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16 October 2014
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Limavady - Old Photos - 2

Archive Photos lent by George McAfee

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Limavady - Old Photos - 2

Old photos from Limavady

Members of the Recreation Club

Members of the Recreation Club Limavady
Can you help us fill in the gaps and date this photo? We think the following are.... Second from left:- Billy Alcorn, Third from left:- Dr. Reid. Fourth from left:- Joseph Sheered.

Some NIRTB staff on an outing

A 1960's outing to Benone Strand of some of the Limavady staff of the old Northern Ireland Road Transport Board. Back Row:
2nd from left:- George McArthur
3rd from left:- Fred Mullan
4th from left:- Fred Elder
Front Row left:- George McAfee
Front Row right:- Johnny McQuiston
Can you add the missing name?

Alexander Road Spinning Factory

This photo shows the interior of a linen factory which was in Alexander Road Limavady. It closed during WW2 and used as an Army billet. Can you help us please? What was the name of the firm that owned this factory? Do you remember it? Did any of your relatives work there?

Limavady Ladies taking part in a Portstewart Civil Defence Exercise

Members of the Limavady Regional Cooking Team potato peeling at an emergency feeding station during a large scale Portstewart Civil Defence exercise
A Ministery of Food photograph taken on 12th September 1953

Seated from left to right, Mrs. A. Smyth, Miss A.M. 0'Connors Mrs. E. Gibson, Mrs. E. M. Perdue, Mrs. A. Rodden, Mrs. F. E. Boyle, Miss G. Gault, Miss K. Rea, and Mrs. S. J. Mills. Standing are, Left to right, Mrs. M. Blair, Mrs. M. I. Irwin, Miss M. E. C. Fulton, Miss M. Hunts Mrs. E. Hunter, Miss R. Regan, Mrs. D. Proctor of Belfast who supervised the cooking, and Miss P. Ferran also of Belfast.

Archive Photos lent by George McAfee


Michael Navin - Feb '08
Re: Alwyn Miller, Is that the daughter of Jim Miller and Granddaughter of Katie Gordon?

Noel Irwin - Dec '07
Hello, Can anyone shed any light on the Irwin Family from the Aughnloo area?
Noel Irwin

Elizabeth Anne Heygate Gates - Apr '07
I am researching my Mother's family of Heygate and I have a Sir Frederick Heygate who was MP for Londonderry, born 1852 in my family tree. You mention a Heygate, so may be I can fill in the name or at least try to fill in the gap.

David F Hoeshenoeva Esq. - Mar '07
I think 2nd from left in the recreation club photo is none other than Big Ali Smyth, local grocer and not Billie Alcorn.

W. Alastair Smyth - Mar '07
2nd from left in the recreation club is Alex Smyth grocer my father, who died in 1954. Last on right, Nelson Kyle, a solicitor Alastair Smyth

Alastair Smyth - Mar '07
Re Members of Limavady Recreation Club
Not known, Alexander Smyth (Grocer), Robert Reid (doctor) Joseph Sherrard (Auctioneer), perhaps Rev Lyons, perhaps Sam Forsythe (solicitor), Nelson Kyle (solicitor) The photo was taken around mid twenties.
The long white trousers meant that they were tennis players, the rest bowlers!

Christopher Peake - Nov'06
Hello Your Place and Mine contributor,

Do you know if the Alexander family owned the mill at the time it was closed to be used as an Army billet.

The Alexander family were linen merchants in Limavady during the period 1757-1849. I understand there was a connection with the Alexander family of Boom Hall, Londonderry and the Limavady family who lived at Roe Park. One of the family ... married a Heygate and one was involved with the founding of the Bank of Ireland. Would these Alexanders be the same family that were in Co. Donegal in the 1600s? I know there is a connection between the Alexanders of Derry and the Alexanders of Caledon.

By the way Alexander was the name of the Limavady F. C. when Irish Football Association was founded

All the Best, Christopher

Mark McArthur - May '06
I believe this George McArthur to be my late uncle, I now live in Scotland but have family in Limavady.

Sherrill Kerbaugh - March '06
Hi! I don't have info to add to the pictures, but I would appreciate some info re: my McAFEEs..... My g-g-grandfather was Archibald McAfee b. 6 June 1839 area of Coleraine, Co. Derry. His parents were John McAfee and Jane Atkinson. John McAfee's parents were Archibald McAfee and Elizabeth Reid. Archibald and parents John and Jane lived on N. Brook Street in Coleraine according to family notes....Archibald's known siblings are Robert b. 6 Apr 1834, Catherine and Hugh. Please contact me if you can help me with this family....I have lots of information once young Archibald settled in Illinois, USA.
Thank you for your assistance/help/tips/guidance/etc. This is one of my brick walls!

Sherrill Kerbaugh p.s.The pictures are great!

Susan Howard - Feb '06
3rd from left in the recreation club is Dr. R. A Reid my grandfather.

Margaret Connor - July '05
The factory in Limavady, Alexander Road or was it Alexander Terrace, was then used by Johnny Hunter of Hunter's Bakery.

Alwyn Miller - June '05
Any old photo's of Protestant Street, 1960's.

your place and mine contributor
The 1960's picture on the Benone Strand. From George McAfee the name of the person standing top row second in from the left is: GEORGE McArthur.

your place and mine contributor
The linen factory in Limavady was owned by a gentleman named James Alexander (therefore Alexander Road). Limavady still has an Alexander Arms Hotel. I hope this piece of information is of some use.

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