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16 October 2014
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A Very Special Quilt

Out of the tragedy of 911 a beautiful hand made quilt remembers the brave fire fighters of New York city.

911 quilt

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Mary Henderson from Richmond, Kentucky in the US decided to hand make an intricate and wonderful quilt to remember the NY firefighters who gave their life trying to save others on the 11th September 2001.

" I knew that I had to deliver this quilt before the 3rd Anniversary of 9/11 as the quilt did not belong to me. I cross stitched all 343 names with their ladder companies. It helped with my disability due to a brain aneurysm and it was delivered to the firefighters for comfort this year.

every name of the firefighers who fell that day are remembered in the quilt
Fire Chief Robert Murphy unfolds the quilt. The lady on the left is me, and the other lady on the right is my friend Shirl Cross, who helped me to do the batting, binding and backing of the quilt.

It took 1 year and 2 months to do the front. The back material is the American flag with the postage stamp ( bearing the picture of the firefighters holding up the American Flag after the fall of the WTC) weaved into the material. I hand delivered it to the "Ten House" located at 124 Liberty, in NYC which stood directly across the street from where the South Tower Stood. I back stitched the "Footprints poem" in cross form and put helmets on the arms of the cross and a pair of boots on the sides of each cross.

Mary shows off the back of the quilt with some of the firefigthers
The material used on the back of the quilt with the American Flag and the postage stamp bearing the picture of the firefighters holding up the American Flag after the fall of the twin towers.


After giving them the quilt they showed me the new stuff on their fire truck which was damaged and a company (whose employees contributed to the repair) had the American flag put on both sides of the truck and graphed the postage stamp on it for both sides. I didn't know about that when I picked this material. The back material of my quilt matched the sides of their fire truck. It was as if this quilt belonged at this fire station.


The huge amount of work needed to complete the quilt  is evident as it is unfolded at the back of the truck
front row from left: Scott Gaboff, Mary Henderson, Covering Captain Maloney (not from ten house), Luis Briceno, Kevin Barnabee, Joe Kulikowski. Top row from left: Casey Clemente, Tom Margarita

I believe the Lord wanted me to make this quilt and the confirmation was the match of fire truck and the back of the quilt, and also seeing the awe in the fire firefighters eyes when they saw the quilt for the first time.

A wife of one of the firefighters emailed me to say that they have hung the quilt up in their quarters."


Lizzie - June '08
Nice to see someone who contributed to all these people I know they will never forget what you did for them the quilt was beautiful!
R.I.P to all those who lost their lives to save others in America God Bless you all America

Marilyn Mairs - Feb '06
Just visited another Loose Threads exhibition in Ballymoney Town Hall. Well worth a visit. Wonderful venue too. Thanks to all who contributed.

Susan Ellis
- Feb '06
Many thanks for making this site available, having recently started a 12 week applique course, your quilts have given me lots of ideas.
I especially liked "Shades of Burren".

Jackie Timms - Dec '05
Very interesting article and beautiful quilts. I have just been to the exhibition in Coleraine Town Hall and am interested in finding out more about the Loose threads group. I have been quilting for about ten years and am thoroughly addicted.

Pam Odom - July '05
I know all the firefighters will never forget there fellow men & women, that lost their lives trying to save others. The quilt is just beautiful. Very nice work.


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