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How to send your pictures to Yor Place & Mine

There are two main methods of sending us your pictures. If you have a scanner you can email them to us. If you haven't a scanner then they can be sent in the post. The address for either method can be found at the bottom of this page. In either case please do tell us what you can about the pictures and why they mean something to you. Information such as where they were taken, when and maybe even who appears in them. This is important.

If you are posting pictures to us which you consider to be precious, you may consider sending them recorded delivery. Also don't forget to let us have your full name & address address so they can be returned to you. All photos which are posted to us will be treated carefully and returned to you as soon as possible. If you have a collection of very fragile or precious material that cannot be posted, please let us know about it and we may arrange to collect it.

If you have a scanner then it's probably much easier to scan your pictures and email them to us. Ideally we want you to send us pictures no wider than 450 pixels at 72 DPI and in JPG format, preferably with a file size lower than 25Kb. If you're not so sure how to do this or would like help or more detailed information about scanning and optimising images click here >>.

The photographs you send to us must be your property. The copyright must not be held by a third party.

Some conditions about submitting pictures

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