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16 October 2014
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The Titanic
by Andrews Memorial Primary School

Belfast is the birthplace of the "unsinkable" Titanic, doomed to hit a giant iceberg on her maiden and final voyage.

Greater Belfast

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B Jackson - Feb '07

My Great Grand father William Harton went to work each day at the ship yard. He said he made alot of the wood work on the Titanic. He supported his 3 Daughter's and his father and mother. When it was finished he was supposed to go on the Titanic , but was talked in to waiting. He cried when he found out the ship was gone and all the hard work was gone and the people. I am glad he didnt come then or I might not have been born. I Would like to find a list of the people that work to make the Titanic.

Brian Reeve - Jan '07
To the pupils and teachers of Andrews Memorial Primary School.
Greeting from Wellington New Zealand. I am a 50 year old Hotel Manager with a passion for Titanic and The Lord of the Rings., I have found your site and am delighted with your art work,. We do not get much Titanic information down in the South Pacific.
My hotel is the closest to Peter Jacksons film studio so we have seen a lot of his actors here since 1999. I personally take tours to the LOTR film sites and really enjoy meeting fellow Tolkien fans.
WE are in the middle of summer now, the best time to visit New Zealand.If anyone would like to swap news clippings on Titanic with me for Lord of the Rings/King Kong articles please write to me at
57 Pasadfena Crescent, Upper Hutt New Zealand. It would be lovely to hear from you . Best wishes from Middle Earth Brian, Suzie and Harrison (11years) Reeve

Beth Gregg - Aug '06
I am beth gregg. I did this when I was in p4. I am in year 9 now. I found this whilst looking for info on thomas andrews! I was so shocked when it said my name! Wow that was such a long time ago...

Lauren McConnell - Nov 05
As a former pupil of the school I was pleased to see the school is making the most of it's interesting historical background. Well done to all involved :-)

Catherine Carroll - June 05
Hi Andrews memorial! I'm a former pupil sitting in an I.T class. I really want to go back! Great pictures for P4! I remember doing that!

Roy Johnston - 27 April '04
My Grandfather, William Henry (Gowdy) Johnston, was born in 1886 and died in 1951 at age 65. He worked his entire life at The Yard, as a riveter. Of course he worked on Titanic. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Painting by Ross Campbell, Andrews Memorial Primary School
Painting by Ross Campbell,
Andrews Memorial Primary School
If you have a Titanic tale to tell, or there's a link between the Titanic and your family or area - we'd love to hear from you. Use the form at the bottom of the page or e-mail .

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