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16 October 2014
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Garron Point

Henry W. McNeill jnr. is searching for more information on Henry W. McNeill snr. and Garron Point in particular.

ML 1030

My father Henry W. McNeill Snr. was born in County Antrim near Garron Point the present day site of St. McNissis school. He often spoke of Mr. McNeill of Larne as a relative who purchased the building on the summit of Garron Point and turned it into a hotel also named McNeill's. My grandmother worked there as did my father and his brother and sister as children.

My father spoke of going up the path from the coastal road where his aunt had a store and post office to deliver mail to McNeill's hotel.

St. McNissis web site has pictures of cottages at the bottom of the Postal Path that may have been the location of the post office and store.

I would like to hear from anyone from the Garron Point area who would have any information on the area and the times, my father and his family have long departed this world and I have many questions that were never asked. Thank you.


Angela McNeill - Apr '07
Hi there Henry, my aunt previously contacted you on our family tree in which she is writing a book .She has recently been in ireland for over a month doing research. And has some really interesting info on our family . was your great grandmother named sarah birrel; if so she has info but im sure she can help you find some answers.

Henry McNeill - Mar '07
Anne McNeill. Again a long absence in posting, my apologies. What you say interests me in that my father's mother was Sarah McNeill nee Black. She is said to have worked at the hotel. I do not know if my grandfather worked there also, that would be an interesting bit of information since he died in 1916 when my father was only six. The hotel owner, Henry McNeill of Larne was not a relation as far as I know my aunt said he might have been a cousin. Please feel free to contact me at my e-mail address if you wish.

Anne McNeill - Feb '06
Hi Henry, we are curently doing the family tree and QUEEN Anne was our great aunt,her father was henry mcneill a gamekeeper at garron tower and her mother was alice mcneill nee black, i would appreciate if you have any info on henrys father as i am at a standind point, and cant find any more on his family. I am writing a book on our family and hope to hear any feedback you have, much appreciated.

Nancy Garron - Nov '06
Good afternoon. My name is Nancy Garron. The family has been trying to trace our genealogy and have come hit a wall with John Garron ("born 1750 supposedly in County Kerry") Does anyone have any information on the history of Garron Point, how it came to be named Garron Point, and if there are any "Garrons" still living in the area.

Ade Foster- June '06
Mates Illustrated guides carrys an advertisment for Garron towers from 1903 when it was an hotel.
Great Pictures and your father mentioned as owner. There is one currntley listed on Ebay

Marc Ashby - March '06
Henry McNeill was my great (X5) Grandfather. He remains an important figure in the history of Larne being the pioneer of tourism in Larne and indeed Northern Ireland (Larne was know as the 'gateway to Northern Ireland'). He bought Garron Tower in 1915 from Sir Winston Churchill. There are many family stories about him - such as letting a poor man pay for a meal and a drink with buttons, if you would like any information on him let me know.

Henry McNeill - Feb '06
I have not visited this site in some months so my apoligy for a less than timely response.

I appreciate the information especially the post from Sandra McAllister. My late aunt had mentioned that the family lived in a house on the coast road that had been formally a Coast Guard cottage so I think I can safely assume this is a picture of the houses they lived in with the post office being in the same set of structures.

I tried to find a working e-mail address for you at the St.MacNissi's website but was not successful. Please feel free to contact me at I would appreciate any information about my family's past home and history. Thank you.

Catherine McGalliard - Oct '05
My grandad was from Carnlough and went to Scotland as a young boy. We have a photo of him taken at the old post office at the bottom of the road from Garron Tower. l would be grateful for any information about the post office and people associated with it.

Liam Kelly - July '05
Henry McNeill died in Larne in 1904 and is buried in the McGarel Cemetery in the town.The Hotel that he built in Larne was demolished in1992 and McNeill Court was built on its site. It is a residential home. A plaque to Henry McNeills memory was placed at the entrance to the building a few years ago and his grave was restored as it was in a poor state. My Grandfather was a courier for McNeills tours until his death in 1950.

Sandra McAllister - May '05
I'm from Garron Point, and the post office/shop was indeed in the black stone cottages pictured in the St MacNissi's College website. They were originally built as coastguard cottages. The last Postmistress and her sister are alive and well, living in Glenariffe and would undoubtedly be able to help with your enquiries.

I remember doing some research on the Garron Tower Hotel for the school magazine when I was a student at Garron Tower. I am sure I could arrange for you to get a copy.

We have a charming postcard at home, sent to a deceased family friend by someone who had obviously stopped for refreshments at the hotel when on a motorcycle tour. It is a picture of Garron Tower, and the message reads, "A big feed does not go well on the pillion."

Contact me and I will help if I can. My e-mail address is on the St MacNissi's website.



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