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16 October 2014
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'Your Place & mine' on radio

Another chance to listen to the six programmes that BBC Radio Foyle broadcast as part of the BBC landmark series, "Your Place & mine".

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'Your Place & mine' on radio


Another chance to listen to the six programmes that BBC Radio Foyle broadcast as part of the BBC landmark series, "Your Place & mine". These special programmes explore what gives the people in the North West of the Province their own your place and mine.

To listen to BBC Radio Foyle tune your radio to 792 MW or 93.1 FM.

  1. My Place blackcatFriday 27th December 10.03 - 10.30 am

    People from the North West talk about their your place and mine, in what is their particular corner of the world. From the Derry man who feels at one with rats to the Donegal traveller at home in her new house, a group of very different people share the story of the place that is special to them.

  2. Frankie Ramsey's cappuccinoMonday 30th December 10.03 - 10.30 am

    Ramsey's Cafe in the heart of William Street is an institution unique to Derry. Spend the day with Ann Ramsey as she introduces the characters whose special place is their favourite cafe. The lovers who meet over egg and chips, and the memories of coffee breaks taken during riots - all life is there in "Swankie Frankie's".

  3. Out of the Depths bluefishTuesday 31st December 10.03 - 10.30 am

    Seamus Carey has lived in a fishing village all his life. The Greencastle man defines himself through his relationship with the sea. We eavesdrop on the life of the Donegal diver and follow him into the depths of the sea where both adventure and tragedy lurk.

  4. Tapestry of Tongues tongueoutWednesday 1st January 10.03 - 10.30 am

    Gerry Anderson explores the different threads that make up the way we speak in the North West. The accents, the phrases, the influences both cultural and political, weaved into a tapestry of tongues.

  5. The Outsiders earthThursday 2nd January 10.03 - 10.30 am

    They come from different cultures and different parts of the world, but what is it about the North West that keeps outsiders here? The blow-ins tell us how the natives have received them, what they think of them and whether this society ever really lets them in.

  6. A Question of Identity cdoubleFriday 3rd January 10.03 - 10.30 am

    The Derry-Donegal border divides the Northwest of Ireland into two states - Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Two different currencies, two different governments - many different identities. Paul Moore delves into the complex question of how the people who live along the border see themselves - British, Irish or hybrids.

To check out the full list of festive programmes for Radio Foyle, or to take a tour behind the scenes at the radio station, why not visit the Radio Foyle website .

What place is special to you in Northern Ireland? Are there phrases you know which are only used in the North West of the Province? What is it like to live along the border?
Share YOUR 'your place and mine' here at "Your Place & mine", discuss this article at the bottom of the page or e-mail .

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