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16 October 2014
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Lurgan -
some quick facts

In the last century there were about 30 places in Ireland called Lurgan - which means 'shin' in Irish.

ML 1030

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Mary.C.Ware. - Mar '08
I also found out Mary and James lived in 8 Anne Street, Greenock, Scotland were they had another son Matthew who was born May 18th 1874. The family may have returned to Ireland.

Mary .C.Ware. - Feb 08
Hello I am trying to find living relatives of my gg grand father James Ware/his father was Mathew Ware married to Mary Callaghan ,James Ware was born in may 1868 and lived in Marley street Portadown Lurgan ,James had a brothers Cathrine who was born Ireland in 1860 and Elizabeth R who was born Scotland ,friends or relatives of of my GG grandfather were Owen Cullighan and Mary Coriggan Our name may have changed to Weir any info would be apprecieted Thank you Mary

Ellyn Irwin - January '06
i really love livin in lurgan and these facts make it more exciting! lurgan isnt very well known but it makes you feel like it has had a history before we lived here!

Kitty - July '05
It looks so peaceful but it would be a little too quiet I think ... quiet but too quiet for me.

Michael Hull - March '05
My great grandparents William Hull and Berlina Crozier were married in Lurgan on November 12, 1859. Is there any way I could find out where the records of this marriage are recorded?

Amanda Oakes - March 05
please can someone tell me before they built Toberhewny Lodge in Lurgan what was there on the site as I am trying to find out. I would be grateful.


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