World of Work in Northern Ireland

Being the Business


Many people have successfully started up their own businesses in Northern Ireland using a range of skills and personal qualities which can loosely defined under the label entrepreneurialism.

However, enterprise and entrepreneurialism are not just restricted to those who run their own business, these skills are also important in the workplace.

To understand fully the skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur we spoke to Sharon Polson who is the Head of Entrepreneurship at Invest Northern Ireland.

Over the course of her interview she spoke about the challenges facing entrepreneurs, the rewards they can expect and how they can ensure success through developing different skills and making use of the training and support available in Northern Ireland.

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  • Entrepreneurialism

    EntrepreneurialismMany people decide to work for themselves and in Northern Ireland there are many agencies which are there to help you get started.

  • Being The Business

    Being The BusinessWhat is it like to run your own business? What skills, qualifications and experience do you need? It is indeed tough and challenging but the rewards are great.

  • Timeline


    The Northern Ireland economy went through many changes since the end of WWII, with the impact of 'The Troubles' being keenly felt.

  • Interactive Quiz

    Interactive QuizFind out how much you've learned about enterprise and entrepreneurship in Northern Ireland.

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