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16 October 2014
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Larne -
The swinging '60s and beyond

Glen Brown recollects his childhood and teenage times in and around Larne.

Larne street in the 21st Century

"Larnarians of the Swinging 60s"

Article contributed by Glen Brown - May 05

I have been lucky to be born in Magheramorne when one could leave their doors unlocked, rely on their neighbours for friendship and support. That luck continued when I was about 5 years old and the family moved into Larne in c1954. I was fortunate to have good well respected parents and my friendships grew.

Thanks to 2nd Larne (Gardenmore) Lifeboys, 1st Larne BB and 806 Squadron (Larne) ATC, my friends multiplied. Every childhood summer found me playing at my cousins, The McDowells in Parkmount, their friends and neighbours became my friends. (the Clements, the McNeills, the Montgomerys, theWhites, Jimmy McCullough, Sam McGarel, the Hunters, friends living in the Edward Avenue prefab bungalows, the Roddens and neighbouring areas). I still found time to play with schoolmates at Sallagh Park (Dowds, Weeks, Montogomery,Cosgrove, Hewitt,Duff, Craig, Young, Hunters, etc) Ferris Park ( Burns, Kings, Redshaw, Stephenson, Craig, Magills and, McMurtry, McAlisters, Hobbs, Miller, Browns)! , the whole Factory area Perry,Smith,Wilson, Kelly, Shepherd, Todd, Craigie, Crawford, Gowdy,Somerville etc) and when classmates new or old lived at Craigy Hill, Antiville and further a field a good bicycle was all one needed.

The only memory I have of being bored was when we had bad weather. When the Fog Horn blew even indoors you were aware of the latter. You often heard "Ever been to Larne on a wet day?", " If you can see the Scottish coast from Larne, it's going to rain and if you cant see the the Scottish coast from Larne it is raining".

THE SWINGING 60s in Larne holds many memories for each individual fortunate to have been a teenager during that era. We all loved the local dancing at The Kings Arms, The Pavilon, The Plaza, Church Halls, AEI/GEC Canteen, record hops at Lynn Social Club, Cairndhu Golf Club, East Antrim Boat Club, Larne Tennis & Bowling Club, Larne Grammar School and clubs.

The town supported two cinemas - now closed. The Regal and The Savoy gave us Saturday morning matinees, double features and programmes that changed every two days. The fish or pastie suppers in copies of the previous weeks Larne Times and the choice of several good cafes. Present day Larne continues to have an ever growing abundance of eating places catering for all tastes.

There are still a few gems to be found in the town and throughout the borough. Retention and pedestrian improvements to the promenade and other places are welcome.

The past thirty years have not always been kind to Larne Town but the spirit, generosity and friendliness of it's people are well covered in the two local weekly newspapers (the Larne Times and the Larne Gazette).

I began with good fortune and it remains with me every time I return to see my Larne Friends and the many ex-Larne friends around the world in North America to New Zealand.

In 2004 a week of reunions were successfully held for 'Larne friends from the Swinging 60s'. I visit five times a year and have several informal get-togethers with many old pals.

Another week of reunions is being planned for late August 2006 to coincide with old friends from across the pond visiting Larne.

An old song goes " You're sure of a welcome" "There's a welcome there for you". You'll find it in Larne people.

As I often say some people swallow the blarney stone instead of just kissing it. I could contribute more to the above as I am often overwhelmed by friendships that have endured resulting from my time in Larne Borough (1947 - 1969). Now, having lived in NW Edinburgh since 1969 to present, and fortunate to have many good friends here also with my family all married and have bought homes near to us.

Article Update - April '06



For the past few years I with the assistance of friends also former pupils began compiling the names of all those former pupils and members of staff that featured in the panoramic photograph of the whole Larne Technical College, Session 1963-64.

To date those friends including, Gerry McCarry, Una (nee Agnew) McCarry, Randal McDowell, Edwin Hobbs, David McMaster and several other friends in Larne, Patrick Pill, John Hamilton, Hugh Girvin, Joe Gillespie have helped name many of those featured.
However there are are still names unknown or require confirmation..

IF YOU WERE THERE, can you help?
Please advise me via YPAM or at:

Yours in Friendship,
Glen Brown

Hi Folks,


Over the past week ex Larne Joe Gillespie and I have been exchanging emails.
Joe's brother Stuart was in High Seas Showband line-up at one time. I'm sure many Larne folk will recall the Gillespie musical instrument shop on Main Street in the 60s

In the Swinging 6os Joe played Larne band THE CHORD-EN-AIRES. Band Line up:- Drums: Hugh Maxwell, Guitar: Wilbert Clements (later joined Hich Seas, now Glensmen Australia), Guitar: Robert Magill (Regent, Cameron Clan and Coasters), Guitar: Joe Gillespie, Trumpet: Derek Clark and Vocals: Raymond McGill.

Joe was kind enough to send me a colour photo of THE CHORD-EN-AIRES.
I would like to hear from anyone that recalls the band and where you heard and watched them perform on stage?

Joe also sent me a school photo. Several well kent faces of fifty years ago can be recognised in Joe's class photos' from Primary School days at Larne Parochial, Victoria Road, Larne. to later at Larne Tech. The latter photo can be viewed at Friends Reunited UK, on the Internet.
During our correspondence I learned that Joe's fellow classmates included fellow musicans to be, Billy Brown (The Freshmen) Tom Cameron (Regent , Cameron Clan, Fiddlin' Tom), Jackie Gault (High Seas), Thelma Hall (High Seas) and Robert 'Rab' Magill (Coasters, Regent & The Chord-en-aires).

Hopefully Joe's photos' will reach the attention of the Larne public via the local media during the summer 2006. For those that can't wait email me.

During our correspondence several other Larne people and bands were mentioned, I'll submit details here later. My thanks to Joe for contacting me and for exchanging fond memories and photos'.

more..May '06

ANYONE REMEMBER "THE CHORD-EN-AIRES " another Larne band from the Swinging 60s'?

Ex Larnarian Joe Gillespie and I have been exchanging emails this past week. Joe not only has been kind enough to name his fellow Larne musicans that were in the Chord-en-aires, he also sent a colour photo too of the group/band.

DRUMS: Hugh Maxwell, GUITARS: Wilbur Clements, Robert Magill, Joe Gillespie, TRUMPET: Derek Clark and VOCALS: Raymond Magill.

In his correspondences Joe reflected on his time in Larne, it's showbands, it's groups, the familar places, and of many mutual friends. With regard to the latter, Joe is now exchanging emails with other old friends over in Larne and Drains Bay.

Another popular Larne band the COSMOS founded by local Joe Gillespie's during the mid 60s found popularity at various venues including Ballyclare. THE COSMOS; featured in their line-up: Lovatt Beggs (vocals), Morris Boyd (vocals), Ronnie Clugson (keyboad and guitar, Joe Gillespie (lead guitar), Owen Kelly (bass), (1962 Alan Duncam - rhythm guitar) and Sammy Todd (drums).

During the same period Larne band THE STRANGERS were also thrilling the incrowd. THE STRANGERS featured Jim (Doc) McVeigh, Gerry (Ginger) Brown and and Brian 'Spoke' .

My thanks to Joe Gillespie.

More about Larne bands and groups from the Swinging 60s era to come......

Glen Brown.


Jackie Snoddy - February '08
Just stumbled across the site a few days ago, great stuff. I started my apprenticeship in the then BTH around 1956 not long after it opened in 1954 I think. The years between the coming of the BTH to Larne until the beginning of the "troubles" in 1969 were probably the golden years for the town. People flooded in from all over the province to work which is how I met my wife Helen ( nee Thompson), her father was Bob Thompson who was an apprentice instructor at the BTH and had moved to Larne from Belfast. The houses at Craigy Hill and Anteville were built then to handle the newcomers to the town.
I played soccer for the BTH/AEI and the Tech Old Boys from the late 50s until 1966 when we moved to Montreal where we still live. Some of the guys I played with were Cecil Alexander, Billy Brownlees, Billy Satch Huxley, Freddie McCracken, Kenny Wilson, George Thompson, Jack Magill.
We still visit now and again and keep in touch with friends over there.
It would be good to hear from people of that era, keep up the good work.

Glen Brown - May '07
Re Jim Boyd.
Pleased to advise that Jim is now in contact with his pal.

Glen Brown - Apr '07
Hi Jim Boyd,
Your personal email in response to my reply here dated April 07 arrived at my email box and my reply to you sent by return.

Jim Boyd -Apr '07
Hi Glen received your reply conserving your email address I will try again on laharna60sat yahoo dot com I was asking you to send me a contact number for Stevie Strong as I would love to surprise him by a phone call thank you Glen for your help looking forward to your reply

Glen Brown - Apr '07
Hi Jim Boyd, My email address has not changed. YPAM and friends use it to correspond with me.
Like many email users, my Spam and Security filters are set high and may not be accepting your email due to some reason. Today for examople I received ten emails this morning to my
Trying sending me an email again and/or

Jim Boyd - Apr '07
Dear Glen
Jim boyd hear have been trying to contact you on the e-mail address that you had given me concerning Stevie Strong. You said that he married one of your relations.I am still wanting to get in contact with them but unable to on the e-mail you have given me pleeas re -send correct e-mail. The e-mail that you sent me was
Tryed to send and it was returned say incorrect address so please send me new address.
Thankyou Jim Boyd

Glen Brown - Apr '07
Hi June & Keni,
Thanks for your Comments.
Please contact me at laharna60s at yahoo dot com

June Ringland - Apr '07
Hi glen my name is june ringland and I am kenny Brownlows only sister. just like to say how brilliant it was to see kennys name mentioned on your site, and to hear his memory lives on outside his family. thankyou.

Keni B - Apr '07
Hi im Keni Brownlow son of ivan and nefew of kenny mervin june and philip has anyone any recordings of kennys old stuff in the bands ??? thanx

Danny Mills - Apr '07
Danny Mills. Hello to Artie Morrow and Jim (In the midnight hour) Crothers. Served my time in AEI with you both and have many memories to share. Went to block release with Jim along with Jim (Tiff) McNeill, Patsy Patterson and PJ Looney to name but a few. I emigrated to Canada in the 80s and once a month the PAr 3 play at our local pub. (Greater Toronto). I am friends with Joey Rankin and the lead guitar is Billy Herron. Will add more later.

Glen Brown - Mar '07
I am pleased to see more added comments to YPAM pages.

NB. The pages on YPAM bbc ni Internet are numerous. Collating, checking and adding content is at the discretion and time of the Internet YPAM staff. Please take into consideration their work- load, scope, holidays and other reasons, if your comments are not always added immediately. I too may not always be able to reply by weekly. However, I do my best and where given a reply email address when passed to me by YPAM I will reply within four weeks when in the UK.

BIG DANNY MILLS when recently in direct email contact asked me to pass on his regards to all friends . Danny recalled many mutual old friends including from his time in Larne district from 1954 Glynn PS, Bridge PS, AEI/GEC and including Block Release at Larne Technical College from the latter.

More feedback comment will follow soon.

Barbara Murray - Mar '07
Hi everyone, probably no-one remembers me but the name is Barbara Murray and I lived in Carson St. I was in touch with Jim Hill during his wife's passing and have found out that he has now re-married. I went to Greenland Secondary School 1961-65 and then on to Larne Tech until 1967.

I have been in contact with Glen Brown through the Friends Reunited website and also by email. I am planning a trip back to Larne in Sept. 2007 and would love to meet up with anyone who remembers me.

The "two cousins who found each other" mentioned in Glen's site was perhaps me and a cousin I never knew about. (I think it was us). Although she and I were cousins through her father and my aunt being brother and sister. My mother was Susan (Totes) Baxter and I know she was very well known in Larne.

Okay, if anyone can even slightly recall me please get in touch

Pamela Baart (nee Gault) - Mar '07
To Patrick Haveron,
Hi patrick ,just read your message on your days in Larne,i remember you well.I lived across the road from you in ferris park,and was friendly with Una and Eileen,and my dad worked with you in the regal. Glen,s doing a wonderful job,bringing back all great memories from the 60s.Bye for now,

Teresa Stephenson [nee Fleck] - Mar '07
Only just found this site. My aunt Kathleen Fleck was a teacher at Larne Technical College, around the 1960's. She was a Domestic Science Teacher. Does anyone remember her? I worked at the Larne Grammar School from 1966-70, where I left to live in England, and go back to Larne, to see family.

Patrick Haveron - Feb '07
I used live in Larne Ferris park we lived opposite the Dummigan family my father, brother & sisters where in there band in the 1950s. I think I know some of people in your page & some u havent mentioned the Haveron family was quite a known name in Larne town I & my dad worked at Magheramorne blue circle cement wks in the 50s. I also worked in the regal cinema I also lived at Craigy hill I had a friend called Steve Strong. I went to parochial primary school Vic rd head master was TJ McCombe. I had a friend Drew McBride. The Steve I knew he went into army. There is lots more of my live in Larne i remember on the wireless as a boy when it said the Victora sank i could tell u lots more on my live in larne town. To Glen Brown - Is there any I can write to u? bye for now

Glen Brown - Feb '07
Hi Artie, I'm just back from my last visit for this year to Larne. Thank you for your comments.
Those were the first of many happy working days for me AEI/GEC.
I enjoyed my time there thanks to the like of Alex Foye, Albert Laybourne (late father of Ivan who replaced my cousin Billy Brown in The Freshmen), the late Herbie Crooks (Cameron Clan), the late Sammy Clements brother of Wilbert (High Seas), Sammy Hughes Sen., Jackie Carson, brothers Sam & Willie Thompson, Sam Clarke, Johnny McCartney and many others (including Jim Stephenson, Nigel Shepard, Derek Bailey, Frank Greer. and others). I helped the Football Section run their concerts and dances (like The Val Doonican Show, Caroline Showband and when Frank Carson did a fill-in spot for £5) Mrs Rae ran the Canteen and organised Mystery Bus Tours (to ? night venue and dance) Her husban Ted worked in the Blading.
There were many great characters.
I shared an office situated in the L M/C Shops with Bob Gillespie The Works Methods Engineer, just down from the main Production Control Pool (Eve Montgomery, Liam Kelly , Pat Todd, Eddie Spence etc).

Denese Jamison - Jan '07
Tto Glen Brown.

I really look forward to your updates on site .Quite a lot of the names you mention on your web site are familar to me. The main one is Morris Boyd, I can remember babysitting for Morris with his niece Lorraine Kell ,when he lived in Millbrook where Lorraine and I were reared. The Cosmos sounds familar but the one I remember is Harvest. For the life of me I cant remember who else was in the group but I do remember Lorraine and I sneaking up the stairs in old building besides Clements shop (and I mean derelict) to listen to them practice. We used to get Morris to sing "From the Candy store. It still remains one of my favourites. Also I recognize Billy Browns name (if Billy Brown has passed away).He was my brother-in-laws cousin. As for Kenny Brown I have worked with his wife. Does anyone out there remember going to the Glynn orange hall or the Glynn marquee to listen to the Cameron Clan? Tom,s brother used to live in Millbrook (ag!
ain I can.t remember his name) but I babysat for him as well.

also seen that one of your replies was from someone who recalled Larne bands. Lorraine Kell and I also played in Killyglen accordian band for five years. Unfortunately Lorraine died last year at the age of 47. I would just love to hear from someone who remembers her as she was the best friend anyone could have asked for. Her and I were together from we were 6 days old. We spent our childhood + teenage years together. If you could find anyone with memories of her I would be eternally grateful. I was privileged to call her my friend. Hope to hear from you soon.



Jim Boyd - Jan '07
I received the information from you about Stevie Strong I have tried to contact you on laharna60s but always got the article returned would it be possible to contact me again and let me know were i am going wrong i will put my email adress
down you will be able to contact me there jim42 at hotmail
thanks for your help


Glen Brown - Jan '07
Hello Arti Morrow,
I did reply thanking you for your comments via YPAM in December 2006. You mentioned your old friend James Smyth and I was wondering if he's the same one I recall from the 60s?
My internet address is still laharna60s at
Edinburgh NW

P HAVERON - Dec '06

Jimmy Crothers - Dec '06
Artie Morrow,Glen Brown Nov.06
Hi, what a pleasant suprise to see your name here Artie , there has been some water under the bridge since we both served our time in the AEI it must be41or42years ago.It would be good to hear from other folk who worked in the AEI around 1964/65 and onward. Never knew you had gone to the good life in N.Z. Could I suggest anyone who reads this and you know others from this era encourage them to come on line and write about your Larne memories via Glen Brown and especially as i've said if you worked around this time in the AEI as I being a Carrickfergus boy working in Larne would know more folk from the factory. May I say to you Glen this is an excellent site and idea and I can find none other in Northern Ireland like it , keep up the good work. By the way does anyone remember a group from Carrick called The King Bees I think their lead guitarist was a guy called Billy Herron who may have went on to play in a showband ,also at a later stage in the groups history I had a cousin called Harry Perry who played bass for them, can never find anything on the net about them.

Glen Brown - Nov '06
Hi Artie Morrow,

Many thanks for your comments.
You mention having worked in GEC/AEI, I too was there, shared an office with Bob Gillespie (Methods Engineer) until I moved to Edinburgh, Scotland in 1969.
I will be over to Larne in a week's time , my last visit for 2006.
Two of my ex Larne friends Mervyn Brownlow (the late Kenny's older brother) and Thomas Malcomson also went to sea, married, live and work on Tug boats in Wellington Harbour.
Another ex Larne pal from 60s is Philip King who also moved to NZ and works for a bank there. I met Thomas and his wife during a visit back to Larne in 2005 and met Philip during a visit this Summer 2006.
You can views a photograph of the whole Larne Technical College 1963-64 at my photo pages at FRIENDS REUNITED UK on the Internet. Hugh Girvin (ex Inver,Larne) who was in Kenny's class sent me several names of his classmates. He and my old school & ex AEI/GEC pal David Stephenson both now live in Kincardine, Ontario, Canada. David's dad Jim was the Machine Shops Manager AEI/GEC during our time there.
I always enjoy seeing my 60s pals and am in regular Email contact with many of those that reside around the world.
27 NOV 2006

Arthur Morrow - Nov '06
Hi Glen,
My name is Artie Morrow & I have just found this site & I am blown away with its content. I too am a youngster of the 60s in Larne and the articles in this site have jogged the old memory bank. I grew up in Cairncastle & then went to Larne Tech. 1960 - 64 and served my apprenticeship with AEI / GEC 1965 - 70.
I went to sea and in 1973 emigrated to NZ where I now live near Auckland.
Larne & district was a great place to grow up in & we had a lot of fun not only at the "big dances" but also country dances at places like Aughafatten, Cairncastle, Kilwaughter where the Regent or Cameron Clan could be found.
I knew Kenny Browlow and it saddens me to know that he passed away so young. I also recognise Jimmy Crothers , hi jim it,s been a long time since we were in GEC together.
I was back in larne in September 06 & at the same time another old mate of mine Jimmy Smyth & his wife were home from Victoria Australia & we had a good time recalling the old days.
Keep up the good work Glen.

Glen Brown - Nov '06
Hi Tom,
Though fiftythree years is a large span.
I will pass on your request to exLarne friends in various parts of Australia.
Meantime, please send me your email address or other direct contact address to my personal email address at; laharna60s @ yahoo . com.
As there are other avenues you may wish to explore to trace your relatives.

Tom Welsh - Oct '06
I would like to use this form to try and contact my uncle Jack Clements last known address Carson st Larne. My name is Tom Welsh son of Minnie Clements and Walter Welsh. Haven't seen or heard from him since we immigrated to Australia in 1959. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Glen Brown - Oct '06
Hi All,
I'm home from my recent holiday in the Far East and now taking time to read all received correspondence.
I'm very very pleased to read all your favourable comments. Particularly pleased that they are also appreciated and acknowledged by relatives and friends of the late Kenny Brownlow.

I am still seeking photographs, newspaper cuttings etc of Larne district pop bands and band members photographs, acknowledgement will be given.

Hopefully I'll be over to Larne for my annual late autumn visit near end of November 2006

Always glad to meet and share the craic.

Glen Brown
Edinburgh city

Angela Hamilton (nee Brownlow) - Oct '06
FAO Jimmy Crothers
The family (including my mum Carol) were really intrigued to read about your experiences in the band with my Dad.
Thank you for taking the time to share your memories with us - it means a lot.
Take care

John McCrea - Sep '06
Hello, I am trying to trace the wife of Archie McCullough who still lives in Larne, sadly Archie passed away some years ago, but for family tree information I would like to contact his wife as he was a McCrea but for some reason took his mothers maiden name.
Anyone with any information please email me pallie @

Philip Brownlow - Sep '06
FAO Jimmy Crothers,
It was great to hear some of your memories of your time playing with Kenny. My other brother Ivan has recently been in contact with Artie Moorehead who is now living in Canada. He sent over some great press cuttings, promotional poster etc. of the band.Ivan tells me the bass player was Gorden Stewart who apparently still lives in Larne.
Regards Philip

Betty Russell - Sep '06
I have just read an article from a very good friend of mine bee. I am Betty Russell nee Mc Dowell and was sad to hear Tommy's wife had passed away, I hope bee reads this to let her know I still think about her, i wondered where she had gone to. It's nice hearing about the 60s I knew a lot of the people you have mentioned. I used to go to Laharna and the King's Arms - those where the good old days, b.

Jimmy Crothers - Sep '06
FAO Angela Hamilton, Kelli Bagchus, Phillip Brownlow and Glen Brown.
Hi, sorry for the delay in replying. I can remember your mother Carol at the time I sang with your father Kenny in 3rd stone she had long blonde hair, very 60s, very good looking, she may remember me as Jim other than Jimmy. I can remember a number of venues we played at in Larne like The Kings Arms,we played their once at a dinner dance unfortunately we were a bit out of our depth in that we played R&B and the dinner dance crowd were looking for music by The Archies etc bubblegum music and the only part of a song we knew was one verse of I think it was called Simon Says and boy did we flog that one verse to death, Anyway we did get paid but we saw ourselves as more Rolling Stones , Rock and Rollers than this more simple brand of pop. I can also remember playing I think at the AEI Larne where we were the support group or as they used to say the wee group to the Fortunes who at that time had a number of top 20 selling records in the charts, so had we made it into the big league at last, no the only thing that came out of that gig was that one of our microphones which was borrowed and used by the Fortunes disappeared after the show, we think it may have got packed away with all their gear. As I've said before Kenny was a great musician and a superb singer had a very 'bluesy' voice like Van Morrison in his hay day. The drummer in the band in my day was Artie Moorehead who later went on to play with Sunshine who won a national TV talent show for many many weeks, I think they later became Rosie and Sunshine. Billy Mc Williams was on rhythm guitar whom I worked with in the AEI and I cant remember the name of the bass player other than his first name may have been Gordon. Hope this gives you a little insight into to your Dads heady rock & roll days and lets hope Kenny's grandchildren have got a little of the magical talent that Kenny had then we are all in for a treat.

Glen Brown - Sep '06
Still presently collating stories and photos.
My thanks to those who add comments and visited YPAM web pages. All are appreciated.
I larned (sic) several more details when I was visiting Larne recently.

However, I am on holiday for month in HK and KL from the middle of Sep 06.
Hopefully during the winter months I'll complete trials of my website and have it available for those interested in the above subject.

These past months my good Larne friend Liam Kelly has been suffering from Guillain-Barre' Syndrome (GBS) . I am sure all that know him wish Liam and his very supportive family all our good wishes.
His many friends look forward to seeing Liam discharged from hospital soon.

Kelli Bagchus (nee Brownlow) - Sep '06
To Jimmy Crothers, Glen Brown
I am Kenny Brownlow's eldest daughter Kelli, now aged 32 living in Larne married to Jim and have a one son Callum, aged 2. I do not really remember my dad as I was only 5 when he died but have always been fascinated by pictures and stories from my mum Carol about the mad days in the band. I am afraid his musical talents have skipped a generation and escaped me so I am hoping Callum will follow in his grandad's steps. Would love to hear more if anyone else out there has any stories about Kenny or others in the band as it is a legacy which I hope to pass onto my son Callum.

Angela Hamilton (nee Brownlow) - Aug '06

Hi, I am Kenny Brownlow's youngest daughter and it was lovely to read the memories you have of my dad.
He now has four grandchildren, the eldest (9 years old) enjoys playing the guitar and may have been graced with her grandfather's genes!!
If you have any more memories about playing in the band with him or any stories etc, I would love to hear from you.

Jimmy Crothers - Aug '06
Read with interest your article on Larne bands and noted Phillip Brownlows memories of his brothers band third stone from the sun. I sang for a period along with Kenny in the band often playing in local dance halls and sometimes to faraway places like Portadown. I never reached the dizzy heights of showbiz after leaving the band but Kenny was a great musician and one of natures gentlemen, I often think of those 60s days, the band and although I was from Carrickfergus I served my time in the AEI Larne and attended Larne Technical College.

Glen Brown - Aug '06
Regarding your COMMENTs, July 06 at YPAM 'The swinging 60s' (Larne) ANTRIM pages.
Please note that your given email address was not recognised my reply sent to you was returned as not found?

Please contact me at my email address Yours in friendship, Glen Brown

Lewis Hart - July '06
A message to Beth Rand nee Surgenor from your cousin Lewis Hart who has not seen or heard much about you over the last 30 years perhaps you would like to e mail me. My contact is I would like to hear how you are getting on etc, cheers Lewis.

Glen Brown - July '06
Hi Melloney O'Neill
I'll be asking friends in Larne if they can help, can you give approximate time period that your O'Neills lived there?

Glen Brown
Regarding Jim Boyd June 06.
Steve Strong advises that contact has been made with Jim

Melloney O'Neill - July 2006
Hi everyone.I am searching for my fathers family.Last known address Craigy hill Larne the name is Kell.Robert or Roy is my dad and I would appreciate any help.Thanks.

Glen Brown - June '06
FAO Alan Kane,
Hi Alan
The award winning George Dummigan Memorial Accordion Orchestra(Larne) is now on the Internet I wish the orchestra success in this year's 2006 NIBA Chamionship and next year (2007) that they win the British Championshipin Scarborough.

FAO Jim Boyd.
Regarding Steve Strong, please email me direct at laharna60s at Steve is married to a relative of mine. I would be pleased to put you in contact with him.

FAO Philip Brownlow
Hi Philip,
I am a friend of your brother Mervin, whom I've know from our 2nd Larrne (Gardenmore) Lifeboys days c1957) and in recent years via email from his home in NZ. (Three ex Larne friends live in New Zealand:- Mervin Brownlow, Philip King and Thomas Malcolmson). In my youth I played with Kenny RIP and possibly with you also?
I am trying to collate information on all Larne bands, please contact me direct at (email) laharna60s at Yours in friendship, Glen Brown

Glen Brown - June '06
Hi Alan.
Belated thanks for your comments.
Dummigans Accordian Band used to practice in the Hall (aka The Greasy Pig) a c 1950s dance venue that stood at the rear of Herbert Avenue, side nearest to Ferris Park estate where the present Glasgow Rangers Supporters Club 'Larne' is situated.
Many of my neighbours and friends were band members during the early years of it's formation. Several years ago, I gave an early photo of the band (with names) to Larne Historical Centre.
Alan your cousin Jean was in my class at the Backroad School. During my visits I often see Jean continuing to give (long) service to Larne populace on her post person round.
I am always pleased to hear both the marching and concert sections of the band. Likewise I also enjoy Larne Borough many bands including, Larne Harbour, Killyglen and my personal favourite .... Magheramorne Silver. I'm sure several readers will comment on those I've yet to mention? I take this opportunity to wish all the bands through out the borough, good marching weather and continuing success in their respective competitions.

Jim Boyd - June '06
Hi Glen I am trying to get in contack with a Steve Strong he served with the Royal Ulster Rifles from 1957 to 1967 he comes from larne and as far as I know he is still living there I have been looking through your write ups about larne is very good. I was born in belfast but came to australia 1971
after I came out of the R.U.R. If you can help me in any way I would be delighted or you may be able to let me know somewere else I can try thanking you for your time.

Philip Brownlow - June '06
I came across this site while trying to research some family history and enjoyed it. Talking about local bands from the 60's and 70's, my brother Kenny Brownlow played in various bands (Third Stone From the Sun, Badger etc.) I was born in 1960 but can remember him playing with a band on a flat-bed trailer up Carson street! I can't remember all the band members but Billy McWilliams was one. Kenny died aged 29 in 1979 with a heart condition.

Alan Kane - April '06
excellent stuff, even if you don't know me!

I'm a slightly younger age group, 49, and was Moyle / Larne Grammar / Craigy Hill reared.
However, the Dumigans are my full cousins I moved to England in 1982

I still think Larne was a tremendous place to grow up, great characters, great people.
I intend to return to live someday, present family / kids permitting.

Keep writing.

Glen Brown - April '06
Hi Lewis,
I remember Eileen Cooper and Marion Stewart from Sallagh Park South. The street where other classmates from the Backroad Elementary School lived, including Gordon Weeks and Scot Montgomery. I'm sure you joined in our games in the goat field?
Those named feature with other Sallagh Park residents at the time in my class photograpph Backroad School. Should you or anyone like a copy please email request to me at email address below.
NB Any YPAM readers can request a free photocopy to their private address.

Lewis, you can help me identify names of those featured in an ATC (Larne) 806 Squadron photograph from the mid 60s? Includes several from the Sallagh Park area.

Please email me at laharna60s at

Glen Brown, Edinburgh - April '06
Thank you Lewis for your kind comments.
It is gratifying to know other Larnarians and ex-Larnarians enjoy browsing YPAM.
Thanks for adding several other residents names from 1960s Sallagh Park. If you went to the nearby Moyle PS and or Greenland SIS (opened in 1957) you may be aware that in 2007 will be the 50th anniversary.


Lewis Jack - Mar 06
Hi Glen and Beth,

I was born (1952) and raised in Sallagh Park where I lived until joining the Royal Navy in 1968. Either of you may remember my older brother David Jack who sadly died at age 16 (drowned in Bergen, Norway) and my older sister Cathy who now lives in Dorset. Cathy was great friends with Eileen Cooper also of Sallagh Park and I remember David being quite a popular guy before his tragic accident. Many of his friends were from Laharna Avenue.

Many of the surnames (Weeks, Montgomery and McAllister from Sallagh Park South), ( King, Wilkinson, Cooper, Evans and O'Neil form Sallagh Park) to name but a few were all synonymous with the Sallagh Park area.

It was interesting to read your respective comments, all of which brought back memories of my childhood in Larne.

Lewis Jack (Helensburgh, Scotland)

Glen Brown - Jan '06
Is your favourite Irish Recording listed amongst the following?
A Legend In My Time, Ashes Of Love,
Come Down The Mountain Katy Daly, From A Candy Store, Dont Forget Your Hucklebuck Shoes, Honey and Wine, My Heartaches Got Heartaches, I Ran All The Way Home, If I Did'nt Have A Dime, Ireland Swings, Laura, The La Yenka, Look At The Sunshine, Make It With You, Piccolo Man, Tar and Cement, The Ducks of Magheralin, The Hucklebuck, The Pub With No Beer, Shoals Of Herring, Walking The Streets In The Rain and Wonderful World Of My Dreams.
Please add your song titles memories here.
Photos of Larne's Showbands/Bands and Larne Borough Dance Venues that I contributed can be viewed at Irish Showbands sites on the Internet.
Glen Brown

Glen Brown - Dec '05
Hi Beth,
Thanks for your comments. I'm glad I've refreshed a few good old memories.
There are several SHOWBAND Compilation CDS still available over here in UK. Have you any favourites? Also, if you browse the BBC NI Internet Site, I recommend listening to Ulster Radio programmes featured there.
I am just home from visiting Larne 29 Nov. Coincided with a visit back from New Zealand by Thomas Macolmson, ex Carson Street. You may recall his dad Thompson he was a postman in 60-70s. While I was in Larne, Thomas and his NZ wife Linda met several old friends from our days as schoolmates.
Bill(y) Craig another FP neighbour of ours, based in Toronto has made several records & cds and performs around the world.
I sent an email to another of your Gault relatives residing in Larne and will contact you later (direct) with a full reply.
To you, other Larnarians and readers, have a Good Christmas and Peaceful New Year.
Yours in friendship, Glen Brown, Edinburgh, Scotland

Beth Rand (Surgenor) - Dec 05
Hi Glen, Your article sure brings back lots of memories for me of Larne in the late 60's and early 70's. I was known then as Bee(beth) Surgenor, I was brought up in the front row of Ferris Park along with the McDowells, The Perrys, The Kings, The Hutchinsons, The Dummigans, The Magills etc. we also frequented the dances in the town and also the 'Flamingo' in Ballymena every Friday night. I have fond memories of parading up and down the main street on a Sunday night watching the guys and dropping into the 'Floral' cafe for some tea. I have now married for the 2nd time to a Canadian and moved to Victoria, British Columbia three years ago. My cousins Jim Hill and Jackie Gault were two of the members of the 'High Seas' showband, Jim has a group in Austrailia along with Bobby Duff called 'Green Velvet' I have been in Aus three times, my brother Tommy lives there too, and have heard Jim's group play, his wife, Sandra nee Gault has just recently passed away. Once again Glen, thanks for the memories.

john mc auley - Feb 08
excellent site i worked in aei/gec 1966-1975 played soccer for them during these years before working in ballylumford


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