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16 October 2014
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Limavady Part 2

The Londonderry Air and "Danny Boy"

ML 1030

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Your Responses

Skip Smyth - June '06
The Londonderry Aire and the Blue Danube are the two most beautiful pieces of music yet heard by human ears. Very close, however, I lean to 'Derry'.

Mavis Sherrard-Griffith - December '04
Miss jane Ross is a direct descendent of mine. My mother is called Jane Ross after her relative and still lives in Limavady. We have always known Jane wrote down the tune to this song. This seems to run in the family as my mother still writes the most beautiful poetry and has done so for many years.

Maurice Colgan - June 2004
Josef Locke singing Danny Boy is really a tear jerker, Elvis Presley's version a must hear!
But I am a little biased:-)

Peter - March 04
Where is there a statue of Fred Weatherly?

Kathleen Blanchard
Regarding a lady hearing miners playing the Londonderry Air in Colorado in the US and that those miners might have been from the Limavady area.
During that time frame my greatgrandfather James Oliver and his brother Thomas were in Colorado mining. They were originally from Lislane, Limavady. I am sure they were not the only miners in that area from the Limavady area. From what I have seen, most of the immigrants to the US tended to move around the country in groups.

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