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16 October 2014
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Larne Rugby Club memories from John Apsley

In 1968 Larne Rugby Club put wheels in motion to move their HQ from Sandy Bay to Glynn.

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Reece Robinson - Feb '07
I think it is great it brings people to the glynn which is great

Raymond Moore - March '06
Fantastic, the things that pop up on the web! I also spent many happy nights after games at Larne Rugby Club. It was sad to hear of the passing of Gerry McCulloch, a man that put so much effort into this new club house and perhaps made it all possible.

KIRSTY - June 05
this is a very good article and i have been to many disco's in larne rugby and it is a lovely place!! I intend to go to many more nights in the rugby club!!! THANKS W FOR HOLDING NIGHTS IN THE RUGBY CLUB!!! MANY THANKS! XXX

Malcolm Stephenson - December '04
Only came across this site recently. I believe there were five British Lions on the pitch as well as the future Chief Constable. His predecessor was a pupil at Larne Grammar School of course.

Andrew Beattie - November '04
I wonder was R. Flanagan of CIYMS the former Chief Constable Ronnie Flanagan?

Matt Irvine (1 March 2004)
Where are new and updated pictures of the club and its super u14s who beat carrick 32-12 on Saturday?

Craig Gibson(1 March 2004)
Put up pictures on the brillant u14s and their coach.

If anyone out there can provide the pictures we'd be happy to bring the Larne Rugby Club story up-to-date. Are you a supporter of the u14s? Tell us about the team and its success here on Your Place & Mine by filling in the form below.

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