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16 October 2014
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Blacklion's Salter's Stone

Beside the road between Florence Court and Blacklion, is a huge escarpment called the "Hanging Rock".

Article by Brian Willis.


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The salter's stone, near Blacklion
The salter's stone
In County Fermanagh, beside the road between Florence Court and Blacklion, is a huge escarpment called the "Hanging Rock" and below it rests an enormous boulder some twenty feet long and fifteen feet high. It is covered in ivy and surrounded by trees. The official title for this lump is Cloghoge, meaning Large Stone. But the locals know it more affectionately as the Salter's Stone. We're curious to know who the salter was?

The legend goes that this old man was on his way to market to sell his sack of salt when he was caught in a tremendous storm. He sheltered beneath these trees but suddenly this rock broke free, hundreds of feet above him, and crushed him to death. I've been told that on dark stormy nights he still roams the area.

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James Murray - Feb '08
Two years have passed since my Father Frederick Murray died, and I am aware that Blacklion is a changed place since he was a young man living there however if any body remembers him or his brothers and sisters it would be great to hear from you what a beautiful pace is Blacklion.

James Murray - Feb '07

It is now just over a year since my father Frederick Murray passed away as I have already mentioned he loved the hanging rock as a place to visit he loved Blacklion if any one remembers him from his younger days in Ireland I would be delighted to here from you .

My Email Jadema1721 at Jmes Murray

John Kelly - April '06
When the road was widened many years ago, the salter's rock was split as it was in the way, so only half of it now remains. There was great interest to see if any remains of the salter were underneath the bit that was removed but nothing was found.

James Murray - April '06
My father Frederick Murray was born in Blacklion in January 1922 he lived in Kentish Town London. Sadly he died on January 18th 2006.

I was delighted to come across this article as Dad often said the hanging rock was his favourite place and he cycled there often as a boy.


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