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16 October 2014
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John Moore of Bovevagh. Page twelve

The final page and the end of what has been a fascinating look at an Ulster family who left these shores more than 70 years ago

Bovevagh Parish Church

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Dungiven, John Moore of Bovevagh. Page twelve

Forgive me if this becomes a personal page, for these photos symbolise the end of our search on behalf of Sharon, the Canadian lady who asked BBC Northern Ireland's 'your place and mine' website to find her father's grave in Limavady, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

Sam Moore stands at family burial spot
Sam Moore stands at family burial spot.
John Moore's final resting place

Here we are then Sharon, on a bright summer's day -the graveyard of Christchurch, Drumachose, Limavady and here is your cousin Sam standing with the plot in front of him where several of the Moore family are buried.

Who is buried here?

Here are buried your grandfather William Henry Moore (Sen) , your grandmother Annie (Curry) Moore, and the ashes of your father John Moore which were brought back from Canada and placed here in 1980. There is to be another trawl through the church records but it is thought that your aunt, Martha Moore, who died when only 19, is also buried here as well as your uncle William Henry Moore (Jun)

Stone for W.H. Moore
Stone for W.H. Moore.
William Henry Moore

On the grass to the left of the top picture, and just out of the shot, is this stone heart marking the burial of your grandfather William Henry Moore (Sen).

Close up of engraving
Close up of engraving.

The end

The final page and the end of what has been a fascinating look at an Ulster family who left these shores more than 70 years ago to set up a new life in Canada. The trail and search could go on and on indefinitely but we leave that for others to continue. It's been an interesting and delightful exploration and we've met a lot of wonderful people on the way.

Thankyou Bovevagh, Burnfoot, The Moyse and Limavady folk for all your help.

Brian and Angela Willis (Researchers for your place and mine)

Dear Brian & Angela,

I would like to convey my heartfelt thank-you for taking on this task. You and Angela have gone far beyond our expectations of having any hope of finding our father's resting place, let alone our father's family.

We would like to thank family members and friends who took part in this journey and helped Brian & Angela; for all their time and energy that they so generously gave.

These wonderful people are:

Brian & Angela Willis
Mrs. Betty Stevenson
Lorna Simpson
Jeannie Faulkner
Harry & Anna Logan
Mervyn & Anna Moore
Marlene Kelly
Samuel Moore
Joanna Murphy
Desmond Quigley
Tommy Simpson
Mrs. Riley
Danny Mullan
Danielle Mullen
Willy & Jeannie Wray
Uncle Martin Moore

And anyone else we may have missed, we thank you all.

I would also like to thank the towns of Bovevagh, Burnfoot, The Moyse, and Limavady for all their help in this venture for a very grateful Canadian lady.

God Bless you all.
Sharon (Moore) Ricketts.

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Lesley McConn
What a fantastic article. My mother, Annette Currie Ferguson, was Annie Moore's daughter, Annie was John and Martin's sister. Just received this link fro my cousin - fascinating reading! My mum used to tell me how they travelled across the irish Sea from Scotland in the summer in the cattle boats to visit Nanny Annie's parents when my mum was small - brilliant!

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