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16 October 2014
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Kirkistown Horse Ploughing Event

Article by Brian Willis.

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Co Down

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Peter Keeling - July '06
Three items involved -viz:baulk and two swingle trees attached.SOUTH yorkshire area. We would also use a weight and chain and a polishing iron under certain conditions. I will be happy to draw you explanatory sketches if interested. We reckoned 1 acre a day with a couple of Shires and half as much again with a pair of Clydesdales, but these fellas have been known to sort the men from the boys "Suffolk Punches - miserable sods.

Ryan O'Donnell - Sep 05
them horses are class.
i plou myself. im15 and from the moy p.s
i am in the n.i ploughing match this year with a john deere and a kverneland plough

Margie Walker (Texas) - July 2004
I have a horse collar which I believe came from the civil war in the USA, I had the bridle too but sold it some time ago. The bridle had US cavalry stamped on it. I had intended to repair the horse collar but never got around to it. Can you give me any information on these collars?

John Carter Stott - July 2004
This article brought back happy memories for me when at the age of fourteen I was in a ploughing match at a farm which was owned by a farmer named Ian Grant. The farm was at Farsley near Bradford, which is now mostly housing and has been built on. At the ploughing match I had a pair of half legged bays - so called because they were usually half bred Clydesdale with not much feather (or hair) on their legs. The plough that I used was named a COOK plough which had a long mould board. At the Ploughing match, at which by the way I was representing Bradford Young Farmers club, I had no one to help me open out the first furrow, I had no lead man, and in spite of that I got a special prize, of which I was very proud. On looking back I think the prize would be for the youngest competitor, and not for any excellence, although at the time I felt I had made a reasonable job.
Thanking you once again for a very enjoyable web page.

Miss Jackie Wade - June 2004
It was lovely to see my boy MARCUS ploughing. Marcus was my first Clyde that I bred. I owned him until he was three then I sold him on to George Robertson who broke him to drive and plough. George sold him on to his friend Bertie. I always regretted selling him as he is a horse in a million!!!!!

Bertie Hanna ploughing with Marcus and Adam
Bertie Hanna ploughing with Marcus and Adam

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