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16 October 2014
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I was born and bred in Downpatrick, a wonderful town. I was born in 1952 and grew up when so many characters where there.

County Down

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We would like to hear about your memories of Downpatrick.

Your Responses:

Joan Harpham - May '08
John Thompson, try Thompson Machine Tools, South Africa from a friend in Canada. Joan Harpham

Margaret Bucknall - Jan '08
Hi Hilda, only just found your reply. I do recall them. My grandmother was very friendly with Minnie,. They used to meet at the bingo. My aunt Ita lives facing Bell and Joe who if I'm not mistaken have both passed away now. My aunt lives in John St, it has all changed now. I went over in 2006 and I couldn't believe the changes to the town. It looks really lovely now. My mum's uncle used to be the chef in the downshire his name is Joey Blaney. Anyway it was nice to hear from you.

Hilda Vance - Oct 07
Hi Margaret, In reply to your artical I had cousins that worked in the Downshire, One of which was called Anne Walsh , She when i last heard from her was a matron there. Anne"s Brothers Willie and Noel also worked there< she also had a sister called Julia, Would you remember any of those.

Margaret Bucknall
I was born in downpatrick in mothers name is may granny brought me up,her name was maggie gracey and my grandad was willyjohn.i had a very happy time with them.i am also related to the blaneys and the kellys.i went to st marys high last job before i left to get married and moved to england was in the downshire hospital.if anyone from downpatrick views this article please reply.

Hilda Sullivan ne Vance - Apr '07
My Father was from Downpatrick but lef to join the British airforce quite early in his life.My grandfather was a well Known person in Downpatrick his name was joseph (joe) Vance. He has a son who still lives in Downpatrick his name is also Joe. I lived there when I was a child but we left when I was 4 yrs.We lived in John st.My name is Hilda Vance well was I am Sullivan now.My granny was Minnie Vance. My aunts are called Peggy,and Mary. I dont know do you know Lynn Doyle Place Thats where Joe Vance my uncle lived with his wife Bell and sons Kenny,Jack and Michael. We were also related to Big Terrence Walsh his son is Willy Walsh he used to play for Down.My mothers sister lived in stream st her name was Haughin.I always loved Downpatrick and am very proud to have had my ancestry there.

I was born and bred in Downpatrick, a wonderful town. I was born in 1952 and grew up when so many characters where there.

In my early years I lived in Bridge Street. This was a truly amazing street, where everybody was so friendly and warm. Names of people who have now moved and gone away are :- Margaret Carberry, Margaret Thompson, Etta Patterson and John Thompson, Pat Byrne.

If anyone from Downpatrick views this article please reply.

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