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11 July 2014
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all about Articles

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What is an Article?
An article is any story or contribution you post to the website. It can be whatever length you choose, from a few lines to a few pages. You can also post questions as articles and these will appear on the site under topic heading “your questions”.

How do I write a new Article?
Creating a new article is easy. Just click on the “Add a new Article” button on the right hand panel anywhere you see it.

Do I have to give my real name?
No. You can use a pen-name if you like but you do need to give us some name so that readers on the site know who sent the article. You can of course use your real name. Many contributors prefer this.

Do I have to give you my email address?
No. This is optional. There are however some advantages if you do. If you're concerned about what will happen to your email address - click here to read the help-page about this.

How do I reply to an Article?
If you’re in an article page and you want to post a response or a comment, just click on the “Reply / Comment” button either on the right hand panel or at the bottom of the article page.

Can I prepare an Article offline?
If you pay for your online time, It’s a good idea to write your article “offline” in a word processor before you submit it. This reduces your online time significantly as you can simply paste the finished article into the form and submit it in just seconds.

Here’s how:

a) Write your article and word process it until you are happy with it. You can use any word processor or even a simple text editor such as ‘Wordpad’ or ‘Notepad’. Save your document to your computer as usual. (You can proceed immediately to YP&M or save it for later.)

b) Highlight the entire text of your document and copy it to the clipboard.
(Mouse : EDIT > COPY -OR- Keyboard : CTRL+C)

c) Go to the YP&M website and click on “Add new Article” (as described above). Position your cursor in the blank submission form and paste your article into it.
(Mouse : EDIT > PASTE -OR- Keyboard : CTRL+V)

d) Click on the “Submit” button below your article.

Paragraphs (created by a ‘hard return’) will be reproduced in the article when you paste it. Text formatting, e.g. Italics, Bold, Underline & text size, will not be automatically carried across to the pasted article. The editorial team will usually format your article to look its best on the site. If you really do want to highlight words however, then enclose them inside a pair of [] brackets with an instruction of some kind and the editorial team will make sure to include your request when the story is put on the site. The instructions do not need to follow any convention of computer code. They just need to be meaningful.

Here are some examples of how you might do this…

[bold] Armagh Cathedral [bold]
[italic] Armagh Cathedral [italic]
[header] Armagh Cathedral [header]
[large] Armagh Cathedral [large]

and so on.

Can I delete something I’ve written?
If you decide after submitting an article that you want to delete it or make alterations to it then you should contact the YP&M editorial team at:
How can I include images with my Article?
There is a specific help section about sending images to us.
Click Here to go there.

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