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16 October 2014
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Armagh, St Patrick's other home...

Patrick's association with Armagh is sometimes overlooked. Barbara Ferguson gives us her views.

Saint Patrick - between Down and Armagh

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St. Patrick - your responses..

Patricia L. Graham Flickinger - May '08
I'm from the USA and want to know where the Irish or English hid Donghmoyne in Monaghan County? I would like to correspond with some people there. My great grandfather was born there. If anyone can give me some information, I would be very grateful. Email leonore01atgmaildotcom Thank you Pat

Margaret O'Callaghan Graham - March '06
What about his stay in Mayo? It is believed he climbed our "holy mountain", Croagh Patrick and fasted and prayed there for forty days and nights or is this merely fiction?

Dermot O'Hara - March '06
I found this treasure-trove website by accident. Although I live in Exeter now, I am and always will be a Northern Ireland son. Congratulations to the BBC for doing this. If they spent more of our money on this kind of thing than silly tv quiz shows they would serve their licence payers better. Well done !

Wendy Philpott - Feb 06
my great grandad built the monument of st patrick. his name was patrick magee

Celsiana Warwick - Oct '05
Maeve didn't rule from Navan fort. She was the queen of Connacht, and Navan is in Ulster. Navan fort is the remains of Emain Macha which was ruled by Conchobar, Fergus, and the other Red Branch Kings.

Theodore E. Blake II - May 05
Were there the stories on the mysterious Dt. Patrick The Elder and the better known St. Patrick? That may explain the Co. Down and Co. Armagh versions. I like that photo of Cathedral of Armagh.

Dominic Murphy - March 04:
I was on Slemish in October 2003 with not another soul in sight, I spread some soil from the graves of my deceased family,figuarativly,to bring them home,isn't it strange that the patron Saint of Ireland and Irish Catholics worldwide and who may have come from Scotland,should arrive in one of the most hostile areas,viz religion and politics,that the world has known?Yet St Patrick is known in every corner of the world as the patron Saint of "Ireland"


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