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16 October 2014
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Harland & Wolff: Rebbeck family

I worked in the Purchasing Department from 1960 to 1969.

Article written by Peter Rebbeck.

Greater Belfast

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H&W's Goliath crane

Jim Carleton - Dec '05
My grandfather James Carleton was the head gardner for your grandfather Sir Fredrick Rebbeck at the Sandown Road Home around 1930. Sir Fredrick was very good to him and in return the gardens were kept immaculate. My grandfather had to lay out a miniature train track which ran throughout the garden and my father as a boy was also there to help my father is now 84 and has many wonderful stories to tell.

Jim Mclaughlin - February '05
Dr Rebbeck was before my time (as a welder) however when i was an apprentice i developed an interest in hi-fi and bought a reel to reel recorder and was given a tape of the presentation speech made at the time (obviously by someone in harland and wolff) of Dr Rebbeck speaking at (I assume) what was the luncheon after the launch of the ship. I still have this tape and it is fascinating to listen to an era that will probably never return as the decline of the shipyard seems to be final and irreversible.

Davy Wilson , ex plater - June 2004

Peter Rebbeck,
I had the honor of presenting the bouquet to a 17 year old Norwegian girl. She was in traditional dress and her name was Ragnald Bergison. Her old man owned the shipping line. The boat's name was Krossfonn. She was launched from the Abercorn yard. Your old man Dr Dennis was officiating. The young lady presented me with a parker slimline fountain pen and she was to take a carnation off the top of the bouquet for my button hole. The afore mentioned flower was supposed to be loose, but wasn't. Dr Dennis said to me "You're an apprentice plater! aren't you? Where's your knife?" To which I said " It's in my coat Mr Rebbeck, will I go & fetch it?" He managed to dislodge it. That was the first time I was up close to him. He was a huge man.

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