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Northern Ireland Economy Timeline
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Insight Into Employment

World of Work harnesses clips and resources from across the BBC to help give you an insight into the type of work available in Northern Ireland in the main business sectors and what skills and experience you'll need to work there.

Big picture quiz

The Big Picture

The local economy

The Northern Ireland economy has changed dramatically over the past decade with new investment, technological advancement and a changing security situation bringing in new opportunities. Use our interactive timeline to get a big picture view of the changing economy.

Getting Work

What do you want to be?

What type of skills and qualities are required to succeed in getting a job in Northern Ireland? In this section, we look at clips from recent BBC TV programmes to examine the attitudes and values needed to get work…

Be The Business

What is an entrepreneur?

You can set up your own business and be your own boss as many others have done in Northern Ireland. Find out more about this and take part in our engaging interactive games and activities on finding the best product.

  • Interactive Timeline

    economy evolves

    The Northern Ireland economy went through many changes since the end of WWII, with the impact of 'The Troubles' being keenly felt.

  • Employment Sectors

    The Key SectorsUnderstanding Northern Ireland's key business sectors can help you gain an important insight into the strength of our local economy.

  • BBC Resources

    BBC ResourcesLearn more about by accessing some of the many resources available on the BBC and external sites.

  • Interactive Quiz

    Interactive QuizHow much have you learned about the local economy, the key business sectors and the impact of globalisation?

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