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16 October 2014
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Harland & Wolff: Canberra

One of the more well known ships produced by Harland & Wolff is the Canberra.

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The Canberra is one of former H&W photographer Bertie Traynor's favourite ships and was distinctive for the amount of aluminium used to build her. Although a prestigious vessel for the company's order book, as Bertie points out she wasn't a financial asset to the yard.

Bertie Traynor talks about the Canberra
"Well built but lost money ...."
Bertie talks about the Canberra

Launch of the Canberra
Launch of the Canberra

The Canberra was launched on 16 March 1960 by Dame Pattie Menzies, wife of Australia's Prime Minister.

Click on this launch photo to view an archive video clip of the launch ceremony.

(You will need RealPlayer or Realone Player to view this video clip. Click here for a free download.)

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Lyn Fanning (nee Anerson) - June '08
My dad, Geordie Anderson worked on the Canberra and went on her sea trails I think to Southhampton, I am sure I have what is left of a dinner set that came from the Canberra, don't know how it came to be in our house when I was young!! I just remember using it like any other dinner set, grabbing acup for a drink of water etc, parts of it got broken over the years and one year when I went home from Australia for a holiday my mum give me the rest of it.


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