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16 October 2014
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Loughinisland, County Down

Loughinisland, as its name implies, used to be an island. However it is now joined to the land by a causeway.
Article by Brian Willis.

County Down

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Loughinisland, County Down

Brian Willis' sketch of the North Church, Loughinisland 1983
Pencil sketch 24th April 83

Loughinisland, (OS 424454) as its name implies, used to be an island. However it is now joined to the land by a causeway. It's about four miles south of Ballynahinch, Co. Down. I drew this sketch during a day's outing and exploration 20 years ago in April of 1983. It is unusual as there are the ruins of three separate churches on the island. The one drawn here is known as the North Church which was probably built in the 15th Century. It was in use up until 1720.

There's a story that both Catholics and Protestants used MacCartan's Chapel, one of the other churches, until they quarrelled one rainy Sunday as to who should stay outside. Disgruntled, the Protestants left and built their own church at nearby Seaforde taking the roof of MacCartan's Chapel with them.

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Wilma L. Butts - June '08
Our Gr. Grandfather was born there William Magill b. march 5,1823 and d. march 31 in the USA. Need to know more about his family. any help will be greatly appreciated. Like the drawing

Dale Heenan - June '08
I am a Heenan from there, any information appreciated. Dale

Lisa - Mar '07
Loughinisland is still a lovely place ... loughinisland all the way

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