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16 October 2014
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North Antrim Coast Road

I remember walking on my own along the sand from the Strand at Portrush to the White Rocks on a glorious night with a full moon.

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Article submitted by your place and mine contributor 'Portrush'

I'm an ex schoolteacher from North Antrim, now living in Canada. I love it here but I do miss Northern Ireland a lot, especially the North Antrim Coast. I miss the wonderful scenery of the whole area. I remember walking on my own along the sand from The Strand at Portrush to the White Rocks on a glorious night with a full moon. When I looked back the way I had come I could see my footprints on the sand. I knew the next tide would wash them away but nothing can ever erase the memory of that magical walk.

Photo of White Rocks, Portrush by Brian Willis.
The White Rocks, Portrush.
Footprints in the sand but no moonlight.

On another occasion I walked along the cliff path from the Giant's Causeway to Dunseverick Castle. The scenery was absolutely stunning and the air was so invigorating I was totally unaware of the distance until I realised I had to walk back to the Causeway where my transport was.

The cliff path between the Causeway and Dunseverick Castle.  Photo by Brian Willis.
The cliff path still offers a stunning view

I have one regret from when I was in the area and that is that I never made the boat trip to Rathlin Island. Often I would gaze across at the island and think I would love to go there some day but although I love to be by the sea I do not like to be on it so I never made the journey.

I have so many memories but one thing I have forgotten and that is the details of the construction of the fabulous Antrim Coast Road. I remember snatches of information such as, the wife of one of the local gentry helping to pay the wages of those who worked on it and that reputedly one workman died for every mile of road completed.

I would be grateful if anyone working on, or visiting your website, could provide me with the details.

Your Responses:

Helen Horner (nee Connor, Enniskillen/Carrickfergus/Omagh/Bangor) - Nov '06
I also remember the walk to the White Rocks. Every year the family went to Portrush from Enniskillen for our annual holiday. We stayed in a B & B in Causeway St. belonging to a Mrs. Maguire, I believe quite a few of the B & B's in that street belonged to some other members of her family. We always went out to the White rocks and have quite a few pictures of the family there. My father used to take the Boys' Brigade there for their camp. I loved the drive around the Coast Road. My father originally came from Woodburn, Carrickfergus and my husband was also from Carrickfergus. We have lived in Queensland, Australia since 1974 but what memories I have of N.Ireland.

Gareth Ashe - Oct '06
Have to say you picked a nice day for the photographs on you website and the view on one is great.

Barry Fyfe - May '06
Details on the construction of the coast road of north Antrim can be found at the following link.
I travel the coast road at least once a week and it never stops amazing me at the splendor of the views and the admiration i have for the men who built it.

Glen Brown - June '05
An interesting article and photographs.

Over recent years Larne Historical Society has been active in informing their community regarding the building and history of the Coast Road, the erection of and maintaining a commemorative landmark.

Though I have been away from Larne for some time I still maintain contact with family and friends there. Therefore I shall mention your request and I am sure you will receive an informative reply from them directly or via myself.



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