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16 October 2014
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Larne - Street names

John McCrea wants information about families and streets in Larne - can you help?.

Larne street in the 21st Century

Larne street names

Hello to all in Larne.

My name is John McCrea and I live here in the UK. My father came from Larne but moved to Essex many years ago, sadly passed away in 1997. He still has a brother and sister who still both live there.

I am currently researching my family history and the name McCrea. I would like to ask if anybody can help me with a few things. I am trying to find census records for the Larne area.

My GG grandfather Andrew McCrea married Mary Leith and at the time lived in Kilwaughter. They had two sons (maybe more) John & Samuel. On one of his sons marriage certificate (John) his address was 1 Fair hill Larne. Can anybody tell me if this was just a small terrace of houses off of a main road? - What it is now? as I can't find the fair hill address listed on any census records.

The same question about Queens Street Larne. One of my Great uncles has told me that when he and his brothers and sister were growing up in that street it was known to them as "flood row". Can anybody tell me what is there now?.

Also trying to trace Wilfred McCrea I think he is known as "China" around the Larne area.

I will be glad of any help, my email address is pallie @
many thanks

John McCrea.

Your Responses:

Winston Bradley - Apr '07
Would like to be able to contact Elise Snoddy Klug who commented on your fine pages back in De.2005. I have info on her possible TURKINGTON ancestors in Belfast.Unfortunately her email has changed since we last "talked " in 1999.

Isaac Yendall - Nov '06
1:Fair hill is an area at the junction of the "Roddens Pound street and Victoria road" The Name Fair hill came about because there used to be a hiring fair held every June.This was for the local farmers to hire labour for the forthcoming harvest.

2:Queen street was located by a lane running off the Bank road.At the bottom of the lane you had to turn right.half way down there was another terrace of houses I do not remember what it was called.In front of Queen street there where steam engine sheds and shunting sidings.That is all I can remember of Queen street as I Used to visit my granny there when I was about six.
Hope this helps

John - Nov '06
Queen Street was out the Bank Road. To get to it you went to the pillar box and turned down the entry towards the railway. My aunt lived there.

Noel Rogan - Sep '06
1 Fairhill probably refers to a small row of terraced houses backing onto the town hall and main street. The location fronts onto a carpark and has been the subject of legal debate regarding the residents parking their vehicles outside their home, as the car park is pay and display. The fairhill is located on the Victoria Road opposite the junction for Roddens. It has an excellent chinese restaurant on site. This car park historically has been the favoured area for youth to park up and show their cars and chat.

Queen Street, I am not so sure. I tend to think that it may be Quay Street. This small road of the Main Street would have in the past been located near the sea edge and thus would have teneded to flood. Much of the land is now reclaimed and the waters edge is quite some distance over major roads and harbour buildings,

Felix McKillo, a local retired teacher and author has an excellent book out relating to the history of Larne. All of these questions would be answered.

John - Fairhill is in Central Ward.

Glen Brown - April '06
Hi John,

I have forwarded to you an email received today from LK , the content will aid you.


John McCrea - Feb '06
"Larne 1911 census" :

Hello to all in Larne, yes it's me again!! I would like to know if anybody can help me with some information on the 1911 Larne census.
Very near the main street, there is a small terrace of houses named "Fair Hill" I have been told by my relatives there, and many other people from the web that they still stand today.
My problem is, I cant seem to find out what "Townland - or Ward" these houses came under for a census search. Can anybody help?

Many thanks

Glen Brown - Jan '06
Hi Elise,
The local Campbell Family still in this rapidly changing world still continue their Doorstep deliveries of milk to their customers in Larne. When I lived with my late parents in Larne 1954-69, a reliable milkman delivered our doorstep 'pinta' milk from Wilsons farm(?) for many years was called WILSON. I regret that I am unable to add anything further at this moment in time. However, during my next visit to Larne I will enquire.
Happy New Year.

Elise Snoddy Klug - Dec '05
My father, Wilson Snoddy, was born in Belfast, but his original family home was Larne. His father was Henry Snoddy, son of Patrick, who married Mary Jane Wilson, and supposedly the Wilson's had a farm there. When my daughter and I visited about 4 years ago, we were shown (from a distance because of Mad Cow disease) one of the Wilson farms. Hope to get back again sometime to do more research as am no longer in touch with any of the Irish Snoddys.
And am having a great time reading all these articles. Thanks so mluch for putting them on the net.

Glen Brown - Dec '05
Hi John,
I passed on your request to Liam Kelly. Liam has been able to help. I know he has sent you a comprehensive reply and additional information direct to your email address given.
Many thanks to Liam.
Glen Brown, Edinburgh


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