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16 October 2014
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Coleraine's Peace Fountain - a Present from America

On July Fourth 2002 a very special present was unveiled in a park in Coleraine, County Londonderry.
Article by Brian Willis.

The Phoenix Peace Fountain in Anderson Park Coleraine

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Imran Shahzad - February '08
Unique Idea, Impressive.

Jay M. Parsons - Apr '07
I have not visited Ireland to see the so-called Peace Fountain. I have Irish ancesrty and happended upon this article. What is clear to me is the blatant New World Order theme. The rising phoenix IS the epitome of the NWO and America is leading the way to a One World Government.

This statue was made with voluntarily surrendered weapons. Once weapons are made illegal then they can make a statue with confiscated weapons that are melted down. Now isn't that peaceful?
True peace comes from God and not man.

If all those well meaning people had spent their $350,000.00 to tell others about God then some may have come to know true peace.

No God = No Peace - Know God = Know Peace John 3:16

God bless,

Pat Mackell - Feb '07
Sadly I have not had the opportunity to visit the peace statue. My response to the photograph of the creation is one of puzzlement: it reminds me of the kind of art that flourished behind the iron curtain of Stalinist Europe. A musclar, clanking, piece heavy in symbolism and unintended irony (given that many of the weapons that circulated in Ireland were funded by contributions from the good ole USA). A more accurate representation of the road towards peace would be a huge hole gouged from the earth by explosives over which a fragile, Carrickareed type, rope bridge would be suspended allowing members of the public to cross as far as their fear would let them.

CC - Nov '06
I study in Coleraine and have walked passed this sculpture many times taking notice of how beautifull it is but nothing more. After reading this article I will be making the time to stop and have a closer look.

Dillon McGee - Mar 06
Just beautiful, sorry I missed it when visiting in Northern Ireland

J Kaerney - Nov 05
Very very nice

Tom Bryan - 29 April 2004
I loved this article. I am from the state of Missouri in America, and I will be coming to Coleraine soon to set up Healing Rooms for people of all denominations to receive Faith Healing from our Lord. The "Peace Fountain" is a step in the right direction. We will pray for "Peace" throughout Ireland, North as well as South, combined together.
God Bless you.

Linda, United States - 2003
"The fountain was a beautiful gesture to Northern Ireland from many people and organizations here in the United States. It reminds me of ....."

The Phoenix Peace Fountain in Anderson Park Coleraine
The Phoenix Peace Fountain in Anderson Park Coleraine

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