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16 October 2014
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Ulster Scots

Transcript of clip:


RAYMOND: Well, there A was, standing in the dark an the cauld, an A think the whitricks was in the hedge or something like that, A kinda feart anyway. Sez I, A'll dander down the road here a wee bit, down the loanin a wee bit, mebbe meet her.

A went doon the loanin, boy A cudnae see her, before A knowed it A wes at the corner o the hoose, an there was this auld preta hoose was kin eh, sort o a row o buildings, ye know.

A fun out later the preta hoose wes the first, then the dwellin hoose, and the stable an the byre, an a wee calf hoose, but A left me bike in at this preta hoose anyway, an A slipped across the cassie as quet as A cud be, an ye know when yer used in the country, boy, even though it's dark, it's surprising hoo weel ye can see at nicht.

What happened, oh boy, A seen this tilly lamp in the byre, an A thought, 'My God, mebbe there's in there, mebbe a coo calving or someway', but A slipped oan a roon a wee bit, an be God, boy, A mustae stepped oan a stane or a twig or something, but the dug came oot o the byre barkin at me, an A run an hid behin the hen hoose.

An oot she came, boy, with a graip in her haun. Sez she, 'Who's there? Who's there?' An A shouted ower, 'At's just me, just me'. 'Oh' she sez, 'come oan in', she sez, 'there's naebody here. Me da an me ma's away tae a wake an me brother's away tae Larne, an A'm left tae dae the reddin up'.







Map showing Northern Ireland.

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