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23 July 2014
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Brian's second Belfast sketchbook (p.2)

When I worked in Belfast during the 60's and 70's I used to wander the City with a sketchbook during my lunch breaks. Here are a few of those drawings.

Whiterock Road 1970

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Brian's second Belfast sketchbook (p.2)

The Law Courts

Pen and ink, 12th Oct 1969

You can just see the gasometer and St. Georges Market in background.

That's a strange looking fence around the building. Looks like wattle! Perhaps I couldn't be bothered to make it look wrought iron. Or was it a temporary security fence? There's a posh big stone job around the Court now.

Law Courts 1969
Law Courts 1969

Gate Lodge to Botanic Gardens

Pen and ink, 2nd June 1965

Not long after I made this sketch, the building was knocked down. I wonder why?

Remember the lady who used to sell ice-cream from a bicycle-cart contraption at this entrance to the Gardens?

Botanic Gate Lodge 1965
Botanic Gate Lodge 1965



S Alexander - Oct '05
The lady who sold ice-cream was my great-aunt, and before that my great grand-father sold ice-cream at the same spot. And actually....her ice-cream was made in the bath! It was much repeated family gossip.
Ice-cream was a family trade, my grandmother also made her own ice-cream to sell in vans.... though not in the bath!

Pete Hughes - July '05
i remember the ice cream seller at the gates to the botanic gardens but if i remember right she was there earlier than the 90's, 70's and early 80's i think.

J G Thompson - May '05
I clearly remember the lady ice cream seller at the "Gardies" in the late 80's and early 90's. The story my uncle use to tell me was that she made the ice cream in her bath. I think it was a vain attempt to put me off it so he did have to buy me a poke.

It never worked.


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