that to create a piece for an exhibition I need to find ‘my link’ with the theme. Consequently I set out with my daughters on a sunny August day to Armagh to find inspiration!

We visited the Palace Stables, the Cathedrals, photographed all the wonderful doorways and finally after a picnic on the Mall dropped into the Museum. Among the excellent exhibits what caught my eye were the harvest knots. I loved the way a simple material could be transformed into something so intricate and beautiful purely by the work of a person’s hands. After attempting to draw one I was relieved to find a postcard with photographs of the knot and came home to contemplate.

Reviewing the day I knew I wanted to incorporate the harvest knots - particularly a minute one by Mr S Watterson of Lisnamorrow - although this puzzled me as I knew Lisnamorrow is in County Derry - I was born there! I mentioned the knot to my mother on the phone and the next thing she appeared on the doorstep with, unbelievably, the every knot. She was the wife of the Rector appointed to St John’s Woodschapel, Lisnamorrow in 1956 - Mr Watterson had presented her with the knot and she had kept it. Here was my link, I was born the following year and the connection to Armagh? Lisnamorrow is in the Church of Ireland Diocese of Armagh. The Church of Ireland has, and continues to play, a big part in my life.

My piece therefore is a personal link to Armagh - the centre is a design called Cathedral Window with the windows in purple - the traditional colour for a bishop and around it I have tried to recreate four harvest knots, these themes are framed by a Celtic border.

Hand and machine worked.

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