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16 October 2014
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Harland & Wolff: an album of memories

Bertie Traynor joined Harland & Wolff as a photographer in June 1945.

shipyard workers

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Billy Irvine - Aug '08
Excellent work! My father worked in the yard - that is him in the picture, bottom right.

Stuart Monroe - July '08

I believe that you are talking about my Step-Grandfather.I always remember him saying he broke his arm when he fell through a roof....If you want to contact me to exchange any information, I would be happy to oblige....

stuartmonroe at hotmail dot com

Loek Jobse - May '08
Dear Memebers and workers

I have only to say something.
Maybe Iám in the right place now I don't really know.
I was last week in Lisbon - Portugal and visited the museum of electricity.
I saw the following product and don't know it came from your work place??

Trade - Sirocco
Fan no. 128463
Size ; ...
Works no. 92360
Davidson & Co LTD
Makers ; Belfast Ireland

I think it was from the year 1945 - 1950 ??

Good bless you

Loek from the Netherlands

Joyce Hanna- February '08
Hi. I found this article very interesting. I was looking to see if anyone remembered William Elder Billy? He was in an accident in the yard and broke his arm. I would be grateful if anyone could remember the date as I am looking for the newspaper article of it.

Ronald Moore - Oct' 06
Well done Bertie enjoyed your artical. Brings back memories of my dad who worked in Victoria Works.

Do you know how I can buy some old photos of the yard?

Monica Sweeney - Sep '06
Does anyone have information on the names of swedish engineers working at Harland Woolfe in 1965/ 1968 please. Thank you monica.

John Egginton - March '06
I have in my possession a leather bound photo album that I believe to portray members of the Harland and Wolff family, They contain many fine archived photos portraying family photos of relatives and children, pets etc. I would be interested in disposing of them to an interested party. I can provide samples via e-mail. Should you be interested, please contact me via this site. Thankyou
John Egginton

John Kennedy - Jan '06
I am trying to research information about my Grandfather, Mr Benson Coyle, who apparently worked as a fitter in H & W during the 1930-40s. He lived in the Chemical Street/Susan street area with his wife and family. I would greatly appreciate any information from those who perhaps worked with him or knew of him. Many thanks in advance.

Donna L. McNeill - Sept '05
I was thrilled to bits to see this wonderful H&W site. My Grandfather Joseph McNeill (Euston St.) worked at H&W in the 30's and was killed in a fire there in Dec. 1940 along with two other gentlemen. My father Hugh McNeill apprenticed and worked there until immigrating to Canada in the early fifties. My uncle Joe McNeill worked and retired from the yard as well. We have listened to both happy, sad, but mostly wonderful stories of H&W. I'm a Canadian but very proud of my Belfast connection and family history with this amazing shipyard. I would enjoy hearing from anyone who remembers working along side the H&W men in my life.

Lesley Taylor - August '05
My dad, John Greer, worked for Harland and Wolff as a young man. I believe there was a photograph taken of him presenting a bouquet to a lady who had been there to launch a ship. I'd love to find that photograph as my dad died ayear ago, and I'm his daughter who's been living in Texas since 1979. I'd guess the photograph was taken around 1948. Can you help??

Terry Champion - July '05
A delight to come across this brief look at Belfast shipyard. I worked as Bertie Traynor's assistant from 1965 - 1972 and learnt so much from a very talented photographer. If anybody asks who helped me most to develop what talent I have, a lot of it was down to Bertie. I'm still working in the profession and living in England. I lost contact with Bertie many years ago but so enjoyed his trip down memory lane.

Laurie Wade - July '05
My great grandfather James Moir worked at Harland and Wolff before W.W.1. His riveting team won worldwide accolades for being the fastest team ever. This won him a place in the old Guinness Book of Records.

His daughter Mary was born in Belfast 1901 approx. She emigrated to Ont. Canada approx. 1919 and married a Wade. I came across this site hoping to find old photos and info on James. I don't know how long he was with the company or when he started there.

David Patterson - April '05
I am interested in the gangway disaster. My father Billy Patterson was killed in that disaster. I emigrated to Canada in the 60's now my kids are grown they seek information on family history and I cannot find much on this disaster on the internet. Would anyone know of any sites I can review this subject.
Thanks in advance.

Brian Berg - November '04
Bertie Traynor's recollections are a delight. Thank you so much. I found your website quite by accident but have had a wonderful time cruising through. My grandfather and his brother worked at H&W after WW I. He emigrated to the US (Oakland, CA) and eventually Seattle. My mother is now a very spry 83 and is very proud of her Belfast heritage as are all of us. Her father was a Moore and mother a Jenkins. Thank You.

Charlie Warmington - September '04

I'm working on maritime heritage in Belfast and I would be very keen to make contact with Bertie Traynor or anyone who could help with the Oceans in Mind project, please e-mail -

Many thanks in anticipation.

Reg Milliken - June 2004

I worked with Bertie from 1954 until his retirement. Manys a laugh we had as he was responsible for the "Photo room" where all the drawings were printed for use in the Yard and the Shops. He also was responsible for the Microfilm unit which came into use in the 1970s.

I well recall the trauma of the terrorist bombing of his Dept. and the consequent destruction of many invaluable photo plates of ship launches etc. We worked together in resurrecting many of the valuable drawings/tracings also damaged by water after the fire which resulted from the outrage.

I was located in the Machinery DO directly below his Dept. in the old Mould Loft in the Queens Yard. His expertise was without doubt a great asset to H&W for which I think he was never really appreciated.

I wish him all the best in his retirement.
Reg Milliken, Engine Works Administrator

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