The Breakthrough

This photograph was taken on the day when the tunnel breakthrough was made. Our ongoing research has managed to identify many of the men in the picture but we still need your help to identify the others.

By moving your mouse over each man's face, a name will appear in the box below the picture. Can you spot the two Davey brothers? If you are able to put a name to any of the unknown men we'd be delighted to hear from you.

Bobby Cousins Billy Davey (Shift Boss) Jimmy Carmichael (Contractor) Norman Ervine - R.E's Staff Bob Irvine Bill Henry Nugent (Shift Boss) - Silent Valley Sandy Heaney (Shift Boss) - Silent Valley Tommy McDowell Bobby Lyons Tommy Mooney Unknown Tommy Cunningham Unknown Willie McStay John Carr Bobby Davey Robert Newell Unknown Unknown Bob Irvine

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