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16 October 2014
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I lived in Fermanagh for a period from early childhood until I left in 1962......

Article by Kiwidave.

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I lived in Fermanagh for a period from early childhood until I left for New Zealand in 1962.

My father was a grocer in the town and among my earliest memories is the presence of horses in the main street of Enniskillen. The railway was an important means of transport and all the goods were taken from the station to the town by horse drawn sideless carts.

We had our own stable in town where the horse stayed. I don't know if the animal ever saw green grass. I also remember the carriages coming in from the large estates with footmen on the back. I think the age of these carriages was extended by the shortage of fuel during the war years and shortly after.

Returning to Enniskillen in the late 1990's the changes to the town were enormous. The station had gone altogether and the town was looking so good. Perhaps I had just forgotten just how beautiful the town and its situation are. I believe that the historical parts of the town are now well looked after and that is a wonderful thing.

I may now live far away but the town and surrounding countryside will always be a very special place in my memories. I do hope to return there after I retire.


Rose Donohoe - May 2004
Hi Dave,
My brother is also an Enniskillen exile now living in Christchurch. Enniskillen has really changed and is as you say a beautiful town, of which we are justly proud. I hope you get to live your dream, our special memories are very much a part of the people we are. It's nice to know you plan to return, we never forget where we are reared.
Best regards, Roseanna Donohoe

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