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16 October 2014
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Clash of the Celtic Giants

A spectacular annual display of human strength in Glenarm - July 2004.

Strongwoman Trish Porter from Maghera  competing to be Europes Strongest Woman (2004)

Tracey - July '06
Dear Denise,
I am sorry you had a negative experience at Glenarm, however I feel you are presenting a missleading picture of the event. First of all there were plenty of signs all over the village showing the cost of entry, and to be fair ten pound per person is the price that most of these events charge and I found that the Glenarm event offered much more for your money than most. Your second point about the parking being some distance from the event is also inaccurate. At most it was a five min walk to the main arena, however there were a lot of activities around the car parking area, from the chainsaw and willow sculpting demonstrations to the animal shows, the vintage rally and the trade and food tents. Overall I feel that this year's event was a grand day out and well worth the entrance fee.

Denise Spence - July 06
I just want to say how ridulous and disgraceful it was to charge everyone entering the site '£10 EACH'. I think £10 per car would have been more than ample!! I am medically retired, my sister is a single mother with two teenage children and I also had with me my OAP parents.

We were allowed to park the car some distance away from the actual site but within the grounds of Glenarm Castle.

There were 'NO' signs indicating the price to enter the actual site and I was absolutely horrified when we were requested to pay £55 just to gain entrance onto the site alone. This was meant to be a family day out and it turned out to be a extortionate exercise, which we have agreed 'never' again return to.

I heard other families complaining of the same and I think this is an absolute disgrace.

Sally Griffiths - May '06
I love Gregor! He so strong!

Alison - May '06
Great site and article, very inspiring! ( )

Daniel Carlin - June '05
I'm over on holiday from Scotland at that time and I'm definitely will be making a visit. Of course I'll be supporting my fellow Scotsman and idol, Gregor Edmunds. Come on Gregor!!!!

Richard James - January '05
Very interesting article! Great to see the women having a go at the competitions, hope to come and vist in 2005! The site presents the beauty of the surroundings and the brawn of the competitions...great balance!

The True Celt Replies - August '04
I accept what you say regarding the last few years but surely the time has come for these games to be identified and promoted as being international. Having international recognition could not be anything other than good for the participants in the games. It would encourage more spectators from representated countries to visit the spectacular venue. The local hospitality industry would benifit and last but definitely not least it would give a great boost to Northern Ireland's international image.

A True Celt - August '04
Congratulations! Superb photography of a great sporting event but why The Clash of the Celtic Giants? It seemed more like an international event to me....

Michelle O'Dowd of 'Extreme Production' (Aug '04):
"Clash of the Celtic Giants has been the brand name for the programme for 5 years. Within the last few years it has most definitely become an international event but we have found that people identify with this name and recognise it as the place to find strength athletics at BBC NI."

(Straight from the horses mouth... it doesn't come better than that! (Ed.)






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