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16 October 2014
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Armagh Apple Blossom

The advent of the apple blossom in the month of May brings a stunning scene to County Armagh.

Apple Blossom
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Your Responses

Patricia Herron, Lurgan Co Armagh - Mar '07
When I was a little girl, Hallow'een was the time we looked forward to our Bramley apples. I lived in Moy County Tyrone, so we did not have to go far to get our Bramleys!
We would use an apple corer to remove the core and pips from the apple, then spoon sweet mince into the centre. We made a criss cross cut in the apple around the central core and then the apples were baked in the oven.
We added cream from the top of the milk - or even better, ice cream to finish off the dish...bliss, oh happy days!

Rosie Thompson - Jan '07
My family and I grew up with the taste of kemp apples and we all would like to know what ever happened to them we would be very grateful if you would let us know.

Helen Perkins - November '05
As a native of nr ireland i really enjoyed reading and listening to the website. I live outside Boston and wonder if i can get bramley apple trees or where i can buy them and would they be hardy enough to live through a new england winter?

Robert Simpson - October '05
Can any one tell me of the variety - "blood of the boyne" ?

Malcolm Dawson - April 05
Mr Roberts,
Bramley's Seedling genetically speaking is a triploid variety meaning that it has three times the basic number of chromosomes rather than the more normal double. This means that when the cells divide to produce the pollen grains there is not an even division resulting in pollen with a very low viability. Hence the need to provide pollen from another source. Traditionally this was provided by the variety Grenadier. However any Malus variety, even the ornamental varieties, which has a
flowering period coinciding with Bramley's Seedling will provide the required pollen. In practice in Northern Ireland we graft a suitable pollinator into the Bramley's Seedling eg Golden Delicious or interplant with the ornamental Malus 'Golden Hornet' I hope this is the information you require.
Regards, Malcolm Dawson


Norman Roberts - Chesterfield Derbyshire - March 05
I was very interested in the information about the Bramley Seedling apple. I have one and have been told that having a pollinator nearby considerably increases the yield.

Can anyone let me know which variety would act as a pollinator please.?


Abbot +David of Hava (Culdee) - October 2004
Blessings to you for preserving the apple.

I have reason to believe the apple was taken to Iceland with the Culdee in as early as the 4th century. If Iceland is Avalon (some scholars suggest this), it was the blessed land of the apples. What wild varieties might still be in Armagh? Perhaps the original trees that went to Iceland were a wild crabapple variety? Any known history on this?

How do sheep and apple trees mix?


Rachel - August 2004
Does anyone have a recipe for Potato apple bread?!!!

Joe garvey
I n an old orchard we used to have a variety called royal codling.
was this its proper name and where would you get a tree.
they were frost and scab resistant.

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