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16 October 2014
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Titanic Webchat

Below is the transcript of a live chat with Douglas Carson, President of the Titanic Trust, which took place on 15th April 2002, the 90th anniversary of the sinking of the ship.


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Ashley - February '08
what is it like knowing you are related to a person that passed that was the desighner and passenger on the Titanic.

Katherine Lutz - Apr '07
Titanic was a wonderful ship. If it was still around today I bet that It would be still taking people back and forth. When I was younger I couldn't beilve that something so bug and so great could go down into the sea like that. If The desiner of the ship would have not suggested to light the last four boilers then the boat wouldn't have went down into the ocean. At least that's what they said in the movie. The captian even had wornings about the ice burgs comeing near by and he didn't listen. If they had turned sooner then they wouldn't have hit the ice as much. If it did hit at all probably only three or four compartments have filled instead of five. The memory of Titanic will always live in my heart.

Jesse Moore - Apr '07
How many years did it take to build it? im 12 trying to find out for a project

Steve - Apr '07
The length of the titanic was 882ft 9" or 269 meters... she was also just over 46,000 gross tones in weight. In 2 days marks 95 years that Titanic sank, its memory is stronger now than ever, the more you look into the history of this disaster the more you become entranced in her.. All walks of life were on her maden journey from the riches to the poorest hoping to start a new life in a new country.

Steve - Apr '07
Lily Bonnell was one of the survivors, she was a 1st class passenger and aged 61

Dylan Altvater - Mar '07
Did Lily Bonnell live or die on the titanic?

Steve - Mar '07
yes it is true, Titanic was actually designed to hold more lifeboats by its designer/supervisor Thomas Andrews but was overruled to allow more walking space and especially as Titanic was considered virtualy unsinkable...

Tammy King - Mar '07
I really think the titanic was a very very fantastic ship & is always going to be in my heart!i also think there should be a titanic number 2 about rose's life how it scared her emotinaly and changed her life as she gets older!

Josh - Mar '07
How long was the titanic?

Jack Owens - Feb '07
I think you should raise the titanic because if nothing is don then she will just rot away on the ocean bed and be lost for ever,so the goverment should put its money where its mouth is and raise the ship of dreams.

Elizabeth Cole - Feb '07
Is it true that the Titanic could hold about 40 lifeboats, but they got over ruled because the deck was to crowded?

Charlene - Feb '07
I wish they made a movie titanic 2 and it had sarah jane baker whom died on her b-day july,8.1943 and born july,8.1933

Breanna Hederman - Jan '07
I love this!!

Steve - Oct '06
I'm just glad that the memory of the Titanic is still so strong no matter what people think in regards of raising it etc. I have always been very interested in the Titanic, however in the last couple of months I have become almost obsessed with it and anything to do with the ship and the history of the disaster. I just hope that the memory of the Titanic is alive forever with the next generation even as enthusiastic about it as we are. One thing I would only wish for is one (perhaps last) movie of the Titanic, no love story or untrue events, but an exact account and true story of the events. " a night to remember" is the closest at the moment but with the technology we have today and absolute beautiful masterpiece could be made. I think history deserves it, and this will also help preserve the memories for the current enthusiasts and create an attraction for the next.

Marcello Freyre - Sep '06
It would like to know if it is truth on the construction of TITANIC 2 for 2012? They say that the project still exists, is truth, that goes to be practically a modern rejoinder of the ship. This in fact is truth, or if it will not be, still exists companies interested in the Project? Thanks.

Amber - Sep '06
Do you really think that people should keep going down to the wreck and getting things or do you think they should leave everything where it is and not bother it? It is a wreck that we can't ever do anything about and if people take things and do tests on them then they are not going to be able to have anything left for people to remember! I think they should just leave everything as it is and not touch aything.

Craig - June '06
I have been a fan of the titanic for years, I think it should be raised (or at least the front half) before it just turns to dust on the sea bed, then it will only be a memory, I would love to see the engines aswell.

Sheila Altobello - May '06
This is a very informative article. I love the movie "Titanic".
It seems that with the knowledge of ice bergs in the northern seas they would have put her into a "ice cutter" availability.
The death of all these people are really tragic and gripping.

Are you bringing the museum pieces back to St. Petersburg, Fl.
for the 100 year anniversary? There is only 6 years till that.

Keep writing, I would like to see actual footage of the wreck, are the pictures that are in the beginning of the movie when the salvage crew goes down, the real pictures of the actual Titanic?

Cliff Ismay - March '06
There have been many plans to raise Titanic in recent years, one of which, was to fill Titanic with Ping Pong balls and float her up!
In relaity we have to realise that the iron and steel is now so weak that if the hull could ever survive the suction of the ocean floor she could not hold her own weight on the surface. But perhaps that is just as well because she lays on the ocean floor as a reminder of those who lost their lives that night. She is, in reality, a grave site for those who lost their lives.

Caity - March '06
Can the Titanic be raised? I know it was once attempted but what year? what went wrong?

Savannah - Jan '06
omg!!I love the titanic sooo much. It is a true piece of history and even though I'm not in to all that history... I still love the movie and the whole true story too!!

Cliff Ismay - October '05
J Bruce Ismay was not the coward which he was made out to be. While the Titanic was sinking Bruce could have given himself to the sea at any time, but he stayed and saved many lives. Had he given up then possibly those lives would not have been saved. Had he not entered the last lifeboat to leave the Titanic (half full) then one more life would have been added to the list of those lost at sea. Bruce Ismay will have known that he would be accountable for what had happened that night and had he not acted in a manner expected of him then possibly he would have taken another course of action.

Nigela - June 2004
Can somebody tell me something about Helen Andrews? Where and When she was born?

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