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16 October 2014
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Inventors - Lord Kelvin

Born in Belfast in July 1824, his most noted achievement was the creation of the absolute temperature scale.

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Lord Kelvin statue, Botanic Gardens, Belfast
Lord Kelvin statue,
Botanic Gardens,
Born in Belfast in July 1824, his most noted achievement was the investigation of "Absolute Zero" and the creation of the Absolute Temperature Scale, which was later renamed the Kelvin scale.

He showed a extensive knowledge of many scientific fields and was indeed a most gifted person. A fact demonstrated by the fact that he became an undergraduate at Glasgow University in 1835 aged only eleven!!

William Thompson was presented with the title Lord Kelvin in 1866 after he helped to calculate the required thickness of the world's first transatlantic telegraph cable. His achievements and investigations are too great to all be listed here, but some of his achievements include the demonstration of the reversible heat engine, which now forms the basis for refrigeration techniques.

He designed the compass which is now fitted to every British Naval ship and made the first calculation into the age of the Earth. He put this at 100 million years, which wasn't that far off the mark for the time it was made (current estimations are 1000 million years).

During his lifetime Lord Kelvin was showered with honours, but perhaps, most notably a statue was erected in Botanic Gardens in Belfast in 1913. It still stands, just inside the entrance to the gardens, opposite the Methodist College entrance.

Lord Kelvin was born in College Square East, Belfast, and later three houses were combined in that square, including the one in which he was born, and made into one of the earliest cinemas in the City. It was named in his honour as the "Kelvin Picture Palace".


Matthew Trainer - Feb '08

Some errors:

Born in Belfast, in June 1824,....

William Thomson was presented with an knighthood in 1866....

He designed a compass which at the time was fitted to many British Naval ships...

....(current estimates are 4,570 million years)

During his lifetime Lord Kelvin was showered with honours, receiving his peerage in 1892,....

Alan Watson - Dec '07
I don't know when this was written but ....
The current (2007) estimate of the age of the earth is 4,500 million years - 4.5 billion - not 1,000 million years!

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