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16 October 2014
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Belfast - Aerial View

Belfast in 19XX?

Greater Belfast

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Belfast in 19XX?

Here's a photo which was sent in by a Belfast reader. What year was it taken in?

Aerial photo of central Belfast - When was it taken?
Aerial photo of central Belfast - When was it taken?


Your Responses

Poxyt - July '08
2009. Taken in the future.

Rosser - June '08
I think this may have been around 1983/4 as the electricity board building at the top of Laganbank Rd is still standing.

julia - Feb '08
I don't have any information about Belfast can you help me?

Sean mc n - Apr '07
Its 81 because the sticky club hasnt been built yet in the markets

Alastair Davidson - Mar '07
Munton Bros, Dublin Road was bombed in 1972 or '73 - (I think more probably '72} I remember it well because I worked there. I can recall standing at the street corner with two of the directors, one of whom said to the other, "Well Mr........ That's the end of that." We could feel the heat as it went up in flames and many of the girls who worked there were in tears watching the same spectacle. A gas pipe blazed for days afterwards as it hung sespended from a remaining gable.

S Davey - Feb '07
it was 1966 if you look closely im the one with the fishing rod and the black hair.

Harry McCusker - Feb '07
Looks like 1974

Albert Reid - Aug '06

Gavin - May '06
1974 - 1975

Joe D - May '06
From the progress of redevelopment I would suggest the photo is around 1979-80.

Paul (spock) O' Kane - May '06
Being from the markets area beside the gasworks, i can see that only the second phase in building the new development is near completion, as new bond st is still there. So it is my guess this photo was taken around 1981-82.

Johann - April '06
Would say in 1979 according to the quality of the picture...

Peter - Jan '06
It must be 1971 if you look at the date on the Belefast Telegraph the man is holding outside Tyrone House,Ormeau Avenue!

Tommy Irwin - Dec '05
I think this photo has been doctored because the largest (green) gas tank was blown up about august-september 1973.
the central station and Maysfield leisure center were not even built/completed then.
to Paul Rea, the bombed building you mention was "munton bros" which was fire bombed several times before being gutted in the last attack. By the way Paul & Noel, how's all the family doing?
I'm Jock Irwin's son, Thomas.

Noel Rea - November '05
Wise up Paul, you were too young then! The photo is dated well before 75. I'd say 72. Remember it was a car park for years.

Paul Rea - Oct '05
I think the photo is from around 1975-78. I lived in 36 hardcastle st at the time the factory which ran along the dublin rd was bombed. You can see the bill boards in the picture cutting off the waste ground that was about 1971. We had some great times on that waste ground as kids!

James (Jim) Robinson - May '05
This Photo was probably taken around the late 1980's, I used to live at 5 Bagot Street, off Mclure Street, I don't see the old street in the photo, or the Ormeau Rd., Methodist Church, which was beside the railway line, across from the "Gas" works.

C McILwain - May '05

Roger Kane - May '05
I think it was around 1974/75. Mayfair Building's, above the Swimming baths was demolished around this time as it was damanged in the troubles, I used to work in the old gasworks in Bankmore Street around this time.

A Maxwell - March 05

K Hanratty - November '04

If you think you can put a date to this picture, please do by responding to this article below...

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