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16 October 2014
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Punk Rock - Belfast Punk Book Launch

Article submitted by 'Loopy Lou'

Greater Belfast

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How's it going folks?

In response to your article called Punk Rock's Glory Days I thought I'd let you guys know about the launch of a new book celebrating the 25th anniversary of Punk in N. Ireland. Called "Makes you want to Spit", the book, written by Antrim punk fans Sean O'Neill and Guy Trelford claims to be the Definitive Guide to the Punk scene here. The book will be launched on Thursday 6th November at the Empire in Belfast..

Flyer for SPIT - The Definitive Guide to Punk in NI
Flyer for SPIT - The Definitive Guide to Punk in NI

Printed in A4 format to best display hundreds of previously unpublished photographs, the book contains histories and discographies of all the relevant bands of the period, and lots of contributions from those involved in the scene at the time, among them journalists and authors who have since become established media names in the UK.

Also featured are bands who visited the north for a gig or two, such as the Clash and the Stranglers. Appropriately on the night there will be live performances from many of the leading lights of the time, inlcuding Shame Academy, a band formed by former Outcast Greg Cowan, Brian Young of Rudi, (on loan from rockabilly kingpins Sabrejets) and Petesy Burns of Stalag 17, with guest spots provided by The Defects and Ruefrex among others.

No more heroes? How many can you name?
No more heroes 25 years on? How many can you name?

1978 was the year that saw the formation of the Good Vibrations record label, and the first releases from some of Northern Ireland's most memorable bands, including Stiff Little Fingers, The Undertones, and Rudi.

The launch of "IT MAKES YOU WANT TO SPIT!" promises to be a true celeberation of a particulary dynamic and creative time in Ulster's music history, and no doubt, a major reunion for the class of '78!

Hope to see you all there.

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