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16 October 2014
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John Moore of Bovevagh. Page two

Looking around in Dungiven

Bovevagh Parish Church

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Dungiven, John Moore of Bovevagh. Page two

So armed with a notebook, camera, and a large scale map, Angela and I set off to discover Ardinarive, explore Bovevagh, and hopefully find more about John Moore born August 1901 in the Parish of that name.

Entrance to Bovevagh church ruins
Entrance to Bovevagh church ruins.
The Original Parish Church

This ruin would appear to be the one time religious centre of the village and the origin of the name Bovevagh. ("Both Maeve") These 14th century ruins are built on the site of an even earlier wooden church which was burnt down by the Danes. Apparently there are written records of this destruction which took place in AD 1100.

Nave of original Bovevagh Parish Church
Nave of original Bovevagh Parish Church.
The Nave.

The church building was regularly patched up and the remains of the west window at the back of this photo could well be "only" nineteenth century.

Sharon. We have confirmed the Moore children (including your father) used to play in these ruins. They are only a mile or so from his old school

The River

The village of Bovevagh straddles the Bovevagh River. A tributary of the River Roe. It is a charming little stream that meanders it's way through trees and meadows. I took this photo at the bend which circles the ruined church. The field in the background rises up to the ruins which are on the right. Sharon, - again what a place for Dad to have caught fish, paddled and been late for class?

Bovevagh River
Bovevagh River


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