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16 October 2014
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The O'Cahans ruled over this area of Ulster until the 17th century. However in order to maintain this seat of power

ML 1030

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Article submitted by Brian Willis

Beauty is not rare,
In the land of Paddy,
Fair beyond compare,
Is Peg of Limavady.

So wrote W.M.Thackery in 1842 of the girl who served
him his ale whilst staying at an Inn in Limavady town.

Limavady lies at the junction of main roads from
Coleraine (A37), Londonderry (A2) and Dungiven (B68)


Map showing Limavady Location


The O'Cahans ruled over this area of Ulster until the 17th century. However in order to maintain this seat of power they had many battles and it was during one such skirmish that their hound delivered a message to allies further south by leaping over the river Roe at a spot which thereafter became known as "Leim an mhadaidh" (leap of the dog) This Gaelic title eventually became "Limavady" .

Drumachose, Limavady, Christ Church
Drumachose, Limavady,
Christ Church
Limavady coat of Arms
Limavady coat of Arms
Carved dog's head surrounded by foliage
Carved dog's head
surrounded by foliage

On the top of the chancel arch of Christchurch Drumachose, in the main street, is carved a dog's head to commemorate the origin of the town's name. The leaping dog also appears at the top of the Borough coat of arms.

Limavady is a plantation town and there are many references to this fact in the coat of arms. On the right you can see the Black Lion from the Haberdasher's arms. On the left there is a "cat-a-mountain" similar to the Lynx which appears in the Skinners' Company arms. The wavy blue lines along the bottom appear also on the Fishmongers' and the Haberdashers' arms. At the top is, of course, the leap of the dog.

see also:
Bellaghy - a Plantation village

Ballykelly - a Plantation village



Thomas Cochrane - Aug '08
I am looking for Relatives of Edward James McCloskey, born in Killane in the district of Limavady on 21st Sept, 1902.
His Father was Patrick McCloskey also form Killane and his Mother was Catherine nee McLaughlin.
He moved to Glasgow, Scotland in his teens or Twenties, and Married a Mary Margaret Spinolia Gaffney in 1926.
The had 3 children Margaret Ann, Catherine, and Patrick.

Noel Elder - May '08
To Alan Elder My name is Noel Elder may be some conection forward any information to my Email: noelwelder at hotmail dot co dot uk

Alan Elder - May '08
I am keeen to trace anyone named Elder in Limavady. My father was Samuel, whose sister Jane was married to Willy Bond and they lived in Irish Green St. Thank you.

Tom Rogers (Havertown, Pa, USA) - Mar '08
I am looking for information on the Rodgers/Rogers family that lived in Terrydoo Walker, Parish of Balteagh (near Limavady) during the 1800s until 1912. Samuel Rogers is listed in the Tithe Applotment Book of 1829 as owning 6 arable acres in that townland.
By the Griffith's Valuation of 1858 he had 69 acres pus a half interest in another 108 acres. He married Jean McConnell. He had at leasy 1 son, Thomas Rodgers born about 1830. In 1869 Thomas Rodgers married Margaret Love, daughter of John Love of the townland of Drumramer.
Thomas and Margaret Love Rodgers had 9 children. Margaret Love Rodgers died between 1883 and 1887 when Thomas Rodgers remarried to Elizabeth Thompson. The 1901 and 1911 census reports shoe the family still living in Terrydoo Walker.
The family finally emigrated to America in 1912. Other family members lived in the townland of Ballynaherry, Coleraine and Belfast. Any possible information or possible family connections are appreciated. Tom Rogers

Skip Smyth - Dec '07
Skip Smyth here, again. Has any Limavadian made contact with my cousin Kenny Smyth. He's a lorry driver (was?) and wife Carmel (Affectionall 'dubbed' 'Candy' by her 'Ont Winnie' when they visited 'Cowtown' many years ago) may be a dance instructor.) Did make contact with older brother, Willie, in Londonderry, by phone about a year, or so, ago. Suffer severe tinnitus and oh, that accent. If Kenny and Carmel have no computer (Is this possible) I'll have Santa drop a few pounds into their chimney when the hearth is at rest. Next visit to one of Limavady's more nefarious pubs ask the bartender Which one is Kenny Smyth? ' Sunst years, contact would be warming. Thanks, Skip

ref John Anderson Sept 2005.
I have been researching crash sites in the Limavady area during WW2.
I hope the following may be of some help to you.
Your uncle I believe to be 416624 flying officer (navigator) John Guinlock Anderson of the rnzaf.
He was killed along with the other 4 of the crew when the Wellington Bomber hf838 of 7 otu based at Aghanloo airfield near Limavady crashed in the Curley burn in an area known locally as Dickey Glen.
As you rightly say he is in fact buried in grave 15 Christchurch coi church in Limavady, along with another of his crew Frederick Dick Butland a Canadian in grave 14, a third member of the crew John William Hughes rnzaf is buried in grave 3 St Marys rc cemetary here in Limavady.
The other 2 members of the crew were English and returned to UK for their burials.
I hope this is some help to you, I belong to a local RAF association and am working to erect memorials on as many of these type of crash site as possible before they are lost forever.
I have roughly located the site of your uncle’s crash, Bolea house still exists - it was used as accomodation for I believe officers from Aghanloo airfield at the time and a civilian who lived there at the time is still next door.
If you would contact me be my e mail I would be more than happy to take a photograph of the grave for you and send it or if you want any more information.
You can also access the commonwealth war graves web site with his details as an additional source to confirm what you suspect and know.
Locally 7 otu suffered a very high accident rate mostly because of the weather and terrain - having a mountain in line of sight at one end of the runway and in the landing circuit accounted for most of the casualties, however there were very strong rumours both locally and in the UK amongst the relatives that some of the crashes at least were the result of sabotage

I hope this is of some help, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, and in fact with anything you may have that can help my research.

e mail davidharvey97 at aol dot com

Henry Deery - Mar '07
I was born in derry but my birth is registered in limavady why?1949 augast any ideas

Simon Kentuky, consultant for world health organisation - Mar '07
Mr. Bunn tragically passed away, 5th December 2005 due to Gulf War Syndrome.

Donna Wright - Feb '07
Anybody know what happened to Annie Quigley's pub - frequented by members of the British Army Motor Transport division during World War II (around 1940). Turn left out the Train Station and it was about 100 yards up towards the Artie Kelly Brae? Also Mary Kelly's house which was billetted and was at the foot of Main Street (turn right out the train station). An old member of the MT who served there in 1940 and is now in his 90's has fond memories of his time there and of the generosity of the locals. He is thinking of having a last trip there sometime soon.


Gwenn Mackie - Jan '07
to Paula Alexander-Wenman. l am the great grand-daughter of Samuel Cummins and the grand daughter of the late Ken Cumming. My mother was the late Geraldine Donaghy-nee Cummings. Please get in contact.

William Cumming - Dec '06
To R. McIlmoyle,
My wife's ancestors were McIlmoyles from around Limavady. Jane Hall McIlmoyle married William Lyons c1910. Her parents were Robert John McIlmoyle & Margaret Jane Currie. Robert's parents were William McIlmoyle & Elizabeth Moore.
I wonder if this means anything to you? Please contact me: cummingwj @ hotmail .com if you think there may be a connection.

R. McIlmoyle - Oct '06
Dear Mr. Anderson,
The airfield at Aghanloo, built on land belonging to my family, still exists in parts. My dad is very familiar with its history. You would be welcome to come and visit if you have the chance. But I'm afraid I don't know if there is a graveyard associated with casualties on the airfield.

Sharon McCloskey - Oct '06
Is there still McCloskeys living in limavady. My papa left many years ago and was trying to trace some relatives. He was called Patrick McCloskey.

Ronald E. Cairns - Oct '06
1823 g-g-g- grandfather William Cairns, his mother, son James & daughter Elizabeth left for Canada. Landed in Montreal then on to Ormstown Quebec. Over the years, I have found James was born in 1818 in Limavady & hope to visit Ireland. Any geneology links? You can reach me at nlccjfw at rogers dot com. Very best regards.

Glynn Donaghy - Aug '06
To Paula Alexander-Wenman,
My name is Glynn Donaghy, Son of Geraldine Donaghy Nee Cummings. Ken was my Grandfather and Sammy my Great Grandfather. Please email me at glynnd @ gmail .com

Una McClements - July '06
My grandmother had a copy of a painting which she said was Peg of Limavady, I know their is a poem of this lady but does anyone know who painted the portrait and is it actually the lady in question?

Skip Smyth - June '06
Calling from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. My dear cousin, one Kenny Smyth is 'most reputable' in the pubs of Limavady I am led to understand. The lad visited here some 20 years ago. Phone number, apparently, is not listed. Lives on Whitehill Park. Did contact him once by phone-thereafter- oh, those accursed European phone numbers ! If you are in one of Limavady's more dubious pubs, please say hello from cousin Skip.

Steven - May '06
Ii believe there are a number of war graves at Christ Church. The airfield your uncle flew out of during the war may have been at Ballykelly but most likely to be Aghanloo which is now used as industrial ground with some houses nearby.

Linda & Conor Mac Manus - April '06
Trying to contact Belinda Ferguson (see below )....My name is Linda Mac Manus...Lost contact...dont know if this is same Beinda Ferguson...I would love to hear from my dear old friend...

Look forward to hearing from you..

Linda Mac Manus Co Sligo.

William Cumming - Jan '06
My wife's ancestor William Lyons farmed at Crindle, Myroe near Limavady. He was born c1880. He was married to Janie Hall Lyons. I wonder if anyone has any knowledge of either family?
Kind regards, William

Wendy Wilkins Valdez - Dec '05
I just had the opportunity to visit Limavady last month - my first time in Ireland. My great-great-grandparents lived in the Borough. She was from Balteagh Parish area and he was from Tamlaght Finlagan Parish area. They married in Balteagh Parish church, but lived in Crindle. I didn't have enough time to do more than locate the churches and take photos and eat lunch in town, but I thoroughly enjoyed what little time I had. I do plan to return some day. My family names are: (Catherine) Forrest (Balteagh) and (Robert) Miller (Crindle/Myroe). I would love to correspond with members of either family who are aware of the branch that emigrated to the US in about 1865 - particularly the Millers since far less is known about them. I am already in contact with Bobby Forrest. But, such a lovely area. Other than the fog that lay in the "bowl" between Belfast and Dungiven combined with my first experience driving on the left, I had a marvelous trip!

Paula Alexander-Wenman - Nov 05
I live in Canada, but have relatives in Limavady ..I have no addresses for any of them..My Grandfather was Samuel Cummings..My Uncle Ken Cummings still lives there. I have a picture of my Mother , Kathleen Cummings and her sister Maureen. They are walking near a church with a high wall and big iron gates? Anyone know which church this is?

Belinda Ferguson - Nov 05
Limavady junction - I was born in limavady in 1961 and my father's father was the railway master at Limavady junction in the 40/50s. Does anyone have any pictures of the railway station around this time?

Grandfathers name:David Brown

John Anderson - Sept '05
My name is John Gouinlock Anderson, my uncle and nameske died during WW2 on 13/07/1943. I believe he is burried at Chist Church. As a middle aged antipodean I am feeling drawn to visit where he rests. Is there a war graveyard at the parish? Does anyone know what has become of the airfied that he flew out of?

Laura - June '05
I was pleasantly surprised to find an article on Limavady here on this web site. A native of the town and now across the water in england for the last 5 odd years or so its lovely to see some pictures and see the promotion of Limavady. In response to Mrs Tricia Bacastow, Christ Church, as pictured above is the original Christ Church, based on Main Street in Limavady. I'm very sure that if you contacted Limavady Borough Council they will be able to put you in touch with the current rector.

Barry Jones - April 05
What a great place. I am from Merseyside aged 25, but my mum lived in Meadowvale Park, Limavady for 5 years and I used to go for holidays.
The people, the town and the fresh Limavady air is something I miss alot. My friend enjoyed this place alot too and everyone should be proud of this town. I have some great friends in Limavady of whom I have not seen or spoken to for along time, but would love to hear from them one day. Hope to visit soon.


Cynthia - April '05
For the attention of Ian Deighan.
Thank you for your reply re Dungiven Days by Mr. Bunn.
Cynthia Johnston nee Poston.

Mrs. Tricia Bacastow - February '05
I have a question please, is the Drumachose Parish in the photo above a new church or did it exit around 1741? If this is the new church, where is the old Drumachose Parish located in reference to the new one? Thank you.

Cynthia Johnston nee Poston - May '04

I am keen to get a copy of a book written by Mr. Bunn who was the headmaster at Dungiven School. The book was called 'Dungiven Days'.

Can anybody help Cynthia get a copy of this book? - Editor

Ian Deighan - March '05
Book by Mr Bunn available from Peter Rowan Antiquarian book dealer, Belfast.

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