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16 October 2014
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Larne Roots

When browsing your excellent articles on Larne I came accross Brian Willis's story about Kilwaughter Castle.


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When browsing your excellent articles on Larne I came across Brian Willis's story about Kilwaughter Castle. It reminded me that my maternal grandmother whose maiden name was Jane Ogilby came from Kilwaughter.

My grandfather, William Hopkins came from a place called "The Hollow" in Islandmagee.
Larne was the closest market town to both these townlands so of course they knew a lot about it.
When they married in the 1890's they lived in Larne for a time and my mother and one of her brothers were born there.

Eventually they moved to Belfast, for employment reasons I think, but they never became city folk or lost there lovely accents. Indeed my grandmother used what I now think of as being Ulster Scots phrases all her life.

I grew up hearing stories of old Larne and the surrounding area. I heard how the folk who lived at the Larne end of the Island would take their produce to market on McKinstry's ferry boat. That is if it could be carried, if not they would set off after midnight for Whitehead driving a horse and cart and make the long Journey to Larne by road.

I often heard the story of how James Chaine was buried in the hills above Larne in an upright position looking out to sea. I am sure I remember it being said that this was at his own expressed wish.

Both my grandparents came from the typically large families of those times so there is a possibility that I may have some, what would now be, distant relatives living in the area.

If anyone recognises the names of my grandparents as being relative to their own forebears please feel free to contact me through this website.

Your Responses

Denis Campbell - Apr '07
Re the Hood family. I lived at Ferris Point lighthouse in the early fifties, and seem to remember that the ferry sometimes sometimes landed at Ballylumford and sometimes at a pier close to Ferris Point.
I used to travel across on the ferry to school in Larne each day.
On 31st January 1953 (same day as the Princess Victoria disaster) Dougie's ferry lost engine power in stormy weather and was wrecked on the rocks just in front of the lighthouse dwellings.
My older brother Jackie Campbell went aboard and rescued a young girl whose foot had got trapped.
Does anyone have more information about that incident?


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