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23 September 2014
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LARNE HIGH SCHOOL previously known as Greenland Secondary School serves the communities well. There is no Old Pupils Association so I'm told, why not?
Many of the ex-pupils I am sure would be interested or are they like me, because of living overseas require those who live in the Larne area to come forward to take an active role. The Larne Tech Old Boys carrys on, yet for how long, as the Larne Technical College closed a number of years ago.

Ashlie - Feb '08
As a 5th year pupil at Larne High School, I am very proud to attend this school. I am very disappointed that past pupils of the school are putting it down. it takes alot of time for the principle and teachers to organise the 50th celebrations while having to plan out in advance lesson plans for everyday and all their classes. i am deeply annoyed at the fact that past pupils have no consideration for the school now.

Pupil - Oct 07
The school has always been very good for 6th formers but recently subjects have been going downhill because of the schools recent partnership with the tech and St Comgalls. Last year the AS level ICT class was disgraceful. Pupils were left without a teacher for three months and evenutaully got a teacher who told them the wrong things to do for their portfillos. As a result pupils now have to compelete work from last year ontop of this years but we now have a teacher form this school. Despite this the current year 13s are being given a tech teacher for half their classes and our current teacher is trying to explain to the teach teacher how to teach the course. The pupils are also very annoyed at this as they were promised before enrolling in 6th that they would have teachers from this school.

Scott More - Mar '07
I am currently adtending Larne high and i am on the school council. I think the school is awesome.

anonymous pupil - February '05
I am a pupil at Larne High and I think is a very good school and respects the community very well.

Tom Gourley - December '04
I could not agree more, I attended the Moyle as one of the first pupils and then to Greenland along with my twin Yvonne. I played football and basketball for the school and have some photos etc.

Your responses to this article:

Lois Taylor - Apr '07
Hiya i am currently attending larne high and i would just like to say that the recent fashion show that was organized by the sixth form students was great and that we raised loads of money for charity so thanks to everyone that helped and to the local public who supported us

Ashleigh Hunter - Mar '07
I am a 5th year at LHS, and to be quite honest, i think this school is great! It's helped me to realsised there are more important things in life that chocolate and boyfriends! I can honestly say that i love this school!!

Glen Brown - 'Mar 07
Regarding the 50th Anniversary (GOLDEN JUBILEE YEAR) of the opening of GREENLAND Secondary Intermediate School - now known as LARNE HIGH SCHOOL in 1957.
There has been no public announcement of public events/date(s) to mark this special occasion. The anniversary date of opening to pupils falls in September 2007.
Numerous former pupils from overseas wishing to participate are awaiting anniversary event(s) announcement.
Via the local media the School has asked for photographs, and stories, enquiries, etc., to; Larne High School, 20 Sallagh Park, Larne, BT40 Tel: 028 2827 2159.
NB I've been told that some photographs loaned for the 40th anniversary in 1997 were lost by the school, I recommend copying prior to lending.

Linzi - Feb '07
I attended larne high and only left in 2006 and i think it is a great school even though the teachers are becoming very strict!!!

Glen Brown - Nov '06

NOV 06

You do not give your name,
Two Larne friends contacted the school on my behalf this past week were informed that though the event was to be marked no final programme has been finalised. This is not very helpful for those former pupils interested in attending any event(s) from overseas.
I personally contacted the School Office today and was advised that though several ideas have been muted no actual dates or event could be confirmed until early 2007. Events will take place during 2007-2008 the 50 th Anniversary year.

If you have knowledge of any event dates I would appreciate knowing urgently.

Thank you in anticipation of your reply

Pupil at Larne High - Nov '06
I am a pupil at Larne High and I am very proud to be part of the school. There has been things thought of and organized by the school's council regarding the celebrations. I am looking forward in seeing these ideas being brought together by former pupils and present.

Glen Brown - Nov '06
To All those interested in the 50th anniversary I will be in contact with the LHS after the autumn break.
The Moyle PS is also celebrating it's 50th and I hear that they are looking for stories from past pupils and staff.
Again, once this current school holiday is over and the school resumed I will try and obtain an update.

Bill McBratney - Oct '06
I would be very interested in a reunion for the 50th Anniversary of Larne High. Please let me know how things are going.

All the best for now.

Glen Brown - June '06
Recently, I spoke to the school office regarding their event(s) to mark in 2007 the 50th anniversary of the school's intake of the first pupils in September 1957.

Larne High intend to mark the occasion, yet surprisingly they have not yet begun planning.

I and numerous friends and former pupils from farafield as, Australia, Canada and New Zealand intend to attend 50th anniversaryn once the dates and events are known. Intending to hold a reunion to coincide with same.

It is hoped that the school will make an announcement soon to facilitate those intending to travel back to Larne to pariticipate. Several require advance notification to arrange time off from their careers and to make their travel arrangements.

Once I have the information I will help circulate it to as many as possible.

Meanwhile, to those visiting Larne, I recommend 'LARNE ALIVE' and commend it's organisors for the continuing varied annual public entertainment programme. There's something everyone.
During my recent visit I heard praise from from two Americans from Chicago, a Far east family and dare I say it. Yes, alot of nice folk came down for the day from Ballymena to shop, found themselves sharing with Larne folk , sun, music and a wide range of steam related themes of good public entertainment. Larne may not be the most beautiful town yet! It's 'Larne Alive' does give it life and hope for it's future.

I have enjoyed several events todate.

Glen Brown - April '06

The School's 50th anniversary programme has still to be announced at time of writing. However planning for the 40th (1997) anniversary did not begin until the September of the preceding year.

Interest from home and abroad for a 50th Reunion is considerable and hopefully when held will coincide with School organised event(s). This coinciding will permit former pupils and their friends from near and far to meet many old friends.
Yours in friendship.

Glen Brown - Dec '05
Opened on 26th July 1955.

In 1997 events were held including the publishing of a commemorative book to mark the 40th Anniversary.

2007 will see the school reach it's 'GOLDEN JUBILEE YEAR '
- the 50th Anniversary of the school.

IF YOU ARE A FORMER - Pupil, Member of Staff, please return periodically to this page.

You may also email me at

I sincerely hope you will also take a few moments to browse 'Your Place and Mine' adding some comments, reflections or views.
Yours in friendship.
Glen Brown

Glen Brown - May 05

Last year (2004) having instigated successful 'Larne Friends from the Swinghing 60s Reunions' with help and support of old friends. Several friends asked for the above or similar be formed.

All interested should let the present school know (and/or contacting me), requesting to be put in touch with others so interested.


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