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16 October 2014
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Larne -
Where Are They Now -
Do You Remember?

Glen Brown is looking for old friends.

Larne street in the 21st Century

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Article contributed by Glen Brown - June 05

Immigration from Larne has never stopped.

As one grows older, everyone of us can recall the name(s) of a friend from our childhood days. Those frienships broken by the distance of immigration. Two such friends of mine moved faraway to Australia and I often wonder what became of them?

Back in the 50s-60s the Government Assisted Passage Scheme was operating. This scheme I believe gave the opportunity to families having the desire to live there and met the criteria of the Australian immigation. Assisted passage was given to Australia at low cost. (£10?). Two Families of local friends c1958, Drew Russell (Herbert Avenue) and Jacky Fenton (Ferris Avenue) took advantage of that offer during it's offer period..

I regretted the departure of those pals and as I grew older more local people and friends moved away for an assortment of reasons including, further education, employment, the Armed Services, the Merchant Navy etc., some never to return to their native town. Myself following in 1969. Time and circumstances has brought many of my old friends back full circle, for which I'm most greatful, for I enjoy now my regular contact with them. However it would be nice to see again those old friends

If anyone knows anything of Drew Russell and Jacky Felton my childhood friends I would appreciate the information and invite them to contact me at my email address:

Recently when speaking with a dear friend living in Ballgowan, Co Down. She being now in her 80s. On asking how she was keeping? She replied, "I'm on the right side of the soil".
I like to meet many old friends again, while I too am on the right side of the soil.

Glen Brown, Edinburgh.


Your Replies

Glen Brown - May '07
My old Backroad Primary School, Larne, classmate (Drew) Russell (Australia) and I will meet again in Larne, in late August 2007 after a gap of over fifty years.
Any other old classmates and friends that live in or near Larne, or may be visiting Larne at that time please get in touch.
Glen Brown

Glen Brown - Apr '07
Thank you Bill McKillion for taking the time to advise me that my old childhood friend Jackie Felton had passed away. Please convey to Jackie's family, my and his other friends our sincere belated sympathy.

Glen Brown - Mar '07
Old friends reunited only to be seperated again by the Grim Reaper.
(See YPAMc 'Do you remember?' Comments : - Martin McConnell Dec 05. Helen Hylands Mar 06 and Jennifer Magill Dec06

Martin first contacted YPAM in Dec 05 hoping to make contact again with Helen his friend in the 1960s'. "With a little help from friends",' goes the popular Beatles song from that period. The two long lost friends were put in contact with each other in March 06. They enjoyed almost year of renewed friendship. Sadly Martin passed away in Spring 2007. During their past year they and their friends appreciated the reunion of the old friends, two nice people.

Bill McKillion - Mar '07
Sorry to report that Jackie Felton sadly passed away due to necrotizing fasciitis contracted from a rusty gatepost on the 4th June 2006. He is succeeded by his wife and two sons, both now living in England.

Glen Brown - Mar '07
In recent months several more ex Larne old friends from the past have been in touch including Ian Sharpe. I do enjoy hearing from old friends, Larne folk, both old and new.
The YPAM Internet pages, has given us all the opportunity to refresh our memories of friendships, events, and I am pleased that I have been instrumental in putting old friends back in touch. Their pleasure has been my pleasure too.
I am also very grateful to several young relatives of old friends', writing to me with their comments, family updates, adding to my pleasure of our own particular 'your place and mine'.

John McKay - Feb '07
Has a date been set yet for the back road and Parochial School get together? I attended Larne Parochial school from 1942.

Glen Brown - July '06
At the request of a YPAM browser's added Comment to another YPAM page/article, I am currently in the process of contacting their Larne friend.
As in that occasion, quite often the person they are wishing to contact is already known to me.

If by chance you have made such a request and have not already received a reply from me within twenty eight days? Please ask YPAM to contact me direct, remembering to give YPAM the nature of your enquiry and email address for my reply.

Glen Brown - April '06
My thanks to Jennifer, Helen and Martin,

It's a great tonic for me to know old friends are in touch again.

Another ex Larnarian (now in USA) in our recent email exchange of the crack, reminded me of her visit to Butlins with her pal Marie Wilson from Craigyhill.
During their stay at Butlins they personally met Cliff Richards and found him to be charming, natural and polite.
Having been living in USA for sometime she has lost contact with her old pal Marie Wilson?

Also back in the 60's
Remember the annual 12th Day July Boat trip on alternate years -sailings from Larne to Rothsay or the Isle Of Man.

I and girlfriend , went on one such day trip to Rothsay c1965-6?. On departing Larne Harbour we surprisingly discovered several Larne locals of our own age group were also on board.
Happy to say it was an enjoyable and eventful day. If my memory serves me right, contrary to the words 'The day we went to Rothsay'O song, we came home without any fleas.

At least one of the couples among our fellow passengers that day later got engaged and are married. I met them in 2004 when they were visiting his parents in Larne and next time must ask about their (possible censored) memories/recollections of the trip.

Jennifer Magill - Mar 06
I would like to thank you ever so much for your help. Martin mcconnell & helen hylands have now been in touch after 40 years. Thanks again to your site and glen brown. A great site which more people should use.

Helen Hylands - March '06
Would love to hear from MARTIN MCCONNELL. I recently moved back to Larne from England. Was told by a friend that you would like to hear from me. Hope to hear from you soon. I was in Belfast a few weeks ago and I was thinking of you.

Glen Brown - Feb '06
Drew Russell in his latest email received 4 Feb 2006 is anxious to learn the date of our 2007 reunion. Drew hopes to meet old Larne friends including his former schoolmates c1954-7 Back Road Primary School, Larne.
2007 the year Larne's Back Road and Parochial Primary Schools, CLOSED, The Moyle Primary School and Larne High (formerly Greenland Intermidate Secondary*) School, Larne OPENED *26 July 1957.

Because of these 50th anniversaries in 2007, they give the opportunity to have a reunion. The reunion to be held to coincide with an offical event* presently being considered by Larne High School. *DETAILS NOT YET ADVISED.

Drew like several other friends having expressed their intention to visit Larne to attend, being from farther-a-field as Australia, require adequate time to arrange their holiday time-off and to make travel arrangements, etc..

Glen Brown - Dec '05
Where are they now? UPDATE: 22 DEC 2005
My old school pal Andrew 'Drew' Russell and I are now in contact via Email. Drew lives in Australia with his wife Ursula and family.
For the first time in almost fifty years Drew and I plan to meet in 2007, the 50th anniversary year of the school closing.
My thanks to Agnes & George Morrow in Larne, for their kind assistance in helping me contact my school buddy.
Drew asked me to pass on his regards to all our old schoolfriends and that he would enjoy hearing from you.
Any classmates from the old Back Road (aka Larne No.1 Elementary) School, Exchange Road, Larne, are invited to contact me for Drew's Email and/or ord., postal address.
Yours in friendship,
Glen Brown

Martin McConnell - Dec 05
Does anybody know the wherabouts of Helen Hylands from 14 Quey St Larne. her da used to play drums in a hotel in Larne in the '60s. I dated Helen when I was going to Larne tech as an apprentice joiner in the mid 60s i have often wondered about her I left Belfast & came to the States, I have ran into a few Larne people now & then hoping somebody might tell me how Helen's life turned out, what a nice person she is.

Glen Brown - November '05
'Where are they now' update.
Still to make contact with my two childhood friends previously mentioned. However, my contact with many ex Larnarians encompasses the globe. Including: Australia (12), Botswana(2), Canada (13), Eire (2), England (6), Larne & N.I. (62+), The Netherlands(2), New Zealand (3), Scotland(11) and USA (12). YIF, Glen Brown Edinburgh.

Glen Brown, Larnarian (now EDINBURGH) - October '05
I am in contact with Zandra. Drew was in Larne earlier this year and I missed him by 24 hours. A mutual friend his getting me his address and I hope to make contact with him.

In recent weeks another two ex Larne and former schoolmates, Mervyn Brownlow and Thomas Malcolmson have been in touch via email from New Zealand.

The number of old Larne friends from the swinging 60s now back in contact keeps growing.
Also, in recent days I am very pleased to have been instrumental in putting two ex Larne cousins back in touch with each other.

Yours in friendship,
Glen Brown

Zandra Ellis - Sept '05
Did Drew have a brother called Leslie?

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