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16 October 2014
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History from Headstones

As part of a series of special features, Teresa McKeogh visits the 1000 year old graveyard at Pubble, near Tempo...

Pubble Graveyard

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Your Responses:

Patrick Coyle -
Dec '06
Facinating article my wife Bernadette ( formerly Shannon ) was raised in Pubble and has often told me that St Patrick turned at Pubble this article lends creadence to that story.

Katherine - Nov '06
I found your site very interesting. I homeschool to my children, and they had a writing prompt to do about headstones. So we went to visit a graveyard and found a very unusual headstone. Dated early 1700s, we couldn't make out the form of language. It was english, but it didn't make sense. It had a big skull on it, with bones shaped in a cross over the skull head.
Was this something evil?

Thank you for such a wonderful site on all of this. I printed it and am using it for our studies on headstones. I never knew there was so much to it. But we found how much we really enjoy this.

Jim McCaffrey - July '06
I'm also a McCaffrey from the US with family in Tempo and family buried in Pubble graveyard. I visited with Johnny McKeagney and felt a strong feeling of gratitude for his great collection of Irish artifacts that he is kind enough to maintain and permit people like me to view. It gave me a great sense of connection. This web site is lovely, I'm so happy I found it, it's like visiting Ireland from my office in seconds. Good to hear Johnny's voice. Thanks again. God Bless.

Julie A Lynch - USA - Feb '06
My name is Julie Lynch, Granddaughter of Johnny and May McNulty from Tempo. I was born in Tempo, (actually Enniskillen) but have been living on Florida for the past 23 years. I always remember going to Aunty Vera's in Strabane when we were young, and visiting your house Denis, My dad is Denis McNulty now residing in Dublin. I had the privilege of visiting Johnny McKeagney a few years back and had a wonderful time. I actually have several items of china, that my mother tells me once belonged to Father McCaffrey. I would love to hear more.

Denis Murray
- Nov 05
Dear Mr. McKeagney---- My name is Denis Murray at the moment living in Ballymena. My mother's name was Vera McCaffery who came from Tempo. Her sister was May who married Johnny McNulty who was a cattle dealer. May had a shop in Main Street, Tempo. I have been in Tempo a few times recently and visited the grave yard at what used to be called "The Commons". My uncle was Father Dinny McCaffery who died in 1947 and buried in front of Tempo Chapel. I would be most grateful if you could let me know where I could look up some family history of my mother's family ie. McCaffery from Tempo.

Mary McCaffrey Puccinelli - USA - March 05
I am a McCaffrey in the United States with family in Tempo and family buried in Pubble graveyard. I visited with Johnny McKeagney when I was "back home" a few years ago to attend a wedding. I am happy to see all of the research.

Keep up the good work! God Bless!




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